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I usually save important web pages with "File -> Save As" function in any browser or hotkeys «Ctrl + S». But especially interesting sites want to download to your disk completely. At the same time I feel a hamster, which drags everything to yourself, but you still need

Well, copy the entire site is no longer a problem we just have to choose the suitable way. And three of them:

  • Open each page and save to disk
  • Use online services
  • Use special software

And now more about the latter two methods.

Online Services

As you can guess from the name - is a special sites, with which you can download other sites on the Internet. The advantage of this approach is that you do not need to install extra software, and therefore it does not matter what operating system is installed. Like all great - put the name of the site, I clicked download, and get ready archive. But in reality it was not so rosy.

The lack of services is that they are few, and those that are, are working so-so, or ask for money. Personally, I have never received even download a one-page site. Services shows the process of loading and hang out. Nevertheless, the list is attached:

  • Site2Zip - allows allegedly unload site archive
  • WebSiteDownloader - English-language, try
  • R-Tools - surcharge rate scale. At the time of writing worked poorly, https is not supported, the downloaded site opened crookedly. The project is developed, there is a demo on 25 pages.

In general, my impression is that these services are either buggy or ship is not quite what we would like, or only suitable for small site.


Program WinHTTrack WebSite Copier

All very normal - is paid, but there are options. Free solution - a program WinHTTrack WebSite Copier. Although this product nenashensky, Russian language available, it is necessary to select the program after installation.

You can watch a video or read more article:

Using the program is fairly easy, we will help in this "master". After starting the program displays the tree of folders and files on the left and the right invitation wizard. Wood only need to open a previously saved project. Click "Next" to start a new project or to resume an interrupted download:

Master WinHTTrack WebSite Copier

Enter any name and path to save the site. Way default «C: \\ My Web Sites" better to change to «C: \\ Downloads»:

new project

The third step is to enter the domain. For example, I will download your site it-like.ru. project type, you can select "Download site (s)", if this is a new project, or "Continue aborted download" if you want to continue downloading the site. The option "Update existing download" useful for those who already have a copy of the site, but it wants to upgrade to the latest.

type of project

You can also specify additional parameters that can reduce the download time. By default, you can not change anything, and so the program will work properly. But still I recommend to pay attention to some details:

  • Filters. You can limit the type of files to download. For example, to prohibit or allow downloading videos or archives (ZIP, RAR, CAB). By default, the pictures png, jpg, gif, css style files and js scripts.
  • Restrictions. Specify the maximum depth to crawl your site. Depth - the number of referrals from the home page. For example, if the home is the main page of the site, and the depth is equal to 2, then the program will download the first level, ie home page, and the pages that are referenced from the home, and all. If you specify a depth of 3, it will be downloaded deeper pages. The optimal level is 3-4.
  • Links. Tick ​​"Get HTML files first!", It will first deflate the main text content of the site, and then images and other files.

Go ahead. In the fourth step, you can let automatically set the Internet connection and break it at the end of injection. Also, you can set automatic shutdown computer after work (tick «Shutdown PC when finished»).

automatic connection establishment

Click "Finish" and go for a cup of coffee while WinHTTrack WebSite Copier is working for us.

Site boot process to disk
Ready site can be opened in two ways.

  • from the folder to which you saved the project by clicking on the index.html file. In this case, the page opens with a list of all projects. You need to select interesting.
  • a folder with the name of the project by clicking on the index.html file. In this case, once the site opens.

script DollySites

I personally use a paid script, but in order to establish the need hosting and a bit of experience. But the script works very well, copied my site opens a one-to-one as in the original. This script in a separate article. I use it to make copies Landing, but it works with any, even the largest sites.

Offline Explorer

Paid-processor program, there is a demo. From the obvious differences from WinHTTrack:

  • built-in Web-browser and Web server to the local preview;
  • detects and downloads links from HTML files, Java- and VB- Script, Java classes, Macromedia Flash (SFW), CSS, XML / XSL / DTD, TOC, PDF, M3U, AAM, RealMedia (SMIL, RAM, RPM) and MS NetShow Channel (.NSC) files;
  • Search on busy sites;
  • export to various formats (including recording sites on CD);
  • deleting scripts with web.archive.org pages.

The interface seems more zamorochennye, but nothing difficult in it is not. Start the wizard:

Choose one of 12 templates:

For example, the template «Download only one page with images and scripts» confined to download only one page. If you do not know what to choose, then let it be «Default Template». Next, enter the desired site, any project name and path to the folder on the disc:

Read more:   Creating folders in BASIC

Click "Next" and exit the wizard. I should begin the download process, but if nothing happens, then poke the button "Continue"

At the end of the download comes a notice on your desktop.

From paid, you can still try the once legendary program Teleport Pro (in English), but I think for her asking for much more than it costs, and already outdated.

What are the limitations in copies

I want to make it clear that the copied project, even if it is a hair's breadth will look like the original, it does not mean it will work all the functions. Will not work functionality, which is executed on the server, ie, Various calculators, surveys, selection of parameters - work will not be 99%. If the functionality is implemented using Javascript, it will work.

But .php scripts downloaded from the server is not possible, not at all. Also will not work forms the feedback and submitting applications without manual rework the way DollySites doing it. Note that some sites are protected against downloads, and in that case you will get a blank page or error message.

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