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tell yourself how
to install the system on a new hard
drive. thank

There is nothing fundamentally complicated about it. All you need is the installation disk Mac OS X. The procedure is:

  • boot from the installation disk Mac OS X (insert a DVD into the drive, and the computer immediately starts the C clamp, until the apple)
  • when the installation disk is started, select the language
  • then select an item in the top menu Tools - Disk Utility
  • you should see your drive on the left, but the sections on it until it is. Select the appropriate drive on the left and the right side of the window, click on the tab "your partitions":

  • in "Driving volume" drop-down list, select the number of sections that you need. Immediately press the button "Settings" and make sure that you select "GUID Partition Scheme", because otherwise the Mac OS X does not get installed on the disc:

  • you can change the size of the sections as you want (by default, all partitions are of equal size). Change partition by moving the mouse over the border between sections on the map, shown under the list of "Scheme of volumes", or precisely specify the size of the sections on the right side.
  • then set for each section clear label. Make sure that the partition on which you will put the Mac OS X, will be formatted to the file system «Mac OS Extended (Journaled)"
  • then click "Apply" and wait until the disk is formatted partition, and
  • Close Disk Utility. You will be taken back into Mac OS X. Setup menu Follow the steps in the installation wizard until you reach the screen select the disc. Of course, there will need to find the necessary section (just for this and we had to ask the disk label).
  • then start to install the system, and you will not need anything else will take. Just wait until the computer restarts.

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