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Requirements: This course is intended: for professionals who have experience configuring application solutions platform "1C: Enterprise 8".

Course objective: to acquaint students with the controlled mode of operation of the technological platform "1C: Enterprise 8" Doctors for new approaches to the construction of the system for use of the system version.

The course lasts 24 hours academic and consists of 2 parts:

  • Part 1 - Controlled application (ak 16 hours.)
  • Part 2 - locks (ak 8 hours.)

Can be trained for each part separately, or a full course in the complex. For those who listen to the complete integrated course, a discount, it is already taken into account in the prices mentioned above.

In the first part of the course covers the following system: a model of construction of the application interface, the implementation of a client-server architecture (programming model "client-server"), the mechanism of forms and several other new mechanisms. During this part of the course, students will acquire practical skills in configuring, administering, programming in the study program complex. These skills will be acquired as an educational problem solving. The essence of this task: setting the configuration provided to enable the work in the "thin client" mode.

The mechanisms discussed in the course:
     • The principles of managed interface
     • New modules, module execution context, the mechanism of interaction
     • Interface configuration properties of objects
     • Configure forms (in configurator mode at runtime)
     • directive, client-server programming, mechanism of controlled form
     • The mechanism of functional options, functional options forms
     • forms list, dynamic lists
     • The mechanism of formation of printing plates
     • Changes in the mechanism of the data composition (especially Mr. The notes in the managed application)
     • Privileged / safe mode
     • Temporary storage, a new file management technology, pictures
     • The mechanism of interaction forms, the organization of selection
     • Working with the system settings, override the CSS mechanism 
     • External sources
     • The mechanism of data sharing
     • Automated testing
     • Mobile platform

In the second part of the course covers such important aspects of how the mechanism of object, transactional locks (including the management regime is the regime of the "default" in the system "1C: Enterprise 8"), various causes deadlocks (most frequently occurring cases), methods their "crawl", also addresses the mechanism of the regulatory / background jobs, especially the use of this mechanism in the file / client-server mode of the platform. The material of this part will also be useful to specialists in the system "1C: Enterprise 8", to use the previous version of the platform and facing the problems of object, transaction locks. It should be noted that the ownership of the course material needed to complete the work with 1C: Enterprise 8 (modifying application solutions, solve performance problems, exams 1C: Specialist).


The cost of full-time day course includes:

  • 3 days from 10:00 to 17:00
  • teaching materials
  • lunches, coffee breaks
  • 1C evidence and Training Center №3

 The course can also go to the WEB-format full-time-dive. Learn more about these formats, you can find out by going to each part of the course.

training formats
Full-time day
What kind of format: Classes are held in a specially equipped classroom in the daytime, the course instructor holds. Alternate theory and practical classes. Advantages - intensive training in a short time, live communication with the teacher.
Who is this format: For those who can be trained with a separation from work and prefer classical classroom training.
Duration: 24 academic hours
9800 p.
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Online streaming
What kind of format: Online broadcast - is training in the form of an online webinar, which is rapidly gaining popularity in our country. Instead, special video tutorials, you get "live" lecture broadcast through the Internet. Thereby achieving the maximum naturalness of the material, similar to the normal full-time education - but disappears problem of having a personal presence at the training center. Unlike full-time study is only in the absence of direct interaction with the audience and a teacher.
Who is this format: For those who accept the traditional broadcast lectures easier and more convenient than video tutorials. For people who want to get a sense of the personal presence at the training center, from anywhere in the world.
Duration: 24 academic hours
7750 p.
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learning options

Our formats

Full-time day
9800 p.

The basic format of training. Classes are held at our training center in the daytime.

Full-time day + Web
14800 p.

Classroom training followed around the clock access via the Internet to video content on the subjects covered.

WEB-access to video content
5000 p.

Clock access via the Internet to a specially designed video content. Only for those who have passed this course internally.

Online streaming
7750 p.

Education in the form of webinars in which you receive a "live" lecture, broadcast remotely.

Payment Options:

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Full-time day
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Dmitry Goncharov

Dmitry Goncharov
"1C-training center №3» and «analyte»
course author

Listener reviews
Thanks to Dmitry for a colorful presentation of the material.
December 20, 2017

Simachkova Valentina

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We have taken care of your comfort

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