Sometimes, you need to make changes to the structure of the site, which will require some time to implement. In this case, you do not want visitors to see the page in a site unfinished state. The right decision in this case will close the site page stub, which will inform the user that the site is under maintenance.

The website is under construction

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Why a plug for the site at the time of development or reconstruction

Cap - this is a temporary home page that tells visitors what your site is under construction. On-page stub, as a rule, there is no navigation, so that users will not be able to move to other pages of the site. You can leave a message for visitors to contact you and the approximate date of the site, to come back later.

The cap can be put not only on the existing site at the time of the technical work, but also for the new site, which is still in the process of development, not to open a blank page or display server error. The main purpose of using the page-caps:

  • hide the site from visitors, while it is in unfinished state;
  • to inform the target audience at an early stage of development of the site;
  • close access to the content at the time of technical work;
  • display the contact information of the company during the development of the site.

Home-plug is adjusted at the discretion of the site owner. You can just apologize to visitors and to specify method of communication with the administration. Place the icons of social networking users to subscribe to updates, or add a redirect to the news sections and archival information company.

In order not to lose the target audience of the site during maintenance work, it is useful to equip special plug field subscription to notifications via email or feedback form to contact potential customers. For commercial sites is better to make at least one page of the company instead of hanging for half caps, especially if the development of greatly delayed.

Creating a plug without a plugin - how to close the site from prying

Any plug-ins slow down page load time, therefore, in some cases, the best would be the creation of the plug without using them. Technically, this process is a redirect visitors to a page dummy. Redirect Setup will require changes to the .htaccess file code. This method does not depend on the content management system, on which the site, and is suitable for all servers with Apache.

  1. Connect to the host server via the file manager. In the root directory of a site find the .htaccess file.
  2. Open the .htaccess file in the code editing mode, and look for the section between the WordPress software and brackets #BEGIN #END (lines 8-26 in the screenshot). After instruction RewriteEngine On (line 10), add the code line 12-17. Lines 13 and 14 will be required only in the case where access to the site is possible with multiple IP-addresses, you will need to substitute it with your own value. Otherwise, remove the IP-addresses of the code, and keep only the local host (line 12).
  3. Save the revised .htaccess file in the root of the site and to add the redirect page maintenance.html, which provide all the necessary information. All users who had come with the IP-addresses that differ from those indicated in the file will be redirected to the stub.

plug without plug

Plug WordPress with the plugin WP Maintenance Mode

Plugin to create plug WP Maintenance Mode is the official WordPress repository: When you activate the plugin is activated mode of engineering works on the site, and only users with sufficient privileges can use the external interface.

it may be noted of the features of the plugin WP Maintenance Mode:

  • Customizable font color and background arbitrary;
  • The presence of the subscription form for the notification of the site, while the data is exported to a CSV-file;
  • countdown timer that is left before the launch of the site in the work;
  • Responsive (adaptive) design;
  • Landing support and multi-sites;
  • Icons of social networks;
  • The exclusion of certain URL from the service.

By cons include the lack of Russian icons of popular social networks. In addition, WP Maintenance Mode can be operated reliably if caching is enabled for the site pages. Therefore, before activating the plugin is recommended to disable caching mode.

maintenance mode 1

Install the plugin WP Maintenance Mode, and activate it, then in the "Settings" in the WordPress admin menu item "Maintenance," in which there are 3 tabs to manage the plugin settings.

On the "General" tab, switch plugs status "on" state. Optionally, you can disable indexing site search engines at the time of maintenance work or put down metatags. Specify the users who will have access to the site and the control panel. By default, access is always granted to administrators.

wp maintenance mode 2

You can specify the URL of the page where users will be redirected without access to the site and enter exceptions, for example, to allow access to news and archival of this site. If necessary, activate reminder mode enabled plug and add a link to login to the admin panel. Click "Save Settings" before moving on to another tab.

wp maintenance mode 3

Tab "Design" sets up a visual display of the page placeholder.

  1. Enter the name and title of the page in the appropriate fields.
  2. In the built-in mini editor, type the text you want to be displayed on the page dummy. You can change the font color for the header and text.

Maintenance Mode 4

Background to the page image is selected from a predefined or permitted download own picture size 1920 × 1080 pixels. Save settings to apply them to the stub page.

wp maintenance mode 5

wp maintenance mode 6

On the tab "Modules" additional functional modules can be connected to the stub page. Enable the timer countdown, if you want the visitor to know when the site will be available. For interested customers activate the subscription form on the website of the notice.

wp maintenance mode 7

If the site has a pegging to social networks, you can enable the display of buttons and redirect them. Available only popular Western social networks: Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Dribble.

wp maintenance mode 8

It allowed mapping the feedback form with the button "Contact Us" for contact with visitors. SEO plugin-setting enables the use of Google Analytics.

wp maintenance mode 9

So the page would look stub with an arbitrary background, customized timer and subscription form on the website of the notice.

wp maintenance mode 10

Please note that if you disable the plug-technical work mode is not switched off automatically. select "Off" option to resume the operation of the site go to the plugin settings on the "General" tab.

Setting up WordPress plug using the Maintenance plugin

Maintenance is another popular plugin to create a stub site is the official repository WordPress at:

The plugin allows you to close the site for maintenance, enable 503rd server response "Service unavailable" to establish a temporary page with authorization, which is edited using settings. Free version of the plug-in includes:

  • Retina-ready HTML / CSS layout;
  • Fullscreen background with custom blur effect;
  • Upload your own logo;
  • Setting the footer of the page stub;
  • Customizable fonts and background;
  • Login users and admin panel directly from the page stub;
  • Generated error server 503;
  • Connecting the Google Analytics;
  • Exception URL from the service.

Premium version further includes a countdown timer, a gallery of backgrounds, social networking icons, the ability to set the background video from the gallery or Youtube / Vimeo and subscription form for your newsletter by e-mail.

Maintenance Install the plugin and activate it. In the WordPress admin menu item with the same name to configure a stub.

  1. Activate caps mode switch On / Off.
  2. Specify the name and title of the page placeholder.
  3. In the mini-editor, type the text that will be displayed to visitors.

maintenance 1

In the basement of the page stub convenient way to contact you for the link. Select the logo image and load it in the appropriate field, allowed to adjust the size of the logo displayed. For Retina-displays, you can specify an alternative High Definition image.

maintenance 2

The free version only one built-in background is available, but you can upload your own image. Specify the font family, and set the color of the text on the page stub.

maintenance 3

You can choose to display the admin panel on the plug and connect the module Google Analytics. For the background is allowed to set the blur effect and adjust its intensity.

maintenance 4

If necessary, plug-in allows the use of their own, the CSS Styles to display the stub. You can also choose to exclude from maintenance mode, which pages of the site. click "Save" to apply the settings.

maintenance 5

It looks like the plug created Maintenance plugin using the logo and footer.

maintenance 6

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