Google Chrome - a Google web browser . With it, you can open a Web-based applications and games without the hassle and, above all, fast. This is the main alternative to Firefox and Safari.

More than a browser

Chrome - a young, fast browser that can view any web page. It supports all major technologies and standards, such as HTML5 and Flash.

With the help of Google Chrome, and to download web pages , you can run complex web applications , like Angry Birds and Chrome Remote Desktop, for free.

In short, Chrome is primarily intended for the operating system in the operating system where you run all your applications. In fact, this is the essence of Chrome OS.

Private synchronized view

When connected to a Google Chrome account can synchronize the data view and tabs between multiple computers and devices. This is a very convenient option if you are using Chrome for Android or iOS.

Incognito mode, the mode view, which does not store files on the hard drive, ideal for privacy: no stored cookie files and images to leave a trail.

Completely personalized experience

A unique feature of Chrome is the support for multiple users, which allows sharing Chrome on the same computer - it is important, if you have visitors who want to get online or if you have only one computer.

Finally, Google Chrome, you can set up and improve with the help of extensions, and themes. There are thousands to satisfy all tastes and needs. You can even create their own.

Revolutionary ease of use

Google Chrome - it is very easy to use program . Its the only bar Omnibox lets you enter web addresses and search on Google. Following what you have written, Google Chrome offers the results from your browsing history, your favorite web sites or applications that you have installed.

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Another key aspect that emphasizes ease of use Chrome is a page quick launch , where you can access your most visited websites, your favorite web applications or recently closed tabs (on your PC or other devices that you have synchronized).

Finally, the settings panel Google Chrome - the only page where you can instantly find the settings you want to change. It's much nicer than a normal window with tabs that you see in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Clearing browsing data simple. Go to Google Chrome Tools in the menu " Options" , open the " Advanced" . Click " Clear browsing data" and select the time period and the type of data that you want to delete.

When it comes to incognito mode , it is activated from the menu " Tools" or by pressing the «Control + Shift + N». You will see the screen changes appearance to show that you are currently viewing, without saving data on the PC.

Exceptional performance and compatibility

From a system perspective, with its engine the V8 the Google the Chrome is on top of the competition when it comes to the relative speed. This performance is improving with each version.

Compatible with all web standards such as HTML5 and Flash, Chrome loads a PDF-file with its own audience. You do not need to worry about how to install plug-ins or change any settings: Chrome does everything.

Special care about security issues

When viewing the security is paramount ; Google Chrome page filters viruses, so you do not get access to them, as well as loads each tab individually, therefore, if the page becomes unstable, it does not disable the browser.

Today, it is the best on the market

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More and more people are using Google Chrome as the primary browser. Its attractive design, excellent speed and customization options make it a strong candidate for the leadership of the browser market.

The best alternatives? Only Opera and Firefox can look forward to the competition.


Google Chrome

Download Google Chrome for free in Russian you can just a few steps - easily and quickly. Incidentally, it is these characteristics is primarily a web browser is different, which will be discussed. Important, but not the only advantages of the program.

This talk - talk directly about the benefits that you get if you decide to upgrade and download the browser Google Chrome latest version. The developer is to be commended, and talk really is about.

Browser Google Chrome: the benefits

  • Speed. When the workflow is associated with the Internet, the importance of speed is hard to overestimate. In this regard, the Internet browser Google Chrome, developed based on WebKit engine, of course, pleases. Just a few seconds and it is running! However, we can safely say about the launch of web applications of varying complexity. Web pages quickly. If you have open is not the only tab on the speed it will not change. You can not say, for example about Mozilla Firefox - to make sure that the individual processes for each and Chrome reduce the workload much more than the latest browser, just go to the Task Manager.
  • Convenience. We have already emphasized that it is not only fast, but also very convenient browser. In fact, its popularity the program owes much to this. Maximally simplified interface does not distract from the work - you are totally focused on the content. Address Line performs a search function, as well as in the Opera browser. Just enter a search query into the address bar of your browser, and you will not only get tips and request additions, while the search for the appropriate page will start downloading automatically.
  • Security. You can download Google Chrome for free and without registration, thus to be convinced 100% that have established a secure browser for your system. In the event of any threat from malicious or suspicious software from the outside, the program tells you about it. The level of protection is also enhanced due to an isolated environment. In addition, he regularly checks for updates, which further increases the level of security.
  • Incognito mode. Not want to save your browsing history - easily! And if you have no registered account at Google mail in Chrome is very convenient to use private browsing mode for checking email, not razloginivayas while remembering and password each time.
  • Expansion. Download Google Chrome for Windows 7 means to acquire a number of useful extensions. Comfortable reading sites, SEO-analysis, viewing weather, sending the article on Facebook or Twitter (as well as fast synchronization is important to so many today!), And so on. D.
  • Topics. You can install Chrome and simply admire its beauty. This setting only takes a couple of minutes, you can set as a foreign subject, and create your own.
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Instant translation of pages, quick access to any of your tab at the entrance, a useful plug-in, which is always in front of you - the list can be long. Look again at the above advantages and the importance of their vote for themselves.

I want the latest version of Google Chrome

We will be glad if you help choose a browser. It is not necessary right now to look for the torrent to download the installer - you can do it right here and now. Download and only a few minutes to install! Need a portable latest version - not a problem.

Only use good software. Google Chrome knows how to go to the Internet quickly and easily!

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