One of my most favorite topics for reflection with business owners - free advertising on the Internet. All (there are exceptions) for marketing consulting in one voice say one thing: "Most low-budget ways. anyone can "With money. I, as a sworn marketer, insulting words, because not everyone can effectively invest your hard earned money. But just ask without advertising budget. Okay, we've got something to surprise you.

the stupidity of people

On the Internet, "How do I advertise on the Internet for free," the mass of papers on the topic. And even if the sound is not professional, but almost all of them written by theorists, people who have no idea what it means free advertising on the network.

These eggheads offer post teaser ads or contextual advertising. All of this means of advertising, but they are paid. Surprised ?! So do I. Therefore I swear to the reputation of the company, such that there will be no deception.

Also, I'm not here to talk about the site. After all, what's the point if I can tell you - Enter your instagram page or create your own email-newsletter. It's the same, if you open a restaurant without doors and ask: "Where are the customers?". Of course not, because you need not just a site for advertising and free advertising methods on the Internet.

Therefore, the only free advertising methods that can be used without special grueling training. And even without the involvement of other professionals. It sounds like a miracle. And soon you will see everything yourself. Therefore I will not our company's reputation just raskidyvatsya ?!

But! Immediately open the veil of secrecy. Gets more and controlled traffic from these channels is very difficult. Because physically you can not do more than is possible, and if you "nasidat", you can get the opposite effect or even sanctions from the sites.

Sector on the drum prize

I will not sing more diferamby that you are lucky, you are here again. Immediately turn to the idea - how to advertise for free and get the most customers. Ways will be as many as 8. Of course, not all of them suit you, filter and ask questions in the comments, if something is not clear.

1. Info occasion

The media loves to talk about interesting cases. They literally hunting for such occasions. Therefore, all you have to do is come up with a "wow-excuse", to which all news portals come running like vultures. It is not easy, since really need to come up with a case that does not look like an ad, but pripodneset your company with the right hand.

In his article, "Guerrilla Marketing: examples that you remember," I have already mentioned a few such examples. But here I am from the Internet, and the most recent. It was built on a deliberate or accidental oversight. In short: the company for the preparation of hot dogs made with the following advertising slogan: "It's the best that was in my mouth for 100 rubles." What they have received an application to the FAS. The news spread through all over the internet.

Free Internet Advertising example

2. Aggregators

On the Internet there are sites that bring together an offer of different companies or people. Among the most popular of Yandex.Market (for goods) and Tiu (for services). But each area has its own themed areas, which combine a clean company and the people in one profile (eg, professionals beauty-sphere).


On aggregators can both paid and free of charge to advertise for business. The principle of regular, you place your ad, and it is on the list of all the proposals. And if you want to get the show and highlight the privileges, you will have to pay. 

3. Guest posting

No one just will not post your ad. It is obvious. But if you make a useful material (articles, videos, infographics), it is a different story. Content needed by all and we are no exception. Therefore, create an expert material and offer him another post with a link to the author.

The method is not fast, but you get the simplest sales, as people see that you are an expert, and best buy. And because you can easily become a regular contributor to the popular resources. And I can tell you, this is not a bad option to start, since you only articles when they are everything else (advertising, website, staff, servers, etc.)

4. Partners

If your business has at least some flow of customers (on site or in the shopping area), you can negotiate vzaimopiare with another company, which target audience like you. The principle is painfully simple, but extremely effective. The company recommends that you, and you recommend them. Thus all in positive territory and get free traffic. 

And, you can do it in different ways. The easiest option - to place advertising materials from each other. And you can go more complicated mechanics, for example, your partner in the sale will give the customer a coupon on ___ rubles in your company. 

5. Bulletin boards

This is an alternative aggregators, but by the free message boards. For example, you can easily stay in Avito free. In addition, there are other Avito board (Yule, IRR), but not much. Although you do not need much, because it is the main collect internet traffic.

But I want to draw your attention, if earlier it was possible to easily place the tens and hundreds of ads, and get completely free traffic, now shut up shop. If you want to free advertising, you should know that a large scale, it has not come out. At industrial scale you have to pay.

free advertising on the Internet bulletin board

6. Forums

At one time I thought that all of the free forums died. But to my great surprise, they live and develop. Not so fast, worldwide, as it was in the 2000s, but there are customers who are ready to buy. All you need is to know how to advertise to them correctly.

All forums priori free (not counting the promotional products). Therefore, there is a hard moderators who remove any hints on advertising to their child does not become a dumping ground for proposals. To break all still there, you need to first become "their" (just to chat for a while). And already then impudent, fold links, put in your signature and contact your site.

The ideal strategy for you to get the maximum number of customers, and your link is not removed, it is native advertising. That is, you do not offer to buy all in a row, but only in cases where it fits the context of the conversation. And of course, you can create their own topics of conversation, and then subtly, from another account to himself to throw off the link to your website. The usual trick of crowd marketing.

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Free Internet Advertising Forum

7. Massfoloving, and mass masslayking ...

Social networking is rapidly broke into our sinful life. Therefore, to use advertising in social networks is not just possible, but necessary. For volume, I could divide this step "Advertising Vkontakte", "Advertising on instagram" and other methods. But it is not logical, because they all have essentially the same motor action.

So we dismantle free advertising in social networks, and we are therefore not talking about targeted advertising, since it is paid. I hope you know it without me. Also, we are not talking about buying positions in the Group, as for that, too need money or useful material (Method 3).

free advertising on the Internet is a bad idea

Free advertising in social networks is any activity with a potential client. Adding friends laykane writing personal messages and a chat in the vast social. networks. All this leads customers by the principle: You show the activity, the person goes to your page and see the offer.

Perform these actions on a commercial scale will not work. The only social network that still allows you to do almost 1,000 activities per day from a single account (and it is not blocked), instagram. In the same Bk already free of such coverage not get.

Life hacking. In this article we are talking about 0 rubles cost, but if you get tired of doing everything by hand, use of the program for instagrama Tooligram . And as a guide for use, our article "Massfolloving in Instagram: better late than never" and "Masslayking in Instagram: how raskurtitsya and not get in the ban."

8. Mailing lists (calls)

Gritting his teeth writing this paragraph. No one likes spam. But if you need a free advertising site or your company, this method is not perfect, but it works. For large volumes it is required to use a certain approach, and I have already talked about this in the article "spamming: to be or not to be?".

Will you do it or not - decide for yourself. But if it did decide to, do they not massively, and dot. Write individual offer for each company. Then it would be like not to spam, and personal correspondence.

In the case that your client is a natural person, a better call. After all, almost hard to find, but you can not send SMS, as this will only worsen the situation. Therefore, to call if you have a number of potential clients (some can take in social networking profiles).

You need more

Now you know how to advertise on the Internet for free. In the truest sense, with empty pockets. But I'm not satisfied. Kx-mmm ... Seriously, after using such methods of advertising, though you get the effect, but it will be small and not predictable.

Therefore, for those who want to earn a lot of money and do it consistently, I suggest methods almost free advertising. They cost money, but compared to the other, can safely be called a low-budget. For some, it will be for growth, but I recommend starting to do it now.

1. Blog + SEO

The place where you are right now, this is a direct reflection method, which I recommend you do. You create your own blog, it write useful articles and displays them in the SEO (search delivery Yandex and Google). In this case, one visitor will cost you 5-30 kopecks.


As I already wrote above, to implement SEO you need to be trained. It's not free. Also, you will need to properly optimize your site technically. But all this is a very small amount of money compared to other advertising channels. Therefore, those who have something to share, be sure to introduce.

2. Landing page + RSA / KMS

Surely you have heard about contextual advertising. This method is very good, but it requires considerable budget for the advertisement itself. So I present to you his younger brother - Yandex Advertising Network and Google Display Network. In them you can get the customer cheaper by 2-10 times. Payment is made per click, but as I said, it is much more profitable. 

In short, these three terrible letters denote partners Yandex and Google. Ie you through the search engines run ads on thousands of sites on the internet. Moreover,  advertising  in  social  networks (Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki) is included in the list of partners . In conjunction with the landing page you can get explosive results.

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3. Group + targeted advertising

You little advertising channels? Okay, the last - this is advertising groups in social networks through targeted advertising. In this approach, you do not need a website, because it will be replaced by a group of Vkontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, or Landing in Instagrame. And also here you can get more coverage than manual work because of the lack of restrictions.

This bunch of Internet advertising is very well known as for its implementation need just a couple of thousand. But you also need the knowledge of how to properly arrange the page in the social networks, and how to set up targeted advertising. The second paragraph of our article will help you:

  1. Targeted advertising VKontakte. Setting up the points
  2. Advertising in Facebook. All about targeted advertising
  3. Targeted advertising in Instagram: setting step by step

The most important features

In boxing a classic hit - uppercut. It is considered one of the most "lethal" Well, catch it in the form of my words:

You need to clearly understand that there is no free ad. All the matter in the payment currency. You either pay the money or the time to pay his or her employees. 

You need to understand how much is your time and understand that more important. When I ask this question to the owners, they are very well think. And if the company is not new to the business, you quickly realize that it is better to use paid advertising online channels. Let not the most expensive, but paid.

If you are now also decided to use not only free advertising methods, but also pay, below I will provide you with a list of additional items, where you can choose where to start, but you continue. I am taking up. Good reading! Willing to pay? 

  1. Channels and ways of advertising on the internet: without customers you will not stay 
  2. Promoting your business on social networks: from dialogue with customers
  3. Effective advertising channels: Run your motor trade

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