Tricolor - is one of the largest companies in Russia, thinking about the entertainment of adults and is developing a program for the development and employment of young viewers. Tricolor TV provides the ability to connect a large number of additional channels, for narrow category of customers, for children as well. Many people are interested in the question, how to connect to a package Children's Tricolor TV. It is possible to find interesting children's programs, there is something to see teenagers.

Important! If you install the package "Child" is no problem and the consequences of leaving children for a long time, trusting them watching TV.

They can sit at them for hours, looking at the many exciting educational programs.

How much does a child package Tricolor for a year and a month

Tricolor TV children's package cost

The advantage of the package is the fact that multiple channels initially intended strictly for children. It is impossible to get on the program, which contains violent or obscene information.

This is a very important point, as seen on TV very quickly accepted and deposited in the memory.

In the package there are channels covering different age categories. There is a 23 channel, originally designed for the category of children from 1 to 12 years. Attention all you need:

  • Old and new tales and epics.
  • Transmission to perform moving exercises.
  • Evoke kindness cartoons for children and movies.
  • Different training for telecasts direction.
  • Foreign serials with their favorite characters.

Tricolor TV Children's package has a low cost in 2018. Packet data connection is 1200 rubles per year. If desired, you can connect your monthly payment - 200 rubles for 1 month. You can open the channels only during the summer holidays. The company regularly activates profitable stocks, making satellite TV baby as much as available.

How to connect the children's channel on Tricolor TV for 1 month

how to connect the child package Tricolor TV

To add a channel with children's programs, you must be a regular customer of the Tricolor. To check this, you need to go to the official website of the provider, enter the ID of the receiver in the scan line. If the entered number is in the list, you can draw the connection. It can be done in several ways. The selection is made based on the capabilities and personal preferences. Here are the most simple and clear options:

  1. You can visit one of the many offices of the company. Employees will fare at the right time and to help pay for it.
  2. Login to your account to hold and refill automatically access the package. Then, under the supervision of, keeping in touch by phone need to configure installed devices and immediately switch to a specific channel selected. This will help the transmitter to carry out the final steps associated with the establishment of the signal.

If there is no certainty that the children require transmission, you can run a trial period. After checking a decision - whether or not to pay for the package.

What channels are included in the package "Tricolor TV Children" in 2018

In the list of the numerous members of the described package includes channels such broadcasts and programs that really become interested in different age children. Immediately after turning on the TV child will receive joy appear on the screen at once favorite Masha and the Bear, Winnie the Pooh, Smeshariki.

Even looking at the cartoons, kids will learn a lot of useful information, enjoying interesting.

Here are some of the most popular at the moment of channels included in the installed package for children:

  • Cartoon - a new channel, which quickly gained popularity and the adoration of the youngest. Where you can appreciate not only cartoons, but also various television programs for children from one to five years;
  • Cartoon Network - demanded a channel where they receive pleasure from all the kids cartoons, there is plenty for kids a little older - Scooby-Doo and Ben 10 new cartoons displayed here;
  • Boomerang - a gift for any modern family, where kids grow up. It shows a large number of gears for general family viewing. Good movies and witty series allow a fun and happy time;
  • Children's world - a channel for children and their parents. It often show patterns of early Soviet times - Scarlet Flower or the Bremen Town Musicians;
  • Baby TV - channel that allows to leave one by one with a TV child 3-4 years. There appear calm, do not carry no malice cartoons. Often sung pleasant for children's hearing songs, some may put your baby to sleep;
  • JimJam - it show fun and useful cartoons and movies. Channel automatically brings up the human right to peace and a sense of responsibility required.

tricolor Children's Month

Numerous other channels TV package "Child" - standard. This package is the perfect entertainment solution for all family members.

Summing up

tricolor company provides its customers a wide selection of TV channels and a variety of payment options. This can be done through the standard bank branches, by means of payment terminals, e-mail, personal account or online banking. Transfer of funds through the site will save a huge amount of time.


Currently, the basic package Tricolor TV is a package of unified (Unified Multi Light, Multi Single, Extra, Uniform Ultra HD - this is one and the same package for a different receiving equipment only).

Find out how much to pay for your equipment can be in the table.

The core package assembled a plurality of channels of different themes on almost any taste. In 2018 there are more than 200.

In addition, there are additional packages: theme (night, football), or intended for a certain category of the audience (children). They can be connected in addition to the basic package.

The package Tricolor TV presented on this page is updated regularly.


Uniform 1500R / year | 2000P / year

Access to the package "Single" provide services "One" (1500 \ u20bd per year), "One Multi Light" (1500 \ u20bd per year) and "Multi Single" (2000 \ u20bd per year)

The basic package "Single" - is more than 200 channels for every taste, including in high definition HD! Choose from a variety of film, educational, entertainment, music, sports, news channels and radio stations diversity.

Active subscription package "One" gives you access to:

- the Services ether management : you can pause and record TV programs.

- Daily updated collection service Film "Cinemas" . You no longer need to spend time searching and downloading from the Internet, the long-awaited new films and a long time favorite movies. Movie starts when it suits you!

- the possibility of online TV viewing - favorite TV channels are now available for viewing anywhere there is Internet access. Just connect your receiver to the Internet!

With our package "Single" the number of channels available now it depends only on the capabilities of the receiving equipment.

"Extra" 2000P / year | 1200r / 180 days

The basic package "Extra" - is more than 200 channels for every taste, incl in HD high definition, as well as 3 additional children's channel..!

Choose from a variety of film, educational, children's, entertainment, music, sports, news channels and radio stations diversity!

Active subscription package "Extra" also gives access to a separate section with movies on site.

The number of channels available for viewing depends on the technical capabilities of the receiving equipment.

Subscribers, subscriber line which has been formed and receiving equipment connected Tariff «Extra Start 200", "Extra Start 300", "Extra Exchange 200" service connection is not available, "Night."

"One Ultra HD» 2000P / year

The basic package "One Ultra HD» - more than 200 channels for every taste, incl in HD high definition, as well as 6 channels in the format of Ultra High Definition Ultra HD..!

Use your 4K TV at maximum. Choose from a variety of film, educational, entertainment, music, sports, news channels and radio stations diversity!

Active subscription package "One Ultra HD» also provides access to a separate section with movies on site.

Access to the package "One Ultra HD *» provides services "One Ultra HD».

The package is available to subscribers whose receiving equipment is able to recognize the format of 4K Ultra HD, and the TV has the ability to broadcast television channels in the specified format.

* «Ultra HD» (Eng.) - ultra high-definition TV.

Children 1200r / year | 200r / Month

Approved by the parents!

Package channels, created specifically for children of all ages. The best cartoons and favorite characters. Cognitive, developmental and educational shows. Live entertainment and good old fairy tale.

Package "Child" is available to connect the presence of equipment the subscriber receives a signal from the satellites "Express AMU1" and Eutelsat 36B in MPEG-4 format, as well as satellite "Express-AT1" in MPEG-4 and DVB-S2 standard.

Night 1800r / year | 200r / Month

Package of thematic channels for adults (18+).

Attention to the most sophisticated audience "Tricolor TV" represented channels with content from Russian and foreign producers.


"Night" - is the embodiment of daring erotic fantasies to create a romantic mood 24 hours a day!

You can not worry about the children or relatives may accidentally stumble on TV "Night" package. To restrict access to channels including the locks in the settings of the receiving equipment. How to do this, refer to the "User's Guide", which you can find complete with reception equipment or download on the manufacturer's website. No worries. Only pleasure.

Our football 219r / Month

"Our Football" - the official broadcaster of the Russian Football Premier League, exclusively broadcast live all matches of Rosgosstrakh Russian Football Championship.

This 240 matches per season in perfect digital quality.

MATCH! Football 380r / Month

Package "MATCH! Football "(0+) is the maximum volume of translations of world football events live!

Matches of national teams in the qualifiers for the World Cup and continental championships.

Weekly analysis and review of the program devoted to European and world football.

Package "MATCH! Football "is available for connection to subscribers within the signal coverage area of ​​an artificial earth satellite" Express AMU1 »/ Eutelsat 36B in MPEG-4 format.

Package "All Football" 499RUR / Month

Package "All Football" gives access to TV channels "Our Football", "MATCH! Football 1 "," MATCH! Football 2 "," MATCH! Football 3. "

Big surprise for all football fans of "Tricolor TV"! Especially for you we have combined packages of TV channels "Our Football" and "MATCH! Football".

Connect package "All Football" and watch the matches in just 449 rubles a month! And it is cheaper than paying for two packages at the same time - do not miss out on the benefits!

Do not choose: just connect and keep up with Russian and European football event!

Multiroom 500r / year

"Multiroom" will allow you a whole year to enjoy their favorite channels any connected additional packages - "Children", "Our Football", "Night", "MATCH! Soccer »and« Ultra HD »- on two TVs.

For subscribers, which is available for connecting the service "Unified Multi", "Multiroom" is already included in the cost. Subscribers, which is available for connecting the service "Unified Multi Light", for viewing channels paid extra packages on two screens, you must connect "Multiroom" further.

ULTRA HD 1200r / year

Travel, sports, news and movie classics in 4K Ultra HD format. Even sharper images than in Full HD! Amazingly vivid colors and the effect of 100% of the image, a high level of detail and quality of color available to you today. Experience new sensations from the traditional TV watching with a package of channels Ultra HD!

The package is available to subscribers whose receiving equipment is able to recognize the format of 4K Ultra HD (English -. TV ultra-high definition), and the TV has the ability to broadcast television channels in the specified format. Full HD (Eng.) - high-definition television. 4K, UHD, Ultra HD (Eng.) - Ultra High Definition TV.

"Live TV"

Discover the new advantages of TV watching - see where you are comfortable. Favorite channels are available for viewing anywhere there is Internet!

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