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How to disable the "Auto" flash drives and disks

Dear blog readers Today, I want to tell you about one function in Windows. Specifically, we will focus on how to enable or disable autorun flash drive or CD-ROM in the system. Each of you could meet this function on your computer when inserting a USB flash drive. Namely, a window with a choice of actions that appear on the screen immediately upon connection of the device. It is called "Auto", and you meet him Mogi called "Autorun".

Autostart vWwindows 7Startup in Windows 8

If the flash drive is multiple files of different types (how do you know the file extension), you will be prompted to choose one of several actions. Whether it's an open folder or music that is reproduced on the flash drive.

As a rule, "autorun" is always enabled by default. This is certainly good, but there is one "but", viruses are present on a flash drive can easily sneak into our computer using this feature. This, of course, does not happen often, but if someone wants to protect itself by 100%, while below you can find out how to disable this function

How to enable or disable the "Auto"

Example for Windows 7, and 8.

Press "Start" -> "Control Panel" where in the beginning choose "Atozapusk". And here we remove the check mark from the "Use AutoPlay for all media and devices." If you have lost this function and you want to return, in this case, the same way you can turn it on, saying this line check and save the settings.

disable autorun

Example on Windows XP

The process off "autorun" in Windows XP is slightly more complicated in terms of the number of actions performed. To enable or disable the «Autorun», we need to get into the group policy. Press "Start" -> "Run", where prorisuem following commands Gpedit.msc and click «Enter». Otkroetsa Group Policy window. It now open branch " Computer Configuration" -> " Administrative Templates"  -> "System" . We look for the line "Disable Startup" in the right column.

Disable AutoPlay in Wwindows XP

And so, in order to disable the "autorun", you need to select "Enable" and select "all drives" in the bottom menu, then click "OK". With regard to the inclusion of this function, then all the way around, and note the "Disabled" or "Not defined" and confirm the selection.


Now insert the device and check the result. Many disable this function even when optimizing and tuning of Windows, and some without it simply can not. Everyone in this respect their views, and so leave the startup or not, the choice is yours.

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The main ways to disable autorun in Windows XP


  • Reasons for editing startup
  • Startup menu "Start"
  • Editing through system settings
  • editing the registry
  • Disks and flash drives
  • Group policy

autorun xpEven the weakest computer user one begins to understand the operating system is there such a thing as an autorun applications and services. Some of them are needed, while others take nothing RAM or even perform actions that harm the computer. So sometimes you need to know how to view the Startup list and how to remove it from everything that should not be there.

Reasons for editing startup

For manual user intervention in this mode, you can find a variety of reasons, but it is necessary to list the main ones:

  1. The installed application is necessary, but not enough to see it every time you start Windows XP.
  2. Your computer is too little RAM to hold its redundant processes.
  3. Random user had installed malicious software that interferes with the normal operation, and it does not work removed using anti-virus (or simply do not have anti-virus).

There are other reasons, but enough of these to understand the need for such action. View and edit the autostart are three convenient ways. It is necessary to examine them in order of increasing complexity and efficiency.

Startup menu "Start"

This method is the most easy, so accessible to any novice user. Startup is responsible for the folder, which can be found via the "Start" menu. To do this, go to "Start" - "Programs" - "Startup" and see the application for which is set autorun.

autorun xp

Remove these applications will not be difficult. To do this, simply click on the icon, right click and select "Delete" from the context menu. On the next boot windose stalking app will not appear. Through the "Start" menu, and you can add any program in the startup. To do this, you have to grab the mouse the desired shortcut and drag it to the Startup folder. First label overtighten the very "Start" button, hold it there, without releasing the left mouse button, and wait until the menu appears. Next, let down your mouse to the "Programs" and then wait for the appearance of the next menu in which we find the "Startup", wait until the appearance of the list of labels that are in it, and send it to the desired application (let go of the mouse when it is in the list).

This way of editing startup under Windows XP is very simple, but it has a serious flaw: it does not guarantee getting rid of all running processes, as it shows only the basic applications that run with the operating system. All more or less serious process here will not be displayed. And it will not be shown not only dangerous processes, but also safe, namely:

  • services responsible for updating certain applications;
  • various printing services, sound, etc .;
  • malicious processes.

The creators of the latter is particularly taken care of, these processes have been difficult to remove if the user does not have appropriate knowledge and practice. Therefore, in case of serious problems it is recommended to edit the autostart in other ways.

Editing through system settings

To get to these settings, you can again through the "Start" menu, but in a different way. To do this, we find there select "Run."

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Autorun windose xp

After clicking on the item should appear small window to the line input. In this line, write "msconfig" (without the quotes) and click "OK".

autorun win xp

This action brings up a window Windows XP core system settings in which you need to go to the tab "Startup" and begin to edit the displayed list. Next to each startup item on the left must be "tick". This means that the item is automatically loaded by the operating system. In order to disable Autorun for unnecessary programs and processes, simply remove the "tick" and confirm your action by pressing "Apply" and then click on "Close". This appears instead of "OK" after the changes.

autorun xp

Next, the user is prompted to restart the computer. Therefore, it is necessary to select the restart and wait for its completion.

Autorun windose xp

After the reboot, the application will no longer be run by the operating system when the computer is turned on.

This method compares favorably with the previous one. If in the previous one could see only one shortcut in the startup, there is the system to bring the eight processes residing in the PC memory. This greatly facilitates the editing of the list of startup and allows you to get rid of constantly appear on the application screen.

editing the registry

More experienced users know that autorun, like any other system settings, is registered in the registry. Therefore, there can go and delete unwanted items. How did get into the registry in Windows XP, and where there can be found the startup? For this we need to perform at a very difficult course of action, namely:

  1. Enter in the "Start" menu - "Run" and wait for the appropriate box.
  2. Write in the input line "regedit" (without the quotes) and click "OK".
  3. In the window that appears on the left in the directory enter the address HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun

autorun win xp

In the «Run» folder (on the right side of the window), you can see the processes included in the autostart. Selecting the unnecessary ones, delete them in one of two ways:

  1. Select the mouse and press the button «DELETE».
  2. Click the right mouse button and select the item "Delete" in the menu that appears.

Do the same with the folder «Run», located at the address HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun, since some applications are written just under a specific account, rather than a total startup. Remove all unnecessary, you can be sure that will not load these processes the next Windows XP startup.

This method is the most optimal, since it gives great possibilities, as compared with the methods discussed above. However, before that, you can edit the registry, you must be well aware that it is for the member and for which he is responsible processes. Improper editing of the Registry in Windows XP may result in failures in computer operation and the need to reinstall the operating system. Therefore, without such knowledge, it is better not to go beyond the startup registry ( «Run» folder contents).

Disks and flash drives

Sometimes the word "autostart" means loading inserted into the disk drive operating system or a connected USB drive. Any user periodically observing the appearance of the window with a proposal to play a media file on the player, open the folder on the disc, etc. This phenomenon is undesirable for two reasons:

  1. In the presence of any malicious software (virus) on removable media autorun helps install this software on your computer, and thus its contamination.
  2. It may just be annoying because the undesired appearance of extraneous windows and slowing of your computer during this process do not cause much joy to the user.

Avoid this phenomenon in Windows XP in several ways. the most simple of them should be considered.

Manual editing of the drive settings

To edit the settings, you need to:

  • right-click the icon of the drive;
  • select "Properties" from the context menu;
  • in the resulting window, select the tab "Auto";
  • drop-down list select the type of files that will be carried out setting;
  • check the "Select an action to perform";
  • select "Take no action";
  • Click "Apply".

autorun xp

After that, it is necessary to select the next file type from the drop-down list and make the list of actions for him. This is repeated for all file types that are on the list. However, in a similar manner to prohibit autorun too long and not always effective. Simply fully automatic loading ban any removable media on your computer.

Group policy

In Windows XP, disable your boot disks and flash drives, you can use Group Policy settings. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the menu "Start" - "Run".
  2. In the resulting window, write the command "the Gpedit.msc" and click "OK".
  3. In the window that opens, in the left column find the "Computer Configuration", find the subfolder "Administrative Templates" in this folder, and in it - the folder "System".

After all these steps, in the right column system settings should appear, among which it is necessary to find the item "Turn off Autoplay". By default, this setting is not set, as it is written in front of her.


Autorun windose xp

Change the default settings, you can double click on the selected item, or right click on it and then selecting "Properties" from the context menu. Then hold the desired settings in the properties window. Those steps:

  • put the switch in the "on" position;
  • from the drop-down list to select all the drives (select "all drives"), not just the CD;
  • click "Apply", confirming that the previous settings.

autorun win xp

After that, any removable media autorun is disabled, which will reduce the likelihood of infection by computer viruses located on another disk or a flash drive. However, be aware that these settings via Group Policy is only available to users who have installed the operating system is Windows XP Professional. If you have a more simplified version, for example Windows XP Home Edition, you will not be able to carry out these settings, as you will not have access to them. In this case it is necessary to disable the autorun first way, using the drive settings and ban them to perform any action for each file type.


As Startup operating system application after turning on the computer, and the autorun removable media contribute to the spread of malicious code on Windows XP and in any other version of Windows. Therefore, the opportunity to startup disks and flash drives is better to turn off, and startup processes need to be monitored periodically, and the detection of suspicious items, remove them immediately. This saves you from failures in the operating system.

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