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Average user quite happy with the standard set of fonts for the Mac. But what if you - marketer or designer, and you will regularly need to select a new font for your next project? Fortunately, today macOS have enough tools to make it easy to install and use third-party fonts.

Fonts Mac (macOS)


Where to take fonts for Mac?

Sources on the Internet a lot - you can easily find and free, and specialized design, and even get the opportunity to create your own font. Type in a search engine «Fonts for mac»  or «fonts for Mac»  and choose.

Fonts Mac (macOS)

Make sure that the downloaded font is supported by MacOS. You need a solution in the form of « .ttf»  (aka TrueType) or «.otf»  (the OpenType).

Fonts Mac (macOS)

Do not forget about security - swing fonts only from trusted and reliable sources.

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How to add a font on a Mac

1. Open Finder application (by pressing the brand ikonku- "smile" or through a search query Spotlight) and locate the downloaded font.

2. Run the script (as well as open a regular file or a program), and then open the Fonts window - is a relatively recent development of Apple for a more comfortable working with fonts. In the box you will see the name and a preview of the new font - piece of writing letters and numbers. Choose one or the other kind of font can be in the drop down menu, it is at the top of the window.

3. Click Install New Font in the lower right corner. The new font will be automatically added to the Fonts and becomes available for use. In theory - all on your Mac applications, but in practice this is not always (especially legacy applications from Microsoft Word).

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Fonts Mac (macOS)

Fonts Mac (macOS)

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How to install on Mac several fonts at the same time

You can use the option to install directly from the fonts .

1. Open the Finder, select Applications and find the list of program type. Alternatively, you can make it through a Spotlight search (perhaps it would be even faster).

2. Select the right-hand column of the menu all the fonts , click on the sign "plus"  at the top left of the screen and add to the library all the fonts downloaded earlier.

Fonts Mac (macOS)

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How to check and remove fonts on Mac

If you really often work with fonts in the program can remove unnecessary (right click on the font or collection - Delete ) or the form of the collection of fonts that you use most often ( File  → New collection ).

Fonts Mac (macOS)

And if there are problems with the font, you have the opportunity to validate it through the menu File  → Check the font .

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FONTS MAC (MACOS): Where to download, how to add ... - YABLYK


If you are a regular user Mac, which every year adds a new font to write and print text to any holiday, it is likely, this app is not for you. It's about the most powerful tools for working with fonts, which is used daily by professionals from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and other venerable mega-corporations.

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RightFont specializes in installing, managing, synchronizing and viewing fonts on Mac. Minimalistic app interface hides a high-quality and fully self-contained utility.

03.02.2016 picture of the screen in 16.29.57

Initially, the program window contains a list of all installed fonts with constantly activated a preview. Alternatively, there is a kind of "grid", when the actual deployment of the program on the full screen Mac.

03.02.2016 picture of the screen in 16.30.08

As examples of the text font name acts, but by activating the function "Toggle Preview Editor", you can enter your own text as it immediately appears in the list. This will get the final version of a text that is very convenient and relevant.

03.02.2016 picture of the screen in 16.31.07

The top four tabs: Library, selected fonts, automatic and custom lists and more extensive set of emoticons (over 4000 icons).

03.02.2016 picture of the screen in 16.31.27

Source fonts can serve not only local files, but also cloud the folder Dropbox or Google Drive, moreover synchronization is automatic procedure.

03.02.2016 picture of the screen in 16.31.32

To carry out a comfortable navigation will allow an advanced search with multiple filters (with or without serif, handwriting, wide or fat), allowing to minimize the time you're interested in a selection of text. It lacks the sort of Russian fonts. Here, however, and there is no localization, although not particularly need her - and all so very clear.

03.02.2016 picture of the screen in 16.32.11

Any font (selected or all) amenable to almost instantaneous deactivation / activation, moving to favorites or your own lists, so disassemble and group things happening chaos will not be difficult.

03.02.2016 picture of the screen in 16.32.49

Anyway, RightFont speed extremely happy. Of course, we did not check, but application developers argue that the program is able to add 30,000 fonts in less than 1 second. It feels like it is from the use of something like this is. After working with RightFont staff "Fonts» OS X seem hopeless snail.

Users will appreciate the short list of shortcuts, which one way or another to enhance productivity when working with the program.

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03.02.2016 picture of the screen in 16.33.23

But deeper integration me a chance and did not manage to taste. The developers promise that run any compatible application, simply select the text layer, run RightFont and select the desired font, it will apply immediately. As much as I tried, nothing good came of it. You can kick my carelessness, but the fact remains - there is a clear opacity interact with the program.

03.02.2016 picture of the screen in 16.33.46

03.02.2016 picture of the screen in 16.34.01

In the settings it is worth noting an alternative font display mode "Narrow" and RightFont display option on top of all windows.

03.02.2016 picture of the screen in 17.38.38

RightFont has no trial period to rasprobovat functionality before purchasing, and the application cost is quite biting - $ 39.95.

03.02.2016 picture of the screen in 16.34.23

Even though minor flaws utility really worthwhile, though the price tag is not twisted developers divine. Find anything more perfect in this segment is unlikely to succeed.

RightFont 8
out of 10
  • High speed
  • ergonomics
  • rich functionality
  • Work with cloud storage
  • No filter for Russian fonts
  • No Russian localization
  • Troubles with the integration with third-party programs
macOS 10.10
or newer
39 $
To go to download the program from the official site, click on a given die

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