Program for creating music FADE

Program for creating music FADE

Program for creating music on Android

With the advent of sound processing technology on smartphones making music has become easier as it is now possible to create your favorite tunes on the go.

If you have a phone or tablet on Android and you want to create music on your device in Google Play Store has many music applications from which to choose one. Whether you're an aspiring musician or a seasoned pro, this app will suit any user.

Here is the best program for creating music on Android, allows you to expand your talent and making of you a real musician.

Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam - one of the most widely used programs to create music on Android. This application allows users to create their own tracks using different loops, drums and other instrumental sources. It has over 100 musical styles (such as hip-hop, dubstep, rock, Funk, drum & bass, techno, house, ambient, jazz, etc.), as well as the 8-channel mixer that allows to mix the tracks and add various effects to the compositions.

Music Maker Jam

With Music Maker Jam you can "rebuild" the tracks by simply shaking the device. You can also use cycles selector for combining musical styles. The program has thousands of professional loops to choose from. In addition, there is a voice recording function. Music Maker Jam can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play store, but there are in-app purchases, such as additional cycles of the library.

FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile

Fl Studio mobile - it's a full-fledged music composer that allows you to create multi-track projects on your device Android. The application contains everything needed to create music, including sequencing of steps, piano, piano, keyboard, drum pad, a track editor, effects, and more than one hundred sampled instruments. Many effects can be used in real time, including EQ, Delay, Reverb, Limiter, Filter, and Amp for improved mixing. It also has a wave editor that can normalize, cut, cut, paste, silence, reverse, etc. You can save your songs in the WAV, MIDI and AAC, and also share them via Dropbox or Email.

Caustic 3

Caustic 3 - free application for creating music on Android that combines synthesizers and samplers to write their own songs. Thanks to Caustic 3 you have a choice of 14 Synths to create a unique sound of its own, including the Beatbox, Organ, Modular, SubSynth, FMSynth, 8BitSynth, PCMSynth, PadSynth, Bassline, Vocoder and KSSynth. The application also includes a table for mixing with global Delay / Reverb effects and Master section with a parametric equalizer and limiter.

Caustic 3

Files are stored in a user-accessible cloud storage. You can use the WAV-files for further use in the BeatBox, PCMSynth and Vocoder. This free version comes with a time limit on the use of certain functions. To complete the work and creating music on Android will need to purchase the unlock key Caustic, which gives full access to all the great features of this application.

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio - a powerful application for creating music on Android. This program allows you to record sound and create an interesting mix loops on different tracks. There are tons of effects that you can add to your tracks. It has more than 25 effects that can operate in real time, such as chorus, compressor, delay, dual delay feedback delay, reverb, flanger, noise gates etc. Professional musicians and DJs can mix your own original work with high-quality stereoobraztsom, then quietly put them online in any format.

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Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

The application also has the additional function of creating music on Android, such as the MIDI-sequencing, a metronome, a cross-fade, automation, tension and normalization of the time, sample rate conversion and more. After completion of work, you can export your results and share files on social networks.


SunVox - another powerful tool for creating music on Android. It is a professional tool for a complex mix, which not only allows you to sequence, but also provides a number of filters and effects in a system of modular layers. Effects include a drum synthesizer with over 120 unique sounds, SpectraVoice synthesizer for creating music on the basis of the FFT, and a plurality of modules with several unique effects.


Each of them includes a modular sounds, warm colors, and professional tools that simplifies the creation of studio songs. The application supports multi-track export WAV, import and export MIDI-data, mic or line recording and other features real-time recording.

Chordbot Pro

Chordbot Pro - a useful tool for songwriters. It can be used to create simple or complex of chord progressions. The program can also be used to experiment and create different chordate progressions, and then play them to understand how they sound. To create a progression, simply select a chord composite style and tempo, and then press "play". The program will generate the desired tune suitable for the given parameters.

Chordbot Pro

The app features 30 styles and more than 50 types of chords for transposition. After completion of work, you can export it as a WAV or MIDI-file. There is also a Lite version, available for free, so you can try some of the functionality is absolutely free. The full version also costs about $ 5.

Robotic Guitarist

Robotic guitarist - is a virtual guitar and a guide to the "three chords" on Android devices. His leadership of chords has an easy to use interface that allows you to change many settings of classical guitar directly into the game. Choose a chord without having to learn finger positions and just press on the strings to get sounds recorded from real instruments.

Robotic Guitarist

Robotic Guitarist show you a chart with the position of the fingers for any chord you played. It is very useful for the students to play the guitar, or those who just need to recall a chord. You will be able to choose between an acoustic or electric guitar, piano, violin or harp, displaying a specific tool for the rest of the guitar or even choose specific for each row!

Walk Band

Walk band - is an application for Android, which gives you a portable personal music group right in your pocket. The app offers a variety of instruments, including piano, drum kit, drum machine, guitar, bass. All tools use realistic sounds of the instrument. The app also contains seventy pre-loaded songs, you can try pomikshirovat in real time.

Walk Band

With this application you can record multitracks different instruments, as well as to combine different tracks a specific instrument with a single track. Furthermore, there is the possibility to use the original recording as a basis for the formation of a full composition based on a particular instrument.

Other features of the application for creating music on Android includes support for multiple fingers, MIDI conversion to MP3, external a MIDI-keyboard with USB support, download and transfer music tracks and more.


Nanoloop - semi-professional application to create music that provides full functionality of a mini-recording studio needed to create a pleasant electronic music. You can create your own electronic music device playback to play at parties, published on the Internet, social networks, or keep it in his personal collection.


Nanoloop offers the possibility of using up to six active channels that can be represented as a synth or sampler. Each channel can have up to eight patterns for the two instruments that can be sequenced directly from the application. Nanoloop also allows the sharing of music projects in Dropbox and SoundCloud.

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MorphWiz Play - another great app for musicians. The program turns your Android device into a synthesizer that can play different sounds and different effects, including the implementation of the waves stretching your fingers on the playback screen.

Planet-H G-Stomper

Planet-H G-Stomper

While some programs for creating music on Android does not have the visual elegance of its iOS-analogs, G-Stomper actually looks pretty decent on the general background. He has a great set of features: you can play a drum machine simulation and virtual analog synthesizer for creating full audiopostanovok. It also focused attention on live performance, with 24 drum pads and piano keyboard on hand. Apply effects, mixer, and a built-in composer - as a result and you will be in the hands of one of the most comprehensive and coolest music app for Android.

Image-Line Groove Machine Mobile

Image-Line Groove Machine Mobile

Groove Machine Mobile, as the name implies, is an application in groovebox style for tablets. It has a drum machine based on patterns with 10 pads and five polyphonic synthesizer / sampler channels, the workflow focuses on the performance.

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The program for creating bits for RAP

Programs for creating beats for rap

Rap is now becoming one of the most popular genres, along with pop and rock music. There are more young performers, and together with them and beatmaker that create the bits. This process is carried out through a special program. In this article we look at some prominent representatives of this software.


Cubase provides all the necessary tools to create, mix and record music. From the main, we note the presence of an equalizer, multi-track editor will support VST-plug-ins and effects. In addition, the user can download as a program to replace it the sound.

sound tracks, control and effects in Cubase Elements

This program is perfect for users who want to create music from scratch, edit, track, add effects or make a remix. Bits are also created using Cubase. The demo version is free and available for download on the official website. We encourage you to read it before you buy the full version.

download Cubase

FL Studio

FL Studio is considered one of the best DAW for music of different genres. A huge set of tools and functions allows even the most crazy ideas in any direction. The program provides users with a multi-track editor, mixer, equalizer, allows you to engage the sampling, mixing and mastering. It supports third-party VST-plugins, samples and loops.

Playlist in FL Studio

Ready file is saved in a variety of formats: MP3, WAV, OGG and FLAC. To further continue with the project, save a copy of it in a standard format FLP. Thanks to the limitless possibilities of FL Studio is suitable for both professionals and amateurs, not only in creating a bit.

Download FL Studio

Ableton Live

This representative is not only suitable for making music, Ableton Live are actively using known DJs during live performances. Therefore, it is worth noting that the program supports two modes of operation. The creators of the bits will need to use the mode "Arrangement" , to create disadvantages.

Creating a composition in Ableton Live

In Ableton Live, you can do the mixing, mastering, process composition different effects and do all the things that allow other operating sound station. The program has a user-friendly interface, every element is in its place. However, there is no Russian language, and it can become a problem among some users.

Download Ableton Live


Reason is a professional software that lets you create, edit and process composition. Just want to note a bright interface, which is very comfortable to work with. There is a built-in explorer, which will be useful to quickly find a specific function. Reason In addition to the standard set of features allows you to connect MIDI-device and supports MIDI-files.

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Multitrack editor of Reason

The very process of creating bit does not differ from what would be carried out in other similar software. The track is assembled from pieces in a multitrack editor. A good supplement can be considered as the presence of built-in libraries of different sounds, presets and loops. Reason is distributed free of charge, and the trial version is available for download on the official website of the developer.

download Reason


If you've never experienced the work in the DAW, it is recommended to start with Mixcraft. This program has everything you need to create music, has a simple and intuitive interface, and a newcomer will need a minimum amount of time to get used to it.

interface Mixcraft

As for functionality, the Mixcraft collected all the basic tools and features found in other similar programs. From unique like to mention the ability to work with notes. Implemented it at a basic level, but some users will be enough.

download Mixcraft


Another representative of our list - Reaper, known to many digital audio workstation. It supports a multi-track editor, virtual instruments and MIDI-device. Available recording sound from a microphone, import and export audio files.

Multitrack editor Reaper

We recommend paying attention to the built-in virtual machine, it provides a set of advanced features. With JavaScript launches the source plug-in code. Users can edit the code, changing some features plug or completely transform it.

download Reaper

Cakewalk Sonar

Sonar - professional program for working with music. It supports the use of multi-track editor has a built-in set of instruments, loops and samples. Users can connect additional MIDI-device or plug-ins, having made before this small preset.

Sonar Platinum plug-in effects

Available record sound from the microphone, and is also present «Audio Snap» , added in a recent update. This feature allows you to sync tracks, adjust their tempo, equalize and convert. Distributed Sonar Cakewalk charge, but a trial version is available for free to all comers.

Download Cakewalk Sonar

Sony Acid Pro

In our list of professional hit Sony Acid Pro software, the principle of which was initially based on the creation of music using loops (cycles). With each update fixes bugs and adds new features. Now users have to have a positive attitude to the Acid Pro, and many have started to work there permanently.

Support MIDI Sony ACID Pro

This representative is endowed with the same functions have the same tools as the majority of these programs. There is a multi-track editor, realized full work with MIDI-devices supporting VST-plug-ins. But this is not all, users can expand the third-party program additions possible thanks to ReWire protocol.

Download Sony ACID Pro

PreSonus Studio One

Studio One for a small lifetime of time to get an impressive amount of fans who have moved from other digital audio workstations in this. Are interested in this program is the implementation of the many convenient features, an individual approach to the selection of built-in tools and original interface.

Multi Tool Studio One

Through the use of «Multi Instrument» merge several sounds, so there is something new and different. Use the PreSonus Studio One becomes even more comfortable due to the Arranger track - it allows you to split the track into several parts, and to work with each separately.

Download PreSonus Studio One

The list is pretty big, but not complete. On the Internet there is still a lot of these programs, which are suitable for writing a bit, but we tried to choose the best representatives that provide unique functionality, simple and convenient to use.

We are pleased to be able to help you solve the problem.

Ask your question in the comments, painted in detail the problem. Our experts will endeavor to respond as quickly as possible.

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