besplatnye programmy dlya raskrutki sajta

Hello, dear reader. In this article I will discuss the free program for site promotion . Generally, if you speak the truth, then all more or less intelligent programs that are truly free, I can recommend only one - Site Auditor.

This program for the promotion of the site free of charge provided by the manufacturer, so use it in their work can be anyone. I used to use it solely for the monitoring of positions in the search engines, and to check the links to their sites, but over time the need for a comprehensive seo analysis I have grown significantly, and I switched to paid options

Below, I'll tell you what to eat free program for site promotion. Rather, almost all of them paid, but in each of them have free functionality which you definitely should suffice for the first time. Then, if your scope of activities will grow, you can afford to buy and paid versions. In general, all of the programs for promotion of sites even though free charge divided into dekstopnye application and server.

In this article I will talk about and those about other. After seo - is the art of promotion of sites, so you can download almost any program. The main thing - to find a use for it. In general, enough of this educational program, go to the description of shareware programs for site promotion

Yazzle the CS - is a classic program for the analysis and assistance in the promotion of a site. You can use it to analyze any website for inbound links and their anchor, indexing links to make analysis of the budget for promotion, and much more. The program on the market for quite a long time, and there is almost every self-respecting SEOs. There is a trial version. More details can be read here - CS Yazzle - classic seo

Base Pastukhov - is also dekstopny software that is installed on the user's computer. The program for the analysis of keywords is an art of seo as it can help to select the most promising in terms of search engine optimization keywords. By the way, the program for the promotion of the site can be used also with regard to the English site, and that - to pick up key words in English. In general, these bases - a gold in the hands of an intelligent SEOs. Read details about this program here - Base Pastukhov - a huge selection of keywords. Not PR, but my opinion

SemRush - is an online service designed to analyze keywords and sites in the Google search engine. This service I personally use for quite some time. I use it when you need to choose the keywords that are popular with Google, or keywords to create an advertising campaign with Google AdWords. In using the service, you can analyze your competitors and see they're moving to Google PS for some queries. In general, this, if I may say so, the program for the promotion of the site provides free daily 10 requests, which can be used with advantage. In general, all the details here - Full manual on SemRush. Give your business a kick!


AddStudio - a software package for the promotion of the site. I do not use it right now, because all the processes that run this program, I can make pens. But AddStudio perfect novice webmasters who want to promote your site, but do not yet have sufficient knowledge to do it themselves, hands, without fear of making a mistake. The program is well implemented. More information about it can be found here - AddStudio - software package for search engine optimization

Analytics Inserp - this server-side script that can be used to monitor the position of the site, research the competition, the top issue, and more. The system provides many reporting features for client access to the records, the collection of statistics for different regions, etc. Details can be found here - Script complex analysis Inserp Analytics site. Fuktsional awesome! A lot of opportunities!

These are free programs for the promotion of the site use in my work I do. And what do you use?

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FREE promotion of sites in Yandex and GOOGLE YOURSELF ...

If you have decided to promote the site for free, then 95% will need:

  • produce all the work yourself
  • use free or shareware programs and services

It should be noted that a completely free site promotion in search engines and display the Top 10 results of issue is not always possible. To promote a large number of requests required to do commercial work with the incoming volume reference weight, which is extremely difficult to carry out without connecting the reference stock exchanges that place links on a fee basis.

Free SEO Training

In order to help newcomers could learn for free and promote a site in Yandex and Google and created our project "Promotion of their own." It should begin with the study of a number of key sections of materials:

  1. Review article: «SEO step by step. Where to start learning? ".
  2. Cycles video broadcasting, should start with "Practice SEO» program and then move on to the rest of the training promotion transmissions.
  3. Concentration of knowledge in SEO articles are in their detail and most succinctly outlines the main issues of promotion.
  4. If in the process of familiarization with the materials will raise questions, make sure you write them in the Word and look for answers in the materials of the project, as well as ready-made answers. If the question still remains "suspended", then set it to an expert for free or priority basis.
  5. Most succinctly stated in the knowledge of good advice. They are not much, but it is recommended to check for updates.

You may be advised to visit and free classes on SEO and web analytics with our colleagues in the shop - the training center CyberMarketing. Those who are in Moscow, may come and listen to experts internally. For remote participants webinars and online conferences.

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List of SEO videos for study

A list of free services and programs

Here is a list of basic programs and services, the work that is free of charge (or with the minimum wage). All programs are divided into groups for easy navigation on them.

Customize the site and interact with search

Most basic services for SEO-promotion is a free panel Webmasters from all popular search engines Runet systems. Without them it is impossible to correctly configure the resource, its region, and specify the address of the organization to carry out some additional steps:

semantic kernel

The next step - the collection priority searches. For the independent and free compilation of semantic core need:

  • Statistics of search queries on Yandex WordStat (about 58% of the audience Runet) -
  • Statistics of requests from Google (34% of the audience) - and trends -
  • Statistics from the search (6% of the audience) -
  • The program for parsing WordStat with data on the frequency, search suggestions "SlovoOB» - (younger brother of much more functional tool Key Collector).
  • Tool nucleus generation on competitors, conversions, WordStat, search queries that are close to the top in SeoPult.
  • Browser Extension Yandex Wordstat Assistant on «SEMANTICA» for significant acceleration of handmade WordStat -
  • A number of tools for the collection of semantic core of "Pixel Tuls", allows you to collect: the tips in the Google and Yandex, requests from webmasters panel, WordStat -

Appearance statistics interface Mail

Data on shares of the search engines, as well as a number of other interesting statistics can be obtained using data from the popular counter LiveInternet -

In particular, one can observe how rapidly falling proportion of users with the FireFox browser in runet. According to statistics, in the «RU» zone it has dropped to 5th place and goes behind Google Chrome, Android Browser, Mobile Safari and Yandex Browser.

Summary LiveInternet

internal optimization

After collecting the semantic core, it needs to conduct an internal optimization. Free program, which will be useful for this:

  • A set of tools for checking the quality of the optimization, analysis of top issue "Pixel Tuls» -
  • Scanning site for errors and calculation of the distribution Page Rank within the site «Page Weight Lite» -
  • Similar properties program, originally established to search for broken links «Xenu's Link Sleuth», will help quickly and free of charge to solve a number of problems of internal and technical optimization -
  • Check texts on the uniqueness of the «eTXT» -
  • Check the uniqueness of the texts on the site «Advego Plagiatus» -
  • Checking the number of SEO-text indexes on the site -
  • Checking SEO-text indexes in comparison with major competitors in SeoPult -
  • Web service test "Orfogrammka" spell check the text for proofreading -
  • Check the degree of optimization of «MegaIndex» -
  • Check server response code «Bertal» -
  • Creating favicon.ico -
  • Debugging HTML-code scripts using FireBug add-on for FireFox (or similar for other browsers) -
  • Check the response time hosting and document loading speed -
  • Setting the 301-redirect within the site -
  • Check optimization template / mobile site «Mobile-Friendly Test» by Google -
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Analysis of optimization MegaIndex page

reference optimization

To work with links will be useful the following tools:

  • Panel "Webmaster SAPE» to work with Exchange Sape and checking donors / acceptors for a variety of indicators -
  • Analyzer inbound and outbound links «LinkPad» -
  • The analyzer reference mass of «MegaIndex» -
  • The generator templates for anchor -
  • Yandex Webmaster allows you to upload the file with a complete list of backlinks for confirmed projects -
  • Several ways to get free incoming links to the site:
    • Submit your site to the major directories industry with a direct link to the project.
    • Registration in the largest common directories such as DMOZ, the DMOZ etc.
    • Keeping missions in social networks Twitter, FaceBook, and VKontakte social networks kind LiveJournal.
    • Establishment and presentation of the links on the forums of the industry and user signatures. The same method can be attributed prostanovka links from profiles not only on the forums, but also to other resources.
    • Using the service "Question / Answer" type Ответы etc.
    • Comments on Dofollow-blogs, that is of such resources, which links from the comments have opened or are in the name of the comment author.
    • Preparation and publication of free high-quality guest posts and articles in the trade press and the biggest blogs.

Summary of incoming links to a domain

Control positions and traffic

Services that help to make a free website monitoring positions and incoming traffic to it:

  • Proper parser updates Yandex -
  • Analyst force "storm" in the update request with a breakdown by categories -
  • Legend on the market «Site-Auditor» has lost the support of the previous company, but now regained its sponsor and support efficiency. The program allows you to check the position on the list of requests and a number of other SEO-indicators -
  • traffic monitoring, the conversion of the site and its performance "Yandeks.Metrika" single counter which displays the data on search queries from Yandex -
  • Free checking position "Topvizor" after delegating limits on service Yandex.XML -
  • Meter and analysis tool Google Analytics -
  • History sites positions on request Yandex (Moscow) and Google -
  • Analysis of the visibility of a website on the basis of requests «MegaIndex» -
  • The panel Yandex Webmasters can also set the priority 500 searches for the control position on them in specified regions -

Incoming traffic according to metrics from websites

auxiliary tools

Auxiliary instruments may also include:

  • A unique set of tools for SEO «Pixel Tuls": checking the availability of sanctions, the text post-filters, analyzes top issue, evaluation of the project visibility and competitors and other -
  • The toolbar «RDS bar» to conduct an independent audit of the website express a number of important SEO-indicators -
  • Analyzer search engines for a number of key metrics -
  • Service automation solving a captcha «ruCaptcha» -
  • Service check domain age (date of incorporation), nserver'a and a number of additional options for the domain «WhoIs», one option -
  • Free updates to SeoPult analyzer system -
  • Webmaster Help from Yandex -
  • Guide to Search Engine Optimization on Google -

Analyzer search engines
We are confident that the reduced selection of materials and services to help implement a free website promotion, and boost your skills! Not to miss the helpful tips, articles, and answers to questions - sign up for project updates.

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