Tablet based on WINDOWS OR ANDROID

When the plates had only Android, then these issues do not arise. But once Windows invaded this segment, successfully invaded, and the question of what is the best operating system for tablets, it is not so simple as it seems.

Earlier Android tablets were significantly cheaper tablets on Windows, so it was quite clear: cheap Android, Windows - for those who are more expensive, but with a full-fledged office and the "photoshop". Now on the market there are models with high-grade Intel Atom x86 processor, as well as with Windows 8.1, and the price is not much different from competitors' prices on Android. With regard to the application - something similar tools can be found there, and there. And the base and at all - there is the Chrome, the Chrome and there, video players, too, in abundance, the application for reading books ... So what's the difference?

Today is not about that

Of course, there is also a tablet from Apple - but the iPad purchase are usually the ones who have a choice does not suffer at all. Because the choice between black and white iPads ... well, not quite that, so to speak.

Why Android?

Google Android has conquered the world is incredibly fast. It would seem that only six years have passed - and already world domination without the jokes. However, with this dominance did not disappear the same problems that were in the OS and the year, and five years ago, and in general always. Home Android problem - the inability to properly dispose of RAM.

That is why in the Play Store divorced a huge amount of "memory manager" that this same memory clean. The most unfortunate of them clean clumsy - just sweep everything possible from there, and after a while, "parasites" are returned. Advanced allow you to choose what to touch and what not, which of the applications can be completely unloaded, and which - at the time. But even the automation of this process does not solve the problem.

The plates are heavier than smartphones. And it takes more resources. From tablets usually require a full-screen movie playback and "heavy" full-screen three-dimensional games, which need all the possible memory and longer.

Of course, the device with 2 gigabytes of "RAM" and more easier. Briefly. Because the problem is walking from version to version, and the latest version of Android 5.0 Lollipop is so clumsy today that it did not recommend that you install on the device under 2013. Not only that, everything starts to brake terribly, so also was uncomfortable to do the same. However, the latter is irrelevant: the meaning here is that the OS is not able to work correctly with RAM and never could. And probably will not learn. Apple iOS is popular not only because it is simple, but also because a single ecosystem allows Cupertino do "little blood" in the system requirements and to do so that the same applications and operating systems work equally well on most iPad / iPhone previous generations and current.

But why Android is so popular Well, if it is as bad as you could probably think? Here come to the fore: a) compatibility, b) price, and c) a huge number of applications, hundreds of thousands, for every taste.

Compatibility - the result of open source - led to the fact that any honest and not very Chinese can begin to release their tablet for thirty dollars, and it will run the same Android, as on the fair license plate of 200 to the smartphone is also true, by the way. In this case, speed and stability issues fade into the background. The aim is to release what is cheaper - and people who do not understand the devices that are cheaper and prefer.

Applications, especially free ones, in the Play Store is really a lot. Lots of. But sometimes a matter of finding something desired becomes a major problem because of the large selection. On the other hand, you can find a small free and useful utilities that are not in the Windows ecosystem.

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But with regard to office work, then there are winning Windows-plates unconditionally. No matter how common cloud-office systems such as Google Docs, still the majority are good old Microsoft Office, which in Android can not say that was functional to some extent, the nominal "open and bukovku correct." Rather, in this ecosystem more different imitators and frankly weak systems: compatibility and versatility, a set of tools for formatting and generally working with complex documents is poor.

In addition to Android, the tablet can not connect a regular printer via USB even with the adapter to full-size USB, support for which is happily report all after release Android 4. Supports, and to sense something?

About inhouse movies theoretically possible to put both systems for an equal number of points. Yes, full-format Full-HD-movies and you can watch it. Exactly to the moment when you want something non-standard - for example, with subtitles or a different track, especially plug-in in a separate file, or else all in an exotic format. In Windows, these problems can be solved much easier, which is not the Android.

Why Windows?

Tablets on Windows can not be cheap. In this operating system from Microsoft loses Google product. But Windows is winning in terms of unification. Especially she wins next year, when the planned output of the tenth version, which Microsoft puts all the cards, including the concept of "one OS for all devices." How will it look like in reality, we shall see, but even until the commonality of applications - the main strong point of the most popular operating system for desktop PCs.

If browsing for convenience similar in both systems, then such things as games, definitely give a choice in favor of Windows. However, it all depends on what games will run. Most popular mobile games, three-dimensional or "casual" can be easily found for the Android system, as well as for Windows. But here's capabilities with the x86 architecture in Windows 8.1 (and it is this version is installed today on most sold tablets) is much more: it is possible to easily connect any keyboard or mouse to play Counter-Strike or any other popular toys with low technical requirements: clear, it is not a "heavy» Crysis or Battlefield 4. Do Android tablets compatible with the periphery is, of course, but it is very limited, and even 10% not up to that of Windows.

And not only in the games business. Applications for Windows also give a lot of points ahead of the same "hundreds of thousands" for the OS from Google. Do you want to work in this full-fledged Photoshop? You are welcome. To create music in the good old Cubase and Fruity Loops? Be my guest. But for Android that all sad. Photoshop Nik Collection Utility full-fledged Photoshop is no substitute, and generally for Android, let's face it, everything is simplified as much as possible - in part because that on older devaysakh start. Not that the "work effectively", just even start.

Therefore, the vast majority of transformers (tablet with a fully fledged keyboard) are not available on Android, on Windows 8.1. There are even some models with two built-in operating system - switched instantly on the button and the or hotkeys - and these are located on two different OS drives (SSD or flash memory).

By the way, we must bear in mind that there are different versions of Windows for tablets: Windows 8.1 and Windows RT. Recently, however, many manufacturers have rightly ceased to support - because it is almost the same as the Android functionality (except, office still full), only looks like Windows.

So what do you choose?

The choice of tablet to one or the other OS is caused by the targeted use thereof. Want a lot of interesting and useful free or very cheap application does not confuse the need to constantly clean the memory, you need to look simple movies in popular formats, not interested in working in the office or professional applications - Google Android tablet would be a good choice.

In all other cases should choose a tablet based on Windows 8.1, and it is better to take a fairly powerful - Windows, though able to work with memory, but the local applications can "otest" quite a lot. The main plus Windows-tablets - versatility, especially for older applications and professional programs. And if you care about just that - and then do not hesitate.


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The network between the owners of both smartphones and tablets, you can endlessly observe verbal battles about what kind of operating system is still better.

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The current positive reputation of Apple, in particular the relatively high prices absolutely all branded products, cause a plurality of android users outrage, considering that the "bitten apple" is not worthy of such a hype as infringes their customers in many ways. And Microsoft is even and improve its operating system (especially after the release of the Windows version of the eighth), but it satisfied users far more as a platform for the desktop PC or laptop. Therefore, if there is such a platform, like Android, iOS operating system and Windows Phonepoka that do not enjoy preferential popular among users. Let's take a closer look at what are the advantages of tablets androids.

Android vs iOS

The most important advantage of the Android operating system is compatible with virtually all brands of tablets , while iOS is installed only on devices from Apple.

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Perhaps to provide a wide selection of smartphones / tablets and is such a prevalence of androids. In this connection, the user can choose the appropriate functionality (camera, memory, display, battery, processor), and preferably the external characteristics (visual angles, the screen offset from the body edges, colors, material) that best satisfy him. Also, importantly, it provides a wide price range , since the purchase, if desired, for example, tablet iOS, the user is not nothing left but to allocate not less than $ 330 (for the version mini) or $ 427 (for a lot with a diagonal of 9.7 inches) or buy refurbished-used goods / y.

Another important criterion that influences the purchasing decisions - is the amount of memory . Apple offers to purchase its products with a limited amount of space on the device (8/16/32/64/128 GB), without the possibility of its expansion. The plates on Androidv turn sold with built-in slot for a memory card, the size of which the owner can choose at its discretion. Hence, the next stone in the garden iOS: due to the fact that Applene wanted users to be able to use their products the "apple" of the device as a flash drive, we have a bit complicated access to the data device from the computer and abstruse opportunities perekidki files. Move and synchronize media can be mainly through proprietary iTunes program, while the android devices can simply open the removable disk and familiar way to drag and drop files from folder to folder.

Ease of use android is for some users also in integration with Google services , so that provided easier access to Gmail, GoogleApps, GoogleDrive, Google + and pr.Esche one plus Android- OS is the type of connector to the cable . On most android devices embedded connector microUSB, which is found among friends is not difficult. "Yabloko" well thought out your original connector type suitable only Apple products.

Android vs Windows Phone

In the case of WP-tablets situation with the choice of the model is not as deplorable as with iOS, especially after the release of version 8 Windows Phone, when it became known that the list of possible mobile platform WP expanded significantly, but not enough to catch up with androids.

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Another advantage of "guglofonov" over "vinfonami" - is the lack of binding to a specific processor , for "vinfony" only support brand Qualcomm.

Also important criterion is the number of applications in the official catalog - in their Google Play has over 700,000 units, while in the store Windows Phone - a little more than 120,000. Moreover, if we compare the browsers by default on both platforms, the embedded browser in the WP (based on Internet Explorer) is considerably inferior in convenience browser Android, not to mention Google Chrome.

Lovers watch clips and movies' vinfon "will not please a relatively high video quality . Resolution Screen devices on Windows Phone platform is HD720p (1280 x 720), WXGA (800 × 480,1280 × 768). What kasaetsyaAndroid- already released many models with high resolution FullHD (1920 x 1080).

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Another important criterion - this customization , it is possible to adjust for an interface (background lock and home screen interactive wallpaper), and full multitasking , which greatly simplifies the transition from one application to another. Both functions (especially the customization), according to many users, is better developed on Android. In addition, for many users it may seem inconvenient location and shape of the icon in the Windows Phone, as unusual squares (even if you put their minimum size) occupy on the screen a lot of space.


The fact that Android is a native OS to buy up most of the tablet (total tablet market share is about 67.3%), clearly puts an operating system on a pedestal all collected together platforms. First of all, we must pay tribute to the large variety of models, which operate on Android and have a variety of design features and "iron". Therefore, while iOS does not begin to apply to devices other than Apple's, but Windows Phone does not surprise more diverse list of applications, and the ability to customize the interface, Androidesche long time will occupy the highest bar and push down on the rear position of its competitors.


many users are faced with the problem of choosing the best of the most popular operating system before purchasing a tablet. It is worth considering the benefits of each of them to avoid any issues that purchase - Android or Windows tablet.

Tablet: Android apps or Windows

Tablets with Windows operating system is more expensive than Android tablet, so Google's products in this win. But fans advanced games, probably still prefer the Microsoft, because some of the toys that are available for Windows to Android, are unique and will not work. This also applies to other applications, even if you take Photoshop, which will not replace any competitor prototype. That's why a huge number of tablets with keyboard is available on Windows 10.

Office software company Microsoft considered better than counterparts on Android, although there can be found a worthy replacement from the same manufacturer. Devices on both operating systems without any problems can use most USB functions are not limited to connecting the keyboard, USB flash drive, and even a mouse, but here we must pay tribute to the Windows, she expressed better integration.

The Android operating system is very rapidly gained worldwide popularity due to its flexibility and free. Although recent releases are stable, malfunction is larger than that of the Windows, one of the most frequently occurring is not always rational use of system resources.

Often one can find recommendations to upload tablet Android «memory managers" who clean the device memory. And when you upgrade the operating system should be based on the official release, otherwise it may have to deal with constant outages and lags. But there are exceptions, for popular devices, there are no formal assembly, which can bring a lot of opportunities in the tablet and even more stability in work and productivity.

If you look at all the parameters, it may seem that Android is completely loses "windose". But it is not so, for a start on the Android tablet, you can download a large number of free applications. Yes, and compatibility with all devices brings it to the fore. Nowadays, even cheap Chinese phones work is based on Android.

If we compare the two operating systems while watching the video, then you will not notice the difference. On Android tablets and Windows you can watch movies in the highest quality, most likely all depends precisely on the specifications of the device. But when it comes to the connection or change the subtitle track, there can be problems with the android, but to solve them quite simply by installing the appropriate player.

Before you select the Windows or Android, you need to understand for what purpose you need is a personal device, perhaps you should pay attention to specifications and not the operating system. If the budget is limited, you need to pay attention to the android device, they will be able not only to entertain, but to perform assigned work. If you are a businessman who needs compatibility with other products from Maykrasoft, Windows will suit you more.

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