NOD32 Server Update 5

I want to tell you about another method NOD32 antivirus updates by changing the update server. The bottom line is that you can change the update server from the official or to the alternate network. Such techniques are used in the corporate segment, which has its own update server, but you can use it on a PC with Antivirus node. Now, some craftsmen spread their servers on the Internet. Find them hard so we put on this page is a list of only the proven and production servers. With some frequency, these servers are dying due to various reasons. Therefore, what would you have all had access to the production server upgrade, we made this page. For normal operation, this method does not need anti-virus activation. All antivirus features will work.

Operating Update Server ESET NOD32 SMART SECURITY all versions:


- Serviceability checked, the 17/10/2017 - works.

Learn how to update the antivirus.

1. Open the Anti-Virus click on the gear setting, press the bottom right to go to the advanced settings.

update with the key2. In the next window, select the update and then the parameters may look to change the update server, if so, skip to step 8, if not, then you must enable this setting manually.

change the update server3. If the server can not be changed, it is necessary To make the this opportunity to do this, boot into safe mode. From that point on, be very careful and follow all the instructions exactly. Looking Windows write msconfig and click on the shortcut icon.

change the update server 24. sledyuyushem window select the tab "Download" and put a tick in safe mode, do not change anything else click Apply and OK.

change the update server 35. Reboot the computer and he is loaded in safe mode. Next in search write regedit and click on the icon.

change the update server 46. Open the registry there are on the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ ESET \ ESET Security \ CurrentVersion \ Info PackageFeatures find in the list click on the label, right click, select modify. ESET Security To change the value by 51, for NOD32 Antivirus different versions can be the values ​​21, 1, 3d, 0s. We recommend to use Smart Security.

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change the update server 57. Back to search typed msconfig, click on the icon, go to the tab loading, remove the checkbox Safe Mode, click Apply and OK. Reboot the computer. Thus, after rebooting the computer starts in normal mode. It is important not to forget to do it!

8. Now we have the opportunity to change the update server. Copy the server from the list and add it to the antivirus. Open settings antivirus, go to the advanced settings, in line updates click Edit Server.

change the update server 69. Insert the first line of our update server, check that there would not have extra characters or spaces, the server address must be accurate, that would have worked update. click Add and OK.

change the update server 710. Be sure to check whether the server appeared in the service line, and click OK.

change the update server 811. All now your antivirus software will be updated to the alternate server.

Now you know another way to update your anti-virus via the update server. That would not lose this page to make the Internet tab in the browser. Share the link to this article with your friends, it would be beneficial for you and for us.

Server Update NOD32 CHUDAK

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                            How do I upgrade?

   NOD32 Update server is updated regularly, so I recommend to place somewhere a link to this page, so you re not seek a production server NOD32 updates.

    Recently, ESET has started to block sites that provide clues. To avoid blocking of our website you need to go to the ESET Antivirus settings and add an exception this website.

                update server

Keys for antivirus ESET Smart Security

          TRIAL-0222308278   x4epvs57sd
          TRIAL-0222308281   jub5rnjbbs
          TRIAL-0222308292   mp3ddbuatt
          TRIAL-0222308295   xhkakfe2cv
          TRIAL-0222308298   jj6svmc6h4

Keys are provided free of charge to familiarize themselves with antivirus software. Upon expiration recommend purchasing a license.


Upgrade Instructions.

See the old map of your area.

Open the window.

   Choose the Settings item. Right at the bottom of the inscription Enter entire advanced setup tree ... .. will select this option, see box.

Select the Update item.

Right click the Edit button.

In line enter the address of the update server (copy at the beginning of the article).

Click ADD.

Click Okay.

Check the address.

Click OK, go to the main window in the Update section.

Click to update virus signature database.

After download you will see this window.

Click Okay upgrade is complete.

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 The page will be constantly updated. Will be posted to work further Nod32 update server


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