Can not set to the default folder ANDROID

Sometimes when installing any application, I get an error that says that it is impossible to install the application in the default folder. Let's understand why this error pops up, and how to get rid of it.

You can not install the app

You can not install the app - the cause of the

Install an application on a smart device in several ways. One of them - download from Google Play.

But sometimes when loading an error "Unable to install the application in the default location."

You can not install the app

This error began to appear more on the Android Lolipop 5.0. It's hard to say about the reasons for its occurrence.

To remove this bug, you need to return to the factory settings device. However, be careful when you do this you will lose all of the applications, user settings and contacts, so be sure to make a backup before doing the important data for you. How to backup data and backup read our article How to make a backup of Android. To avoid this, try the other two methods, which will be discussed below.

For other ways to install applications, see the article How to install the application.

Unable to install the application in the default location - methods of solution

Sometimes occur small system failures. To begin, turn off your phone, remove the SD-card and put it back. Then turn on the gadget. If the problem persists, then Let us examine another method.

Perhaps the reason for the error "Unable to install the application in the default folder" lies in the shortage of the amount of memory, it means that your phone is not enough available memory (internal memory or on the SD-card) to install the application.

To find out the amount of free memory, go to "Settings" - "Memory". In the "Available" will display the amount of memory that is available at the moment.

You can not install the app

To free up memory, you must either delete unnecessary applications or move them to SD-card or the internal memory of the phone, depending on where you need to free up space. Learn more about navigating the application can learn from our article How to move an application to the memory card.

Do not forget that you need to uninstall applications correctly. How to do this, read our article How to remove an app from Android.

For stable operation of applications and guarantees that in the future, this error will no longer appear, you need at least 300 MB of free memory.

If you are still an error "Unable to install the application in the default folder", write in comments.

Answers on questions

ANDROID: Do not install application - ELIMS

On your phone Zopo 900 faced with the fact that the longer the application is installed.

There is a problem because: I go to the Google market and try to install the app, see how running the loading bar, but the percentage of completion is not written and the volume of downloaded information is not displayed. The impression is that the injection can not be started.


or I get the message:

Failed to load is not enough space in the device memory .

The first step has got to read the Google problem solving. Mostly advised to clear the cache, reboot the phone and if you do not help - to reset to factory settings, which of course does not suit me. But it turned out - it's simple.


I'll start with simple tips:

  • Make sure that you have enough free space. View this can be in the "Settings -> Memory." If the internal available memory less than 50 MB, then move the card application (system is best not to move).
  • Restart the phone.
  • Clear your cache Google Market app, delete the update.
  • Settings - Memory - Clear internal memory (deletes all data, such as music and photos) - this option is more rigid, but still remain installed applications, it is not reset to factory settings. The photos, music and other documents in advance, transfer to the card.
  • Transfer all applications on the SD-Card: Settings - Applications - SD-card tab - click on the application that no check mark and click on the button to move to SD-card. It is worth knowing that the application widgets that have been moved to the card often do not work, such applications can not be moved.
  • Clear the cache and data (application settings are lost) in applications: Settings - Applications - click on the application - a button "Clear data" and "Clear cache"
  • Uninstall updates malovostrebovannyh system applications, such as: "Google voice synthesizer" - this will help win a few tens of megabytes.
  • Specify your preferred installation location: Settings - Memory - the preferred installation location - SD-Card

And now that helped me:

  • Go to the market and see if you have installed the update for your application: press the button to store the settings (I have left touch button) and select the menu item "My Apps". If you have uninstalled the update, then put them in order. Updates can be stored there even if you put a check "Automatically update". This is due to the fact that sometimes a new update requires new rights and it will not be established as long as you do not agree with. If you have accumulated a lot of updates, then you may need to remove some applications and then only after razgrebete all updates, you can try to install the application on the new. I did so, I tried to install the update, subscribed for on the leaf name of the application that failed to update and remove them. Then he tried again to install the updates that are not removed for the system applications (eg Google Maps), and they deliver. And only then I began to establish remote applications - everything worked.
  • BUT! When I started installing remote applications surfaced another glitch - one of the applications still did not want to be installed. And then helped another tip: turn off the phone, remove the sd card and then try to install the application. Just before you pull out the card, make sure that you have enough free space to install the application in the main (internal memory). You can try to change the setting in "Settings - Memory - Preferred installation place" with "SD-Card" on the "Internal Memory Device", then perhaps will not even need to pull out the sd-card, but I have realized after solving the problem.
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Tips for the future:

  • Take care that your application updates. For this, you can follow in the Google Market.
  • Keep track of the amount of available internal memory, if it is less than 30-50 MB, there may be problems.

Clarification on the "Internal Memory":

No matter how big card on your phone or how it all cards. The internal memory will always be 500 MB.

If the rough draw an analogy with the ordinary computer: card (built-in or optional) - this is the hard drive in the computer. And the internal memory - it's like C system logical drive: on the hard drive in the computer. Only in android is not a logical drive, and the folder / data / and for this folder are marked in all, only 500 mb.

I repeat: no matter how you fancy your phone or tablet, whether you bought it for $ 30 or $ 3000, there is in him 1 GB or 64 GB of internal memory, the default android in the internal memory is always 500 mb. There are of course special applets that can be used to increase (repartition) this memory, but that's another story.

And even if the application does not store everything in internal memory and on the card, it is still some of the data from these applications will be stored in the internal memory, such as application settings, save games, app cache, the cache of the android and so on. etc. Sooner or later, the residual waste from established and deleted once upon a time applications clogs the internal memory and there is a shortage of memory, even if the card as a whole will be empty.

What files can be deleted and what applications can help to read the article "Android: the freeing of disk space"

repartition memory

Come on resources such as 4pda and seek there a theme dedicated to your phone model. The theme of looking for information on how to repartition and patches that memory on your phone. For my phone Zopo 900 This information is here: in the cap threads under spoiler "Patches".

In most cases, repartition implies resetting the phone, then there will have to configure your phone from scratch - install applications and so on. etc. (Or restore from backup), ie the data on it is overwritten.

Android errors and their elimination

Error "Unable to install on USB-drive, or SD-card":

Also faced with a mistake that was clearly indicated: when you try to update the google app market posted "Could not install on USB-drive, or SD-card." In this case, I helped banal + to restart the device disconnected from bluetooth headphones and charging (just in case). But there is another tip, if you suddenly reboot will not help to remove the temporary file. android_secure / smdl2tmp1.asec. The file is protected by the system, so you need to connect your phone to the computer as a usb-media and delete files through the computer or run any file manager with root access, for example, ES-Explorer and delete the file at /mnt/secure/asec/smdl2tmp1.asec


Message: "The level of content filtering does not allow the boot"

I installed the application there is a limit on age, in the settings of your application "Google Play Store" should be allowed to all ages: Google Play Market - Settings - Configure a filter, check the box next to all applications. After pressing the "OK" button prompt to come up with content \\ enter the PIN-code to ensure that no one except you can not change these settings. I have all the check marks have been set, but the girl has no PIN code is not asked to come up and asked to enter it if it has already been installed by someone approached the standard PIN code - 1234.

Errors "sd card is full", "damaged cards sd", "connect the sd-card"

These errors are really saying is possible that your card is damaged, it happens sometimes. Connect the card to the computer via a card reader, try to copy all the files to make them not to lose. Try to write something on the card, make a disk check (card) error (windows chkdsk command), or at least try to format. If the card does not come to life, get a second any other card and make sure that her phone is working properly and does not produce the same mistake, if so - it is likely that the old card may be damaged and need to buy a new one.

Android Error 961

We try to do the following:

  1. Go to the settings, open the application, find the application «Google Play Market"
  2. Click on the icon and click on the "Clear cache"
  3. If the problem is not solved in the same place, near the "clear cache" button, click on the button "delete data"
  4. If the problem persists also clear the cache and data applications, "Google Service Framework" and "Download Manager" (aka "Download Manager")
  5. Reboot Android
  6. If not helped, delete your Google Account: I have it, "Settings" - "Accounts and sync" or "Settings" - "Accounts" - "Google"
  7. Also, go to the "Settings" - "Applications" - «Google Play Store" and click "Uninstall updates"
  8. Reboot android

Error "Unknown error code during application installation 24"

If you install an application you pop up an error -24, it is likely that before this application have already been installed on your android-device, but after the removal of retired not all files. Go to the system folder / data / data / and delete it in the folder associated with an application that can not be established. To view the folders in the / data / need root-access and such an application as ES Explorer.

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