How to be, if not come to upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft has launched a campaign, in the course of which each holder of Windows 7 and 8 systems may free upgrade to the "top ten" . All the necessary installation files for the system is through the Update Center the Windows . They are automatically downloaded, and then update is ready to install.

Typically, users do not need to worry about downloading - icon appears atvomaticheski . However, on some computers does not come for a long time to upgrade to Windows 10. This article explains what to do if there is no notification in the system tray icon " Get Windows 10 ", why this can happen and how long to wait for the download.

Unlicensed version of the operating system

Get Windows 10 can only holders of activated licensed versions . If you broke your OS using software-activators or use someone else's key - the download of "ten" is not.

Message authentication

Of course, there are ways to turn it manually, but this makes no sense - a new activation system checks before starting the installation. Pirated versions of this test do not pass. In this case, the only option that you can do - buy a licensed version . Currently no other possible way to get a Windows 10, having activated by the OS, no.

If you have activated OS using an activator, and then after a while entered the license code - "Ten" still can not download. In this case it is necessary, or clean the system registry, or set zanogo system, activate it and then update.

Enabling auto-update Windows

Boot Windows 10 through the system Update Center . Many users disable automatically download and install updates on your computer. As a result of their own, no files are not loaded. In this case, you can either start the search for new updates manually or to configure the Center .


To do this, do the following:

  1. Open the Update Center using the icons in the system tray (the bar with a small icon at the bottom of the desktop). If the desired icon is not there - call the "menu Start ", open the " Control Panel " and start the Update Center .All Control Panel Items
  2. Here you can start a search for new updates and install already downloaded by pressing the button that appears in the center of the window.Windows Update
  3. If you want to change the configuration, go to "section Customize settings ."Choose how to install updates
  4. In the drop-down list under " Important updates " you must place a check mark next to " Set automatically ".

After this, your PC will begin to do a search for updates on the Microsoft server. For some time  Windows 10 software installer will be loaded, and you will see a message prompting you to upgrade. If it does not appear for a long time, will have to go other ways.

Microsoft server workload

Sometimes, the update may not start, if at the moment there is no free Microsoft server . This is not a problem or an error - just a load is too large . In this case, it is not necessary to do anything, just wait. How long to wait - it depends solely from Microsoft.

You can easily check for the downloaded update. To do this, do the following:

  1. Run Windows Explorer from the shortcut icon " My Computer ".
  2. Go to a local disk directory where you installed the operating system.
  3. Open the directory « the Windows », it « the SoftwareDistribution » and « Download ».software distribution download
  4. If there is a folder called « $ the Windows. BT ~ »(she should weigh about 6 gigabytes) - so everything you need is already downloaded and waiting for their turn on the unit.

This folder is «Setup.exe» file. In no case do not run it. When you try to "do everything without queue" server simply delete all files, and you have to start to download them first.

If this folder is not there, you need to remove all the contents of the directory « the C: \ the Windows \ the SoftwareDistribution \ Download » and « the C: \ the Windows \ the SoftwareDistribution \ the DataStore », and then run the update manually .


Command line

If all the latest patches on your PC already installed, and the notification for some reason still do not come, you need to run the utility manually . The easiest way - through the Windows command prompt . You will need to do the following:

  1. Call "dialog box Run ." This requires simultaneously press keys Win  and R .
  2. This opens a small window with a text box. It is necessary to enter cmd , and press Enter  or click on the button the OK .Running cmd menu Run
  3. This will open a command line of your operating system. Here you must enter the command wuauclt.exe/updatenowNote that you can not copy this line using the Ctrl  + the V , right-click, and make it through the context menu .Running wuauclt
  4. Press the Enter , to activate the command.

Find out how much is left to wait, you can in Windows Update . The fact that it is updated, you will learn the appropriate icon in the system tray. He usually appears when everything is ready for installation.

So you force run the update . Windows 10 will start downloading automatically. No errors associated with this team, has not been noticed - all installed without any problems.

Edit the Registry

If the previous method did not give nothing, and an update notification is still not there, probably in the registry of your operating system for some reason, there is no corresponding record .

In this case, open the Registry Editor and create a record manually force.

Before such action is recommended to create a backup copy of Windows, to which it will be possible to roll in case of emergency.

Next, you must do the following:

  1. Call dialog " Run " with a combination of Win  + R .
  2. Enter the string regedit and press Enter  or click the OK .Registry Editor - windowsupdate
  3. Go to the registry directory HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\OSUpgrade
  4. If "directory OSUpgrade » in the registry is not, it must be set up . To do this, right-click on the "folder WindowsUpdate " and select "option Create ", " Section ".Registry to create a partition
  5. Now right-click in any blank area of the window and select " Create ", " a DWORD 32 bits ." Name it « AllowOSUpgrade ».Specify the type of registry
  6. Open the created account and assign it a value of " 1 " (after pressing Enter  will be displayed as " 0x00000001 ").Specify the value of the registry

Reboot your PC and rerun the scan for updates through the center . Everything should start backing up.

Windows 10 Installation Media Creation Tool

For those users who can not run the updated standard tools, Microsoft developed a special utility . It can be downloaded from the official website. With this program you can download the Windows 10 files to your computer and start the installation now. Then you can create a boot disk or a USB flash drive or start the update process.

If the icon Get Windows 10 does not appear in the system tray, and you're tired of waiting, you can easily speed up the process.

It requires to do the following:

  1. Go to the download page utility.Download the tool now!
  2. Click on the blue button download tool right now .
  3. Run the downloaded exe-file.
  4. Select " Refresh this computer ."Running Windows Setup
  5. Wait until the necessary information is downloaded . How long to wait - will depend on the current workload of the server and your Internet channel.
  6. Follow the instructions presented to install Windows 10.

Thus, you can start the process by force, without editing the registry without the help of the console.

Note! Often the data are loaded for a long time, and it seems that the computer is "frozen". In fact it is not.

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