Greetings! Today, after the iPhone update, when you try to sign in to your account, faced with an unusual error. Phone me happily reported that it was not possible, and wrote something like this - "check failed, it failed to sign in. There was an error connecting to the server Apple ID ». Most interesting is that because of this, the phone actually turns into an ordinary "dialer", because it is impossible to use all services of Apple - on the App Store does not come, iCloud also did not activate, well, etc.

I have this attack successfully overcome, and what you want. And this guide will tell you exactly what you must do. Go!

To start advise you to check is whether Apple ID is correct and valid, that is functioning at the moment. To do this, go to the link to the official website and enter your account details. If it does not open, then register a new one. In the case where all the "OK" will look for other causes of failure.

The error occurs on the iPhone and iPad

Trouble connecting to Apple's servers can wait for you at the stage of activation. And there are only two options that you can take:

  1. Try to activate over the computer, using iTunes. Although there may be difficulties, but more on that below.
  2. Just skip the creation of your Apple ID and to do so only later, after turning on the unit.

Skip creating Apple ID
Create later!

In the event that the device is already loaded you can not sign in to your Apple ID, or vice versa, input implemented, but the App Store and other services do not work because of the failure of servers, you should pay attention to:

  1. Are all there is nothing wrong with these same Apple servers do? There are times when difficulties arise in their functioning. How to learn about it can be found here.
  2. Imperative that has been properly exposed to the date and time. Specify manually if the automatic definition is impossible.
  3. Make sure that the latest version of iOS, and certainly not a beta. In the case of the beta you consciously set has not yet been "fully ready" software, so the error is even possible.
  4. Check the connection to the Internet, both by means of Wi-Fi, and mobile data. I, for example, the problem was in the Wi-Fi connection - it just stopped working (although shows good signal), and because of this has been a failure to connect to the Apple ID. How to deal with non-performing Wi-Fi on the iPhone I wrote, I will not repeat.
  5. We are trying to get out of the Apple ID (Settings - iTunes Store, App Store - click on the account - Exit) to reboot the iPhone or iPad, and sign in using your ID again.
    Get out of the Apple ID
    Exit the account
  6. Hard reset (delete all) as a last resort. Create a backup to iCloud or iTunes on a PC in front of it!

By the way, jailbreaking can also cause such problems. Therefore, if the previous methods do not help, and the entrance to the Apple ID is still not done, we get rid of Ceyla. I remind you that you can do it right only through the iPhone recovery.

On a computer using iTunes

In rare cases, a connection error to the server and various glitches with Apple ID or App Store, can occur while working with iTunes. However, from them it is easy enough to get rid of. For this:

  1. We make sure that your computer is connected to the Internet (silly of course, but all can be).
  2. Antivirus, firewall, and other defenders can block access to Apple servers. Turn them off for a while.
  3. If you already used your account Apple ID, then try to "disengage" from its program. To do this, open the iTunes - in the upper left corner click on the "store" - deauthorize this computer. Reboot your PC.

Deauthorize this computer
Exit from your account in iTunes

We try to go once more and, most likely, you will have to do it!

That's all the actions you can take to deal with the connection error to Apple servers ID. Yes, there are not many, but the most important - they really work!

PS Put a "Like" if the article has been helpful, as well as write in the comments - which helped, and what not! Or do you have some other ways to cope with this failure? Tell us about them - other readers will be very grateful!

PSS Well, about the social networking buttons do not forget - not many people know, but pressing them to correct any errors! Check back! :)


This article describes how to create your Apple ID and use it in the iTunes Store without adding credit card or specify a different payment method.

When you first log into the iTunes Store, App Store or iBooks Store using an Apple ID identifier is prompted to enter a payment method so that you can get the goods in the store. If you do not want to specify a method of payment for your account, follow the instructions.

Apple recommends that you use one your Apple ID for use with iTunes, iCloud with other Apple services. If you do not remember, do you have any ID Apple ID, we will help you find it.

If you are the organizer of a group of family access and want to share the shopping with your family, you must specify the payment method. Method of payment is also required when setting up accounts for children. See. For more information about your Apple ID for children.

If you already have your Apple ID

After entering the store iTunes Store, App Store or iBooks Store, you can remove the payment method specified identifier in your Apple ID. Re-enter the payment method will not be required until the next purchase.

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If you do not have ID Apple ID

The instructions below explain how to create the ID Apple ID, without specifying the method of payment.

On iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  1. Open the App Store and locate a free program.
  2. Click next to the item.

    iPhone device with the image of Angry Birds app page in the App Store
  3. When you need to log in using the ID Apple ID, select "Create a new Apple ID».

    iPhone is connected to the image input options in the system, among which highlighted the "Create a new Apple ID»
  4. Follow the instructions on ekrane.Kogda you are asked to enter your billing information, select "No". Learn what to do if the option "No" is not displayed or can not be selected.

    iPhone is a representation of the process "Create a new Apple ID»
  5. After entering the data, you will need to confirm the trusted phone number, if you have the opportunity to use two-factor authentication. Otherwise, you need to confirm your Apple ID by email. Before using the Apple ID identifier, you must first verify it.

On a Mac

  1. Open the App Store program on your Mac.
  2. In the "Quick Links", choose "The best free programs and games."

    Main App Store, a window on your Mac
  3. Click under the program, and then -.

    Section App Store, with free games and applications on your Mac
  4. When you need to log in using the ID Apple ID, click "Create Apple ID».

    Login Window in the App Store system with a dedicated button "Create Apple ID» on Mac
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen. When prompted to enter your billing information, select "No" for the payment method. Learn what to do if the option "No" is not displayed or can not be selected.

    Screen "Create Apple ID» in the App Store on your Mac
  6. After entering the data, you will need to confirm the trusted phone number, if you have the opportunity to use two-factor authentication. Otherwise, you need to confirm your Apple ID by email. Before using the Apple ID identifier, you must first verify it.

On a PC

If you have a computer with Microsoft Windows, search the iTunes Store free object, try to download it, then follow the prompts to create Apple ID account.

If you find a free object fails, use an iOS device to create an ID Apple ID.


Your Apple ID is the account you use to access Apple services like the App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, and more. And you can sign in to all Apple services with a single Apple ID and password.

Mac showing Apple ID account page

Do you already have an Apple ID?

You only need one Apple ID to access all Apple services. Before you create a new Apple ID, consider whether it might be better to continue using one you already have. Remember that you might not be able to move data or purchases from an old Apple ID to a new one.

If you aren’t sure if you already have an Apple ID, we can help you find it. Even if the email address1 that you use to sign in to Apple ID has changed, you can keep the same Apple ID.

Create your Apple ID

You can create your Apple ID when you set up a new device or sign in to iTunes or iCloud for the first time. You can also go to the Apple ID site and select Create Your Apple ID.

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Here’s what you need:

  • A valid email address to use as your Apple ID user name.2
  • Your date of birth.
  • Three security questions and answers to verify your identity and a rescue email address, if you don’t use two-factor authentication. You can also use this information to reset your password.

Sign in with your Apple ID

Use the same Apple ID and password every time you’re asked to sign in to an Apple device or service. With your Apple ID, you can:

  • Sign in to iCloud to keep your personal content up to date on all your devices.
  • Sign in to the iTunes, Books, and App Store to make purchases and access previous purchases.
  • Sign in to iMessage and FaceTime3 with your Apple ID to talk and text with friends and family.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID when you set up a new device.

See a complete list of features and services that use your Apple ID.

Manage your Apple ID

Because your Apple ID is used across all your devices and services, it’s important to keep your account information up to date. Simply sign in to your Apple ID account page at any time to manage your account:

  • Update your Apple ID email address* to make sure it’s an address that you use frequently.
  • Change your password to help maintain the security of your account.
  • Manage your payment information to keep your payment method or billing address up to date.
  • Add additional email addresses to help people find and communicate with you on Apple services like FaceTime, iMessage, and Find My Friends.
  • See and manage the devices you’re signed in to with your Apple ID.
  • Change your verified phone number.4

Help us protect your account

The security and privacy of your Apple ID is very important to us. Here are some things you can do to make sure your account remains private and secure:

  • Reset your security questions to make sure they’re easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess.
  • Add a rescue email address. If you forget your password or the answers to your security questions, your rescue email address will help you regain access to your account.
  • If you haven’t already, set up two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security to your account. Depending on when you created your Apple ID, it might already be protected by two-factor authentication. Some Apple IDs created in iCloud on iOS 10.3 or macOS 10.12.4 and later automatically turn on this feature.
  • Read more about Apple’s commitment to privacy and security.

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