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4G or LTE - it is mobile Internet access technology of the fourth generation. It is distinguished by high speeds. Compared with 3G, you can download the music or movie is 10-15 times faster. To use this service, you must configure your gadget. Today will tell you how to connect to the 4G phone.

What is a 4G smartphone, and how to use it

As already mentioned above, 4G - a high-speed Internet access. You can find out what's the difference between 3G and 4G. Major mobile operators in Russia (Megafon, MTS, Beeline, Yota) for several years now provide this service. However, in order to connect it to the phone, you must meet certain conditions:

  1. The presence of a SIM card with support for LTE. On the sim card it should be written 4G LTE. If not - contact your operator's cabin, the replacement of the SIM card is free of charge.
  2. You must be in the coverage area. Go to the site operator and the technical support section locate the coverage map. This will help you determine if you are in an area where there is LTE.
  3. The phone must support the technology. This is determined when attempting to connect. If you do not find in the settings of the relevant item, then very likely your gadget does not support LTE. If you want to use modern technology - change the smartphone. The largest store of technology you can pick up cheap phones with 4G.

How to set up your phone 4G

Different gadgets steps will be different. Let's look at an example of different models.

On Sony Xperia

Go to Settings - More.

Select the mobile network.

Then the "preferred type of network."

Snapping «LTE (Preferably)".

How do I turn on the Xiaomi 4G

Here, the operating system MIUI. But part of the setup, it resembles the Android. Consider the example of MI5 phone.

Open Settings - Mobile network. The desired section can be called "the SIM card and mobile networks", "Data Transmission."

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Open "Mobile Network" key and click on the current SIM card (in this case Beeline).

Select the "Network Type".

We click "Preferably 4G».

Similarly, you can connect to 4G MI4 models, Redmi 3s- menu names do not depend on the phone model, but from the firmware. For example, the phone Tele2 (model Redmi Note 4x) sequence is as follows:

Top open the menu and choose Settings.

Then choose «Sim-cards and mobile networks."

Click on the designation of TELE2 SIM card.

Choosing the type of network.

And connects LTE.

Maisie m5

Very similar to Maze and connection M5. To select the type of network, go to the settings. In the tab "Operator selection" click your current operator. Go to the tab "Network Mode" and select "Priority 4G". click "Back" button to complete.

Consider the connection to the Meizu U10. Call the main menu and select Settings.

Next, go to the «Sim-Card and the network" section.

Click "Network Mode".

And select the desired option.

How to connect to the 4G Lenovo

Let's try to connect to the Internet 4G tablet Lenovo YOGA Tablet -2.

You go in the settings.

Click the "More".

Go to mobile networks.

Press the "Network Type".

Choose «4G (recommended)".

How do I turn on the Samsung 4G

As an example of how to connect, take the Samsung Galaxy s7 (for Galaxy s5 actions are similar).

Open the menu and select the gadget settings

Go to the "Connections" (if any) or directly in the "Mobile Networks" ( "Other Network", "Advanced Settings", "Once" - depending on the version of Android).

Open the "Network Mode".

Set automatic mode.

For all models of Samsung, including j5, a3, a5, can be similarly connected. Some models have a bug - the network type selection menu item is not 4G and it can not be connected. In this case, use the engineering menu, as described below, or set ShowServiceMode program. It is designed specifically for LTE settings on the Samsung.

click «Run with above settings choosed» After downloading and installing on the first screen.

Choosing a series «LTE BandPrefences».

Then again «LTE BandPrefences» and «BandPref: LTE ALL».

After that the system will be able to connect LTE.

How to enable 4G on Android

At any Androide connect LTE can be about the same. However, some phones provide 4G support, but at the same time in the network type selection screen is no such item. In this case, you must use the engineering menu to force the plug 4G only.

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To enter, type one of the commands (one of them works on different phones) in this type of menu:

* # * # 3646633 # * # *

* # 15963 # *

* # * # 4636 # * # *

Once you have typed the last star, just open the menu. Go to information about the device.

Scroll down and select associated with the network. This may be a "Set preferred network type" or simply the name of the current network.

Press the «LTE only."

You will make a permanent connection 4G forced on his phone.

How do I turn on the iPhone 4G

IPhone has its own operating system, so the process of how to connect the high-speed access is different for him. For example, to set up 4G for Iphone 5, 5s, 5c, do the following:

Go to Settings and select the "Cellular" section.

Click the "Data Settings".

Then go to the "voice" and choose LTE.

Smartphone 7/7 Plus action will be similar. Click on "Settings" main screen.

Select "Cellular" section.

Press the data parameters.

Choose the item "voice and data".

And put a tick about LTE.

For models Iphone 6/6 Plus, 6s / 6s Plus, 4, 4s, se connect LTE can be similar. May differ only menu names.

How do 4G on windose Background

Phone from Microsoft is working on of Windows. So everything here is familiar to PC users. How to connect, consider the example of Nokia Lyumii. It is worth noting that even if the operating systems Windows 10, not all phones have the ability to work in 4G.

Go to the menu and find the "Settings" option. Click on it.

Next, choose "Network and wireless devices."

Go to the item "Data transfer and SIM».

"Options sim-card 1" click the link. Please note, it looks like a simple signature, but just as it is, and you want us to point.

In the drop-down list of "highest speed connection," select the desired option.

In other versions of the operating system may be an item in the menu "Cellular + SIM».

Go to Settings SIM card.

Click in the "Fastest Connection" and choose 4G.

On this phone settings are finished, LTE was able to connect.


We are not told how to turn on the 4G LG g3 (and k10, k8, g2) and many other models and brands of phones. But in conclusion, I want to note that the principle of connecting to 4G smartphones at all the same and it depends on the operating system. Modern mobile devices can be divided into four classes: Android, IOS, MIUI and Windows. So if you have not found in our review of how to connect it your model, simply find out its operating system and proceed by analogy.



Yota 4g: the frequency at which the operator works


How to get to 4G
How to Get 4G from "Kyivstar" self / Photo from free sources

Ukrainian mobile operator "Kyivstar" offers to get a new SIM-card with support for 4G (USIM) and not independently Shopping company.

Reported resource

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Use can also opportunity subscribers prepaid plans. In this regard, the company has published the manual how to get SIM-card with support for 4G himself:

1. Buy a new starter pack "Kyivstar 'of 4G. Starting from 2017 all its packages starting mobile operator is using USIM-cards.

2. For its actual SIM-card combination you need to dial * 245 * 41 * 0XXXXXXXXX * Z ... Z #, where 0HHHHHHHHH - telephone number indicated on the package purchased starting and Z..Z - 19 digits ICC code (serial number the back of the SIM-card). After you set the combination to come SMS-password, which is required for number portability.

3. Replacing the old SIM-card to a new smartphone in its USIM need to activate the map with the combination * 111 #.

4. Then you need to send a request to * 245 * 42 * XXXXXX #, where XXXXXX - received a SMS password.

5. Next, restart the phone after 10 minutes after your request.

The fact that your application is done, you will be notified via SMS-messages. After that, the number of the caller will be transferred to the new card for 30 minutes. Will return all the money on the ground and bonus accounts and services that connects the subscriber before.

However, before making a replacement check if your are not supported SIM-card 4G. You can use special USSD-code * 245 * 4 #. A smart phone to check compatibility c 4G use code * 245 * 5 #.

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