A good program for searching and updating drivers

Any computer user sooner or later faces the need to search or update drivers for your machine. This is especially true when purchasing a new PC without an operating system that is not supplied with the appropriate disk software.

As is known, the driver - a special support program, through which the Operating System has access to the hardware capabilities of the "hardware" PC: USB, display, touchpad, Wi-Fi, sound card, peripherals, etc. For each piece of equipment (external or internal) in the system should be the driver for the correct operation of the equipment and produce all its features.

Good if you have a disk with the "native" drivers to your computer - when the driver "flew" or you just reinstall the system, the difficulties in setting up equipment should arise. But if there is such a disc, or set a system of new generation, it may have trouble finding the right drivers: on the developer's site on the Internet, etc.

We offer you a review of the best free software for finding and installing drivers, based on the configuration of your computer.

I would like to start with one of today's best driver installation programs Snappy Driver Installer . This app has the most advanced algorithm for matching drivers, comes in a portable version (no need to install the system), it has a simple and intuitive interface, and most importantly - quickly and accurately find all unidentified and outdated drivers, updating them to the most relevant (and suitable) version.

Generally about Snappy Driver Installer would like to explain in more detail. The developer of this product before doing a project of DriverPack Solution (which will be discussed below), so in his new program, he took the best of everything, getting rid of the disadvantages and limitations. The Snappy Driver Installer eliminated problems with the selection of drivers, thus produce better search for drivers by taking into account a much larger number of its characteristics and devices. In addition, all drivers also ranked according to their degree of compliance and compatibility.

Snappy Driver Installer

Of DriverPack Solution - a package consisting of the most relevant drivers for every possible PC configurations, as well as for a variety of notebooks such as Asus, Acer, Sony, Samsung, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Fujitsu-Siemens, DELL, eMachines, MSI and others.

SlimDrivers - a sufficiently powerful and advanced tool for working with drivers, allowing time to get the most current version installed on your system drivers to do their backups and create a system restore point. In addition, there is the opportunity to fully uninstall unnecessary or outdated drivers.

DriverMax - a very good program to install and reinstall all Windows drivers. DriverMax collects information about installed drivers in the system and displays a list of devices that use them. Provides information about the driver version, date of creation, developer, number of files and you have a digital signature. Missing or outdated drivers can be downloaded directly here without extra effort.

Booster Driver - features automatic scanning and identifying outdated drivers. The distinctive "chip" of the program is 1-Ckick driver installation - with just one click you update all drivers, ensuring proper functioning of the PC.

DriveTheLife - except automatically find and install the drivers, you can create a Backup of the current version of the "wood" and restore them if the equipment was working properly after an upgrade.

Dumo - a tiny utility to analyze the drivers of all equipment installed in the system. This program scans the computer showing a version of the driver, and in the case of detection of outdated drivers, prompts you to download the new version, or find it on the Internet. Characterized by a minimalist interface, but it copes with its task quite well.

The Identifier Driver - a small system utility that helps identify all the installed hardware in your PC and verify that the drivers for them. In the absence of the driver, or the availability of its new version, the program will prompt you to download / update these drivers.

Please note that although the above-mentioned program for updating and installing the drivers are free, some of them may contain additional, usually a third-party software that has no relation to the actual driver. So be careful when installing such applications, follow the "tick" and carefully check each step of the installation.

Program to update the driver WINDOWS 10


Good day!

Driver - it's like gears in the mechanism if they are on your computer does not have (or they are not "native") - the system is not operating normally: the hang something, it does not start, braking and various errors.

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A particular challenge deliver video and audio driver (in the first case - the problem with the games, in the second - no sound). I think that's why always had an interest in the program, allows you to update the driver without direct user intervention (to click one button and all ...).

Actually, in this article I decided to gather a dozen similar programs that help save time and frustration when the driver issues.

By the way, the list of programs below is relevant at the beginning of 2018., Represented a kind of top 10 best products with their pros / cons.

And so, more to the point ...

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Website: http://ru.iobit.com/driver-booster.php

It is considered one of the best programs to auto search and update drivers. Judge for yourself: to start the upgrade - you need to press just one button! After that, the program will scan your PC and display for each of your "piece of iron" to date version of the driver (recommend that update, and what can be left -. You just have to accept everything and update very quickly and conveniently ☺).

In addition to drivers, the program also updates the important components on Windows, related to games (so that, if you have problems with them - maybe it's worth checking your system with Driver Booster).

Note: for Driver Booster program requires an Internet connection.

Driver Booster - found 18 outdated drivers
Driver Booster - found 18 outdated drivers // example of the work program


  1. simple and user-friendly interface with which to understand even a novice user does;
  2. a huge database of drivers, which is constantly updated (for more than 1 million units.);
  3. the upgrade process takes place in two stages: first, the program scans your PC, then asks you what exactly will be updated (you can just accept the recommended settings, but you can still set up their own);
  4. before the upgrade - software archive your old driver (so you can roll back if something happens ...);
  5. there is a package to update your drivers (ie for multiple devices).

Website: https://drp.su/ru/

Note .: can work without access to the Internet.

DriverPack Solution (or DPS) is fundamentally different from the Driver Booster - it can even work without an Internet connection. In DPS just have 2 versions of the program:

  • The first - is the ISO image to a 15 GB. If you pre-load it, the consequence will be able to run the DPS and install the driver on any computer on which there is the Internet (for example, sometimes it happens that the computer is connected to a network - but not working NIC due to lack of driver (which you need to download ☺) In this case, such an image helps much).!;
  • the second - the usual program like Driver Booster. Well run, then DPS scans your PC, and then download from the Internet all the necessary drivers.

DriverPack Solution - an example of the window with the recommendations on updating
DriverPack Solution - an example of the window with the recommendations on updating


  1. there are two versions: one for online updates, and the second offline operation (ISO image with a large collection of drivers can greatly help out with network problems);
  2. a large database of drivers (usually, are for all equipment);
  3. except DPS driver prompts you to install other necessary and useful program (comfortable);
  4. Batch updating drivers;
  5. the ability to create a backup of the drivers;
  6. it is possible to carry out anti-virus scan your PC, check your RAM, etc .;
  7. of the downsides: the latest versions of many built-in advertising, see closely all checkmarks.!

Official website: https://ru.drvhub.net/


Completely free utility to auto-search, install, and update drivers. Immediately, I note that the utility needs access to the Internet!

Usage is very simple: it is enough to run and press only 1 button "Find Now" (as shown in the screenshot below).

DriverHub - main window
DriverHub - main window

For a minute or two for each "piece of iron" on your PC / laptop driver is found (see. Example below). You just will tick all that you want to update and click the "Install" button. Actually, this is the whole process. Very convenient!

List of drivers found (DriverHub)
List of drivers found (DriverHub) / clickable


  1. a large database of drivers for the most different equipment: audio and video cards, USB-devices (scanners, printers, etc.), mat. boards, etc .;
  2. the utility uses to update the driver from the official websites: Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Sony, etc.
  3. completely free:. download speed, number of updated drivers and other moments not limited!
  4. it is possible to roll back the system to its previous state (if you are not satisfied with how the new driver);
  5. the program is fully in Russian;
  6. the menu has a link to quickly configure the operating system: power supply, disk manager, computer management, network management, etc.
  7. It works in OS Windows 7/8/10 (32/64 bits).
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Please note: all the "tick" during installation (sometimes pops Avast download offer)! In addition, the program is not very well behaved on laptops with low resolution (screen does not "scale").

Snappy Driver Installer

Website: https://sdi-tool.org/download/

Note .: can work without access to the Internet.


Snappy Driver Installer - a free auto-installer drivers (very similar to DriverPack Solution, a direct competitor to him, though the package is not so untwisted). What distinguishes it from the previous program (by DPS) - so it is offline version is distributed not in the form of an ISO image (for the opening of which requires additional software), as well as a simple folder with EXE-file - run it, and update the driver. Very comfortably!

By the way, also at Snappy Driver Installer is a compact version, the amount of which only a few megabytes. But for it to work requires an Internet connection.

SDI - an example of the work (the main window)
SDI - an example of the work (the main window)


  1. a huge collection of drivers for all occasions (I recommend to burn it to a USB flash drive crash that was always on-hand);
  2. two package versions: a full 14 GB (without the need to connect to the Internet), and compact - weighs 4 MB program (but needs unlimited access to the network);
  3. minimum advertising and unwanted programs;
  4. quick update;
  5. customizable shell under-taste of the user;
  6. completely in Russian.

Utilities from Intel, AMD, NVIDIA

Intel Driver Update

Website: https://www.intel.ru/content/www/ru/ru/support/topics/idsa-faq.html

Official tool from Intel, which will help to update the driver for all the company's products: CPU, network, disk, and other things. Compatible with all versions of Windows, is completely in Russian.

After starting the utility, it automatically detects the hardware and find everything you need software for it to work properly. Driver Installation takes place in a fully automatic mode.

Intel's utility
Intel's utility

In general, if you are using the Intel company's products, naturally, I recommend using the native utility ☺. The rest, it is unlikely to be useful ...

AMD Driver Autodetect

Website: http://support.amd.com/ru-ru/download/auto-detect-tool

It means to automatically search for the video driver for AMD products. After the launch, the utility will automatically detect your video card, and other system characteristics and give the download link for the best driver.

AMD Driver Autodetect - automatic operation to search for a video driver
AMD Driver Autodetect - automatic operation to search for a video driver

The utility is entirely in Russian, works in a Windows environment. Program, by the way, can be used not only to search for the driver, but also to upgrade already installed (you will agree that it is much easier to press a button in the program than their own to climb the wilds of the official websites, where the mountain every half-right information ☺).


Website: http://www.nvidia.ru/object/nvidia-update-ru.html

Official utility for NVIDIA users. After starting the utility, it will scan all your "glands" on a PC, will assess whether there is a driver for them, and propose to update them (if need be). Incidentally, in the configuration profiles that you can specify how often to check for updates (whether to allow the use of beta-version, to notify whether the pop-up messages in the system tray).

NVIDIA Update utilities - put a driver for a couple of minutes!
NVIDIA Update utilities - put a driver for a couple of minutes!

By the way, starting with drivers R275, NVIDIA Update updates not only the driver but also the game profiles automatically (including SLI profiles). I should also add that on the official website (link cited above) painted gradual adjustment program (although there is nothing special and customize ☺).

Driver Genius

Website: http://www.driver-soft.com/

Very popular program for working with drivers. It is quite versatile: it can automatically detect and update to the latest version of the driver, create backups of installed drivers, recover lost, delete old and unnecessary. Use fairly easy: after starting the program, it automatically collects information about your computer, hardware, evaluate the system and offer an upgrade option. It supports the Russian language.

Welcome to Driver Genius
Welcome to Driver Genius


  1. a huge database of drivers, support for more than 300,000 different devices;
  2. a backup of the current drivers (and you can place them in the archive, and create EXE-installer, so that in case of problems - it can be run and install the driver without Driver Genius);
  3. the ability to delete old or unnecessary driver;
  4. command line support;
  5. support for Russian language;
  6. It works with all popular Windows: 7/8/10 (32/64 bits);
  7. from minuses: paid program (the free version has a limit on the update and work with backup).


Website: http://www.driverupdate.net/

Free and quite feature-rich program to automatically search and update drivers (by the way, with this she manages quite well). In addition to their main duties (☺), the program copes with the creation of backups, "wood" (and in case of problems - can be restored). There is also a task scheduler (for example, to regularly check for updates), there is a function to remove any drivers from the system (clean!).

SlimDrivers - a warning about the need to upgrade the 4 drivers
SlimDrivers - a warning about the need to upgrade the 4 drivers


  1. quick auto search and update;
  2. task Manager;
  3. feature complete removal of old or of a driver;
  4. backup and recovery;
  5. all functions are working in the free version (many similar utilities are asked to pay for the same functionality);
  6. It works on all common Windows: 7/8/10;
  7. of the downsides: the abundance of advertising during installation (see closely at the show.).
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Website: http://www.3dpchip.com/

3DP Net - found a driver for the network card.  Hooray!
3DP Net - found a driver for the network card. Hooray!

3DP Net - a specialized utility which is necessary for a driver update to a network adapter (NIC). Imagine you do not have Internet, as does not operate a network card (it is not the driver). And to NIC earned - you need a driver that is on the Internet.

How to solve this very conundrum? Right, download 3DP Net, whose size is only somewhere around 100 MB (can be from a smartphone), and run - the utility will automatically select the driver and you have a network appears. Recommend!

Note: Please note that the official website there are 2 utilities - 3DP Chip and 3DP Net (we are talking about a second!).

Developer website: http://www.boozet.org/

Software portal: http://www.softportal.com/software-4248-double-driver.html

Double Driver - the main application window (preparing for backup ☺)
Double Driver - the main application window (preparing for backup ☺)

This little free utility is required to create a backup of all the installed drivers. Moreover, it does so very quickly (often needful time is less than 1 minute!).

I note that the driver in the utility displays a convenient list (in order) that can be saved or printed. Driver backup and carefully lay each in the hotel folder names that are identical to your devices.

In general, it is necessary, useful and free utility (similar to the program for the backups - are worth the money) ...

Developer website: http://phyxion.net/

Software portal: http://www.softportal.com/software-18719-driver-sweeper.html

Driver Sweeper - look at all the drivers (important - be careful, because the program does not limit us and reveals everything about everything)
Driver Sweeper - look at all the drivers (important - be careful, because the program does not limit us and reveals everything about everything)

Simple and reliable program for the removal of absolutely all drivers in the system clean! Be careful with it because it is not very much limits you to the possibilities. It is very helpful in cases where you can not even remove some "entrenched" in the system of the driver (or you can not see and can not find, and it is ☺).

Before removing it, you can create a backup of all "wood" (just in case) ... The program runs on all versions of Windows, it is supported by the Russian language.

Website: https://www.wagnardsoft.com/

Display Driver Uninstaller - Remove Drivers cards
Display Driver Uninstaller - Remove Drivers cards

A simple and effective tool for the complete removal of the video driver from the system (I think, many faced with the problem video driver updates from the fact that the new was not raised until it is completely removed the old one). That's just up to the task and to cope DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller).

The program supports all the software graphics cards from AMD manufacturers, Intel, NVIDIA (including registry keys, components, folders, etc.). I also note that after work DDU - your system is not at all any trace of the presence of the old driver.

The Display Driver Uninstaller has three modes of operation: the first - to simply remove the driver and restart your PC / laptop; the second - the usual removal (reboot on your conscience ☺); third - removing off and PC.

By the way, the utility keeps a log, which records all actions that you perform. For example, according to him mono see which version of the drivers have already been installed (useful if you're looking for the actual working version of the driver, and does not remember what has already tried).

In general, I recommend to all those who have problems with video drivers.

The results (remember that!)

  1. One of the easiest ways to update all drivers and game components In Windows - use the program Driver Booster;
  2. if you do not know which device you have no driver - open the Device Manager: next to the device for which no driver will be lit yellow exclamation mark;
  3. highly desirable advance to record the emergency flash drive some driver package that can work without connecting to the Internet (eg, Snappy Driver Installer or DriverPack Solutions (if you chose the second program - then additionally throw off the stick program to open an ISO image));
  4. if you could not update the driver using the Automatic Updates feature in programs like this - try the manual way: https://ocomp.info/kak-nayti-i-ustanovit-drayver-dlya-neizvestnogo-ustroystva.html
  5. while with the audio driver problem, we recommend here to read this article: https://ocomp.info/drayver-na-zvuk-poisk-install.html
  6. in case of problems with video drivers, I recommend this one material: https://ocomp.info/kak-obnovit-drayver-na-videokartu.html
  7. instructions for a driver update for the network adapter Wi-Fi - https://ocomp.info/kak-ustanovit-drayver-na-adapter-wi-fi.html
  8. if you can not uninstall the old driver - I recommend here this article: https://ocomp.info/kak-udalit-drayvera.html
  9. if you do not know how to update the driver, when the Internet did not work, check here to this article: https://ocomp.info/obnovit-drayvera-esli-net-internet.html

On this I have all of the add-on - special thanks in advance!

Good luck to all!

First publication: 23/10/2016

Article update: 17/01/2018

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