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Looking through the site section with instructions for routers D-link, and realized that there was no guidance on blocking access to sites on the routers D-Link. I decided to fix it and prepare instructions, which show you how you can quickly make the address of any site on the list of blocked and shut down access to it via a router.

This information is suitable for virtually any router D-Link. DIR 300, DIR 615, DIR 620, 320 and so on. D. I now have a D-Link DIR 300 and DIR 615, so I will check on them. Frankly, I do not like to write articles on this router manufacturer. That's because they have so many options to the control panel, which is very different appearance. And because of this it is very difficult to create a single, unified statement.

As for blocking sites is through a router D-Link, then there is the URL-filter is made very simple and clear. Just enough to enable and specify the addresses of sites you want to block or not to block. Then save the settings, reboot the router and it works. Access blocked sites do not. But this method of blocking there are two big minuses Just talking about them, so you did not have issues.

  1. It is not possible to block sites that work on https protocol. And today, this is a large number of sites. Especially popular. To block sites that work on https advised to use the "Firewall / IP-filters". But how this feature works, I did not understand.
  2. Just such a lock is very easy to get around, if you include such as "Turbo" mode in the browser, use the VPN, or browser TOR.

And yet, this method does not block the work of social networking applications on mobile devices.

Configuring URL-filter on the D-Link. Blocking access to sites

In any case, we first need to enter the router control panel. To do this, go to the address and enter your login details. Factory: admin and admin. If you change them, then you specify your own. Here are detailed instructions: how to go to the settings of the router D-Link.

First I'll show you how it's all done in the newest (as of this writing) the control panel. Updated its DIR 615 before writing the instructions.

  1. In the settings you need to open the section "Firewall" - "IP-filter".
  2. Enable "URL-Filter".
  3. Select the lock mode. Only block sites from the list, or to block all sites except those in the list.
  4. Add to the list of addresses of sites you want to block.

Like this:

Blocking sites by URL-filter on the D-Link

Save the settings by clicking the "Apply" button, and the sites will be blocked. If you do not work - restart the router.

Access to the site is closed through the D-Link DIR 615
Let's look at other versions of firmware. On the other control panels.

If you have another control panel D-Link

In firmware version 2.5 page itself with the settings I had other. It is necessary to open the section "Control" - "URL-Filter". Turn the function and select the lock mode.

Lock Control sites on the D-Link with the old firmware

Then go to the "URL-address" section and add to the list of addresses of the necessary sites. It should look something like this:

Managing sites in the settings URL-Filter D-Link

Add the necessary websites.

Blocking sites in a dark control panel D-Link

All about the same. The settings on the "Control" tab, select "URL-Filter". Then you need under the "Configure" to enable this feature. Then go to the "URL-addresses" tab and add the necessary addresses to the list.

Blocking access to websites on the D-Link
Do not forget to save your settings.

Write comments, ask questions. Good luck!

How do I prevent access to the site FOR WI-FI router? OR …

Hello! Several times I have seen questions like how to block access to certain sites, or how to set up parental controls on the Wi-Fi router. If you want to deny access to some sites, or on the contrary to allow access only to certain sites and if you are using a Wi-Fi router to access the Internet, you can directly on the router to set up parental controls.


prohibit access to sites on the Wi-Fi router
prohibit access to sites on the Wi-Fi router

Block specific sites, you can and with the help of antivirus that you have installed (if it has a built-in firewall), and in the hosts file, which can be read here. These methods are good when you connect to the Internet directly through a cable, or a wireless modem.

But if you connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi router, you can use a built-in function of Parental Control (Parental Control) . I do not know where on your router, but on my TP-Link TL-WR841N is a function, then we will adjust.

What plus parental controls at the level of Wi-Fi router? First of all, it is the ability to create sites to access rules for each computer or mobile device that is connected through an access point (the device are identified by MAC address). You can also block access to certain sites, or to allow only certain for all devices that operate via the same router.

What is there to tell, now everything is going to show an example :).

Setting parental controls on the Wi-Fi router

Go to settings of your access point. To do this, type the address in the browser . Enter your username and password to access the settings. If you did not change the data, the default is admin / admin. Well, if you have changed and forgotten, see the article How to reset the password and settings on the Wi-Fi router.

In Control Panel, go to the tab the Parental the Control . First, we want to enable parental control. To do this, on the contrary Parental Control set the switch beside the Enable .

Now we need to specify the MAC address of the host that will control access to the site. MAC Address of Parental PC list the MAC address of that computer. And if you went to the settings from a computer that will be the main, simply click the Copy the To Above . And to save, click the Save .

Parental Control on the Wi-Fi router
Parental control we included, you can now add sites that you want to disable, or only those to whom you want to share.

On the same page, click "... the Add the New" .

Adding sites to parental control

On the new page, create a rule to access the site.


Create a rule for access to sites

Opposite the MAC Address of Child PC: the MAC address of the device to which this rule applies. Below under All MAC Address In Current LAN: you can select one of the MAC addresses is already connected to the router device. And if you do not specify a MAC address, and the top field is left blank, then the created rule will apply to all devices that connect to the router, but apart from the parent device, the MAC address of which we pointed out when you turn on parental controls.

For the experiment, I have your phone MAC.

Then click Website the Description: - here you need to ask any description (in English only).

In paragraph Allowed Domain Name: we can specify eight sites to which you can prevent or allow access. Does not necessarily indicate the full address, for example You can specify only a word for example google. And this means that the access will be denied / allowed to all sites, "google" will address that. For example to mail.

Item Effective Time: Allows you to manage access time, but I have not set up.

Now, attention! In contrast Status , you can select the Enabled , or to Disabled . If you set the Enabled, it means that access will be granted only to those sites that we have indicated above. In my case, for and all of its services.

To save the result press the button the Save .

And here is a screenshot:

Adding sites to parental control
We check the result. I'm on the phone were available only sites whose address was the word "google". When you try to go to other sites, there was an error:

Sites are forbidden to Wi-Fi router

So everything works.

In order to remove or change the rule created, go to the Parental Control page and you will see information about the established rules. Clicking on the link Edit Have , you can change the rule. And by clicking on the Delete - delete it.

Management rules in parental controls
Management rules in parental controls

Well that's all, I think that you will find useful. Incidentally, I recently wrote an article about the new service of Yandex, which also allows you to configure the router to filter bad sites, you can read - Yandeks.DNS - service block dangerous sites. Setting Yandeks.DNS to Wi-Fi router (access point), the computer and the phone. Good luck!

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