How to find out links to files Yandex Disk

How to find out links to files Yandex Disk

How does this work

Public can make files and folders in the root directory of Drive and all the folders you create. To share a file attached to the message, first copy it from your post attachments (Archive tab in the left panel) in a folder in Drive.

Warning. Can not get a public link to the file or folder inside a shared folder if you do not own it and have a right of access only to watch.

Link to a file or folder to run until you close access them. If you post the same file or folder again drive generates a new link. But if the file is already published and again you get a public link to it using the computer or the mobile app, it will be the same link that was generated during the publication of this file.

If you share the link to the file or folder with another user Drive, it can view and save your file or folder to your Yandex Disk.

Warning. Published folder can be downloaded to your computer as an archive if its size is less than 50 GB.

To view all published files and folders:

Share with a browser

  1. Select the file or folder that you want to share.

  2. Click the Share button on the top panel or the context menu.
  3. Choose from the list as you share the link, copy it, send email or post to social networks. For QR-code references, select the menu item.

Comments to public files and folders

Users with whom you share a file can post comments, answer them, and put a mark like and dislike published file post.

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If the published file will put a mark like or dislike, or leave a comment, you will see a pop-up notification at the top right of the screen. Also, information about it appears in the list of notifications. To view all alerts, click the icon.

To disable comments:

  1. Open the published file generated link.
  2. In the upper right corner, click and deselect Comments.

View views and downloads a public file or folder

For information on the selected file or folder, click on the icon. The menu will be displayed:

  • size;
  • the last change;
  • number of files (if folder);
  • views and downloads (if it's public file or folder).

Access to the published file restricted or prohibited

Access to the file published on Yandex Disk may be restricted to all but the owner violating the user agreement. In particular, restrictions may be imposed for publishing materials that violate laws, regulations User Agreement and / or the rights and legitimate interests of third parties (including copyright). We recommend learning principles Yandex restricting the rights of anonymous content.

If you are sure that the file allocation does not violate the terms of User Agreement, please request via the form below.


The service provides an opportunity to get direct links to download with Yandex Drive for files or folders published by other users (public resources). Here you can get a direct link to the video or image on Yandex Disk is also possible to get a direct link to any type of file except for the extension exe. For those who still do not Yandex Disk, you can register here.

Obtaining direct links to download in Yandex.Disk

Below, enter the URL list Yandex.Disk to which you wish to receive a direct link. Links must be placed one on each line:

Examples for simple single-published files:

The following files from the public TestPublicDir folder, which is located at Word File 1 In Dir.docx PDF File 1 In Dir.pdf

Below is the complete file archive zip TestPublicDir public folder, which is located at

Below is a full-file zip file to a directory of public TestSubDir TestPublicDir folder, which is located at

A direct link to the site

If you want to link to a file or folder to be placed on your site, you can use the following URL types:

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Where the URL consists of two parts:

1) Prefix:

2) Link:

Concatenating (clutch) items 1 and 2 obtain the resulting reference address.

When a user accesses the specified URL generated fresh download link.

Where - a reference to the file in your mailbox or Yandex Mail Yandex mail for your domain.

The main feature of the disc for Yandex Mail is that such a reference can be obtained for files larger than 25 MB. Read more about it here:

The principle of reference to the file is the same as in Option 1. If you want to link to a file or folder to be placed on your site, you can use the following URL types:

Where the URL consists of two parts:

1) Prefix:

2) Link:

Where - a reference to a public folder (directory, Directory) TestPublicDir.

TestSubDir - subfolder in the public folder TestPublicDir (

Test_PDF_File_2_In_Dir.pdf - the destination file name.

Concatenating (clutch) items 1 and 2 obtain the resulting reference address.

When a user accesses the specified URL generated fresh download link.

At this time in the form generated by the HTTPS links, but it is also possible to use direct HTTP links, for example, - it may be useful to use such links for users who are using older browsers.


2015.11.22 For safety of our website users and the service does not generate direct links to files with the extension exe. If you want to put a link to such a file, it is possible to pack it to the archive zip, 7z or rar.

2018.09.11 implemented the ability to receive direct links to files and folders from the public folder (directory), it is also possible to obtain a complete copy of a zip archive public folder. A detailed description here: (Option 2. For a given single file or folder, which are located in a public folder.).

2018.10.07 implemented the ability to receive direct links to files in your mailbox Yandex Yandex Mail or Mail for domain.

HOW TO OBTAIN A download link in Yandex. DISC? - ISINDEX

Link to Yandex.Disk

Step 1. Login and go to the service page: If you still do not have a drive, we recommend using my link and get as a bonus additional 1 GB for free!

Who cares more about the invite on Yandex.Disk read here.

Step 2. In the "Files" page, you will see the region "Upload Files." There are two options: move the file to this area, or click it and select the files you want standard tools.

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Drag the file, select a file from your computer, download the file to disk Yandex
Drag and drop or select a file from your computer for future uploading to Yandex.Disk

Step 3. If you want to add files to a folder previously hover over her mouse and check the box. Click button "in the right pane that appears on the right panel Open pacu ".

open the folder to upload a file to a folder, Yandex Disk
Open a folder for future downloads in her files on Yandex.Disk

The same can be done by clicking and double-clicking on the desired folder.

Only then can load the file in the open folder, clicking "Download" button.

upload a file, upload a file, download a file in a folder Yandex Disk
Uploading a file to a folder on Yandex.Disk

Step 4 will begin downloading a file (s), after which complete, you can click on the switch " Link " and get a link to download it to Yandex.Disk.

get a link to download and links, link Yandex Disk
The inclusion of references and links to the public reception of the file download page Yandex.Disk after downloading it

In the future, you can click on the file to Yandek.Disk, and in the right pane that appears to turn off, or copy the link to the file.

More information, link to the file that you downloaded the file, the file information, Yandex Disk
File information, including a link to download in Yandex.Disk

By the way, all the files and folders that have a public link, you can find in the tab "Public Links."

Note : a link to the file is generated only once. If you unplug it, it will not work, but when restarting the file has to be the same URL-address.

Step 5: Depending on your existing editing tools, you can create a link pointing to it resulting URL-address of the file on Yandex.Disk. If we talk about HTML-markup that is used for this tag A, in the attribute hrefwhich is prescribed resulting URL-address, for example:

Шрифт Alice с кирилицей

Note that here I used two additional attributes reland target. Let us examine them in detail.

Attribute reldefines the relationship of the document, which is a reference to the document, URL-address is specified in the attribute href. I draw your attention to the fact that the pages download files Yandex.Disk banned for indexing by search engines in your robots.txt file service.

download page, download the file, Yandex Disk
File Download Page which conducts a public download link to Yandex.Disk

In other words, the link leads to a page that is forbidden to indexing. This may negatively impact on your site. Therefore, to attribute relbetter indicate the ratio nofollow, ie, "Do not follow the link."

Attribute targetspecifies an additional condition for ways to open the link. By default, the link opens in the same window as the current document on which there is a link. In other words, the user will go to your site, and its page on which the link is closed. Specifying a value _blankyou specify an additional condition that the document to which the link leads, opens in a new tab or browser window.

On this I have everything. Thanks for attention. Good luck!

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