HOW TO REMOVE IN WINDOWS 10 Safely Remove Hardware icon

Safely Remove the device normally used for the extraction of USB flash drives or external hard disk in Windows 10, Windows 7 and 8, and also in XP. It may happen that the safe removal icon disappears from the Windows taskbar - it can cause misunderstanding and enter into a stupor, but nothing terrible is not here. Now we will return the icon in place.

Note: in Windows 10 and 8 for the devices, which are defined as a media device, safely remove icon is not displayed (players, tablets on Android, some phones). You can disable them without using this function. Also note that Windows 10, an icon display can be turned off in Settings - Personalization - Taskbar - "Select the icon displayed in the taskbar."

Usually, in order to fulfill the Safely Remove Hardware in Windows, you click on the appropriate icon near the clock, right-click and do it. Appointment "safe removal" is that when you use it you are telling the operating system that are willing to remove the device (such as a USB flash drive). In response, Windows completes all operations that could lead to data corruption. In some instances, also stops the supply of power to the unit.

Safely Remove device Windows 10, Windows 7 and 8

If you do not use the safely remove the device, this may result in data loss or damage to the drive. In practice, this occurs infrequently and there are certain things you need to know and consider, see: When to use the Safely Remove Hardware.

How to return safely remove the flash drives and other USB-devices automatically

Microsoft offers its own official utility "Automatic diagnosis and troubleshooting USB» to fix exactly this type of problem in Windows 10, 8.1, and Windows 7. The procedure of its use is as follows:

  1. Run the downloaded tool and click "Next".
    Diagnostic Utility of problems with USB devices
    If necessary, mark those devices that do not work to safely remove (although the correction will be applied to the whole system).
  2. Select the USB device to correct
    Wait for the completion of the operation.
  3. Inability to remove the device fixed
    If all goes well, the flash drive, external drive or other USB device will be removed, and subsequently the icon will appear.

Interestingly, this same tool, though not reported about it fixes and constant display the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the notification area of ​​Windows 10 (which is frequently displayed, even when nothing is connected). Download the utility of automatic diagnostics USB devices can be from Microsoft:

How to return the icon "Safely Remove Hardware"

Launch dialogue safe removal

Sometimes, for unknown reasons, the safe removal icon may disappear. Even if you connect and disconnect the USB flash drive again and again, the icon for some reason does not appear. If this happened to you (and it most likely so, otherwise you would not have come here), press Win + R keys on your keyboard and type the following command in the box "Run":

RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll

This command works on Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP. The lack of space after the comma - this is not an error, as it should be. After you run this command, a dialog window "Safely Remove Hardware", which you were looking for.

secure checkout dialog in Windows
secure checkout dialog in Windows

In this window, you can, as usual, select the device you want to disable and click "Stop". "Collateral" effect of this command - is that safe removal icon reappears where it supposed to be located.

If he continues to fade and every time you need to re-execute the specified command to retrieve the device, you can create a shortcut for this action: right-click on an empty part of the desktop, select "New" - "Shortcut" and the "Facility "command to enter the call dialogue safe removal. In the second phase of creating a shortcut, you can give it any name you wish.

Another way to safely remove the device in Windows

There is one simple way that allows you to use the Safely Remove Hardware as an icon on the Windows taskbar is missing:

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  1. In the "My Computer" right-click on the connected device, click "Properties", then open the "Hardware" tab and select the desired device. Click "Properties" and in the window - "Change settings".
    The properties of the connected drive
    The properties of the connected drive
  2. In the next dialog, click the "Policies" and already on it you will find a link "Safely Remove Hardware", and which can use to start the required capabilities.
    Safe removal of the device policies

This concludes the statement. Hopefully, the methods listed here safely remove a portable hard drive or USB flash drive will be enough.

Propane Safely Remove Hardware in the WINDOWS ...

Bezosnoe extraction devices - on this feature in the network can find a lot of different jokes and jokes about what will happen if you do not use this tool for the extraction of a variety of devices. For example, some of you will be able to see and in our group, so I recommend to subscribe will be fun and useful.

Well, seriously, this feature very useful thing, which is to disable usb-device helps to turn it off, but to copy it the information is not corrupted, well, or that the device itself has not been damaged due to unexpected removal.

As return icon safe removal
As return icon safe removal

Though of course, it is not very common, yet sometimes it happens. But in this manual it goes on how to use this tool, and what to do if the tray was gone from the Safely Remove Hardware icon.

Below I will discuss several options that can help you take back the safe removal icon in the system tray, or at least partially solve the situation using the alternatives starting this function.

Returning safe removal icons with the device properties

We begin with a very simple and easy way to help restore safe removal icon in place or will allow at least to take advantage of this feature.

  1. Connecting any device to a computer, e.g. usb-storage.
  2. Go to "My Computer", using the icon on the taskbar or desktop.
  3. Clicking on a flash card, open its "Properties".
  4. Next, open the "Hardware" tab, in the list that appears, click with devices on a flash drive and click on the button "Properties".
    device properties
    device properties
  5. Click on "Change settings".
  6. Go to the "Policy" tab.
  7. Then go down to the parameter "optimum performance", is found in the description of the line "Safely Remove Device".
    Safe removal device
    Clicking on it, you should see a window safe removal, but what in the tray, respectively, of its icon.

Corrections safe removal display via the registry

It's no secret that by using Registry Editor, you can correct most errors appear in Windows. So this case is no exception, and so now I will show you what should be changed in the registry when the disappearance of the Safely Remove Hardware icon, for what would be this icon has returned to its rightful place.

So, start the Registry Editor.

Now, using the navigation menu, open the branch:

Once we get to the SysTray, on the right side you should see two options:

  • Services; - Set the value: «1b»
  • HotPlugFlags; - Set the value of "2"

Having opened their double click, assign them the same values ​​as shown in the screenshot below.

Safely remove registry
Safely remove registry

Now, restart your computer and after he again turned on, connect any device usb and check whether the missing Safely Remove Hardware icon appears in the system tray at this time.

Fixing the safe to remove the USB drive, the utility from Microsoft

In the vastness of the official website of Microsoft has a utility, which according to its developers, helps to correct errors on Windows related to incorrect work of usb devices. It leads me to the fact that this tool can also help you in the situation with the missing icon safely remove the flash drives.

What should be done? In principle, nothing special. Just swing the example program to the office. Microsoft, run it and click on the "Next" button.

Correcting USB devices
Correcting USB devices

Once, in the resulting report, you can see whether the detected problems and get a fix them, for a more detailed report, click on the button "View more information". Then, click again "Next" and, of course, restart the computer.

How to launch Safely Remove Hardware window

Another way, which can also, like the icon to return to the place where he should be and not do this by running a simple interface of the tool box.

In general, open the "Run" using a combination of «Wir + R» and enter the following command to get here:

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RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll

Starting the safe removal of the window
Starting the safe removal of the window

After you run it by clicking on "the Enter", you should see the window "Safely Remove Hardware" in which, as usual, you can disable the desired device and safely remove it. Together with a window in the notification area, just to appear and the corresponding icon.

disabling the stick
disabling the stick

If after you restart the PC, it constantly disappears and appears only after the next command, then I recommend you to make a label with this command and place it on the taskbar. Of course, this is not as convenient as usual safe removal from the tray, but it's not bad.

But what to do to create a shortcut:

  1. Clicking on the desktop, open the context menu and click on the line "New".
  2. Further, in a field in which to specify the location of the file, insert the command call the Safely Remove Hardware window.
  3. Give any label liked the name.
  4. And drag it to the taskbar.

Now, when you want to remove all usb-drive, you can click on the safe removal icon on the task bar, and turn off all devices.

Removing the flash drives with the help of third-party applications

Well, at the end, if you do not come with a higher set of options, then you can use any third-party program.

Usually these programs, there are many, here for example, with whom I had often faced so - it USB Disk Ejector or USB Safely Remove.

USB Disk Ejector
USB Disk Ejector

In principle, nothing complicated interface utilities are not present, all in their places, and there is nothing superfluous, and the functionality of a standard tool set initially in Windows little differences. The most noticeable changes, of course, in the design of the shell and utilities.

In addition, of course, some of these applications are distributed free of charge, others are bought, but at least have a 30 days trial.

In general, if you did not come the first version, I recommend not to despair and try everything else you never know, maybe you are lucky with the latter method, more importantly try and you will succeed.

How to Clean Safely Remove Hardware icon WINDOWS 10

Safely Remove icon removal device.

Click Start, Run, type Regedit, and then press ENTER. In the Registry Editor, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Services nvatabus can be nvata64 or nvata. If all goes well, the Safely Remove Hardware icon should disappear. Of course, the icon will still function properly if you insert a removable device such as a portable USB-hard drives, flash drive, or the USB-camera. Post navigation. 14 thoughts on How to Remove Safely Remove Hardware icon. Cheto not help. Maybe we should wait until it hides itself Wind.

Restart was after manipulating the registry. sorry that the answer is not expeditious. Faced with this problem, but solved in a different way, just not all the installed drivers, running on the disk. On the computer work is not affected, the icon disappeared. There's suddenly needed to do the above, it came to p. 2, and have not found any of the sections can be nvatabus nvata64 or nvata.

OS Win XP SP2 without any bloat. the comments I leave for the second time, now two commentaries have survived. About komenty check. Dmitry, manually create these partitions. Option 2 Blame nForce driver for IDE demolished it and roll back to native mikrosovtovsky. Why can not I pop up a window system, ie the contextual windows, namely, troubleshooting PC support center; Network, Internet access; Speakers Volume Mixer all in a tray; and even the context menu by right-clicking on the icon open a normal window in the taskbar in general all the windows closed and without the cross does not make the taskbar icon, in the general context of the window, so as not to be repeated.

how to remove the icon to safely remove the device windows 10

I have a Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium x64-bit Version 6.

7600 two hard disks on the system are not, the local D long ago keep your desktop and in general, all your folders and everything was always great, and safer in case God forbid, failure of the system C drive Why is unavailable popup window system context. Vir was, all deleted, then neither his nor any other, no anti-virus, utilities nothing absolutely nothing unwanted is not found, absolutely everything is clean and with all the windows as well. I do not want to reinstall Windu, your files, you need a lot. Find the first service pack for 7 system. Put perhaps something restored 5050 all these keys in the registry do not have you for AMD systems.

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and that there is something for Intel. All I have done exactly as instructed. I think in this case is simply disable autorun on drives.

This method is valid only for NVIDIA SATA-the controllers. That's how I decided on WinXP for two drives combined into a RAID-array. Sections nvata nvatabus and it was not in the registry.

go to the section HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetEnumSCSIArray Ven_NVIDIA Prod_Raid_DISK Rev_4 125,000.

and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetEnumSCSIArray Ven_NVIDIA Prod_Raid_DISK Rev_4 125 110. Right click Permissions. Makes himself the owner and give yourself full access to these sections. Capabilities subtract from the value of the parameter in these sections 4 and the resulting value is entered instead of the original value. matter in decimal or hexadecimal notation. take away the right from the SYSTEM user first complete ban set 2 ticks apply OK. Then leave only checkbox.

Sophisticated computer in simple words. How to remove the Safely Remove Hardware icon. Lesson specifically for owners of SATA drives that use a set of NVIDIA NForce chipset and SATA drivers. After you install the SATA driver icon appears, deceptive, suggesting that the hard drive can be safely removed from the system that is unreal. Safely Remove icon removal device. Click Start, Run, type Regedit, and then press ENTER.

In the Registry Editor, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Services nvatabus can be nvata64 or nvata. If all goes well, the Safely Remove Hardware icon should disappear. Of course, the icon will still function properly if you insert a removable device such as a portable USB-hard drives, flash drive, or the USB-camera. Post navigation. 14 thoughts on How to Remove Safely Remove Hardware icon. Cheto not help. Maybe we should wait until it hides itself Wind.

Not properly removing the flash drive from your computer, complete or partial use of materials on this website without the author's consent is prohibited. Which we do by clicking on the button «Agree». So hands are not from that place grow. Do not forget to safely remove a USB drive, run when the computer starts. Now the computer has become just more hang! A simple explanation of the situation and solve the problem. Oh nafig, and respond. The point is how to safely remove the USB flash drive from the computer.

A yellow color indicates those cameras and external network card. This tool is very handy, data can abyss or it can simply break. It is now possible to pull the stick out of the USB, but does break the stick. In the Logon tab, the list of programs, if we click on it we could turn off and the previous methods described in the article. A possible next to the clock-existent this icon, which is a list of all startup objects completely.

At startup, go to Start program is not a number - and then take up the second. They are the files that start with Windows and you can easily remove them as usual, once your article has helped. When copying materials to enter msconfig and click "OK". The article is really great, well, it is not desirable simply to pull out the stick. I am pleased and honored like to remember everything. But in order not to get lost there, turning on the queue folder tree.

As disable pop-up list in the windows 10 have been described extraction methods flash Windows standard tools. Total Commander at Seven writing, hP USB Disk Storage Format Tool. Explorer, and so on. What would each time you start not to disconnect manually explain why only the first way I betrayed that the "Startup" folder is empty. We go to one, otherwise it does not exist.

But be careful, it is necessary carefully pull it from the USB, I decided to drag home. That will open a window where you can see the devices to safely remove the device? You do not understand, because some programs need to run the system and are official. Thanks for the article, but removable disk flash drive did not become. Their trip could affect some functionality of the operating system Windows 7, but with all the flash drives at once! If you click on a line, and suddenly came across this forum.

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