HOW TO CREATE A two accounts on Skype

What is Skype

Sometimes each
of us there are situations in which you want to communicate with their relatives who
live in another city or another country. And not just call or communicate
virtually, corresponding by e-mail, and view native faces and hear the native
Today it is not fiction. We can actually talk to a person and see
it, using the power of the Internet. For this only need
to have a webcam, headphone, microphone
and program
Skype on our
What is a Skype ?
Skype (Skype) - is a freeware
software that provides encrypted voice communication over the Internet between
computers (VoIP), as well as paid services for calls to mobiles and
Skype allows
its users to:

  • Maintain personal correspondence,
    exchange messages in real time.
  • Call subscribers in any
    country. Calls between users of
    Skype are free. Calls to mobile or
    landline phones (SkypeOut service) and is paid. Prices rates depend
    on which country are calling.
  • Take calls from fixed and
    mobile phones (Service SkypeIn). To buy this phone number
    will be used as any normal landline phone, with the only
    difference being that instead of a telephone set will serve as a computer. You can buy up to
    10 of these numbers.
  • Use an answering machine (service
    Skype VoiceMail). This service is also applicable.
Warning! In order to use the services of
SkypeOut, SkypeIn Skype VoiceMail ta need to fill up the loan as well as boules for any
mobile operator. Payment can be made
throughthe program itself Skype,using bank cards,
electronic system PayPal or a bank transfer.
  • Video conferencing and meetings with
    the participation of three or more people.
  • Transfer files, keep a notebook
    to receive news, search for information without leaving the program,
    Toolbar Google (customizable toolbar when
    you install the program)

To be continued…


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