Imagine that you are somewhere in unfamiliar places and you need to quickly get to the desired address. What to do? Of course, use maps from Google. That's just Murphy's Law has not been canceled - right where you are, mobile internet signal is very weak. Maps weigh much, and wait for them to boot will be very, very long time.

To these troubles did not happen, you need to advance use the "Offline maps".

How to download «Google Maps" on Android

Start «Google Maps" application, click on the "Menu" icon in the upper left corner and select "Offline maps".

How to download «Google Maps" on Android How to download «Google Maps" on Android

Select "Other Cards", select the area you want to keep offline (the scale can be changed with the help of gestures), and click "Download." Once downloaded, the selected area will be available even in the absence of the Internet.

For an application to not waste mobile traffic, click the GEAR in the upper right corner and make sure that the download is only allowed on the card Wi-Fi.

Offline Google maps on Android Offline maps on Android

Maps: navigation and public transport

Google LLC


How to download «Google Maps" on iOS

Start «Google Maps" application, click on the "Menu" icon in the upper left corner and select "Downloaded the field."

How to download Google Maps on iOS How to download Google Maps on iOS

Select "other area", select a site that you want to save offline (you can change the scale of the gestures), and click "Download."

To conserve mobile data usage, make sure to download maps is only allowed by Wi-Fi. To do this, click the GEAR in the upper right corner.

Google Maps offline Offline maps

Google Maps

Google, Inc.



Google Maps - a handy thing. However, cards that provides this service, available only on the Internet, and often they are needed if the Internet is not at hand. To the dates of your cards can be saved to your computer, you can use a handy utility - Google Map Saver.



For example, you want to travel by car, and it is clear that the Internet can not be. Google Map Saver will advance to prepare maps, keeping them in the desired format and with the desired resolution, which can then be viewed on a mobile phone or print out. The program stores the map in PNG (8-bit and 24-bit), JPG (low, medium and high quality), BMP and TGA. But the most interesting - the dimensions stored cards. They are adapted not only for conventional monitors and screens a huge resolution (up to 12000X12000), but also for different screens of mobile gadgets (QVGA, VGA, iPhone).


The program is very small and a portable, but its work is done by 100% - she knows everything that is able to service Google Maps: determine the coordinates, show the card schematic, as usual, with the terrain, in the form of photographs, maps can be zoomed in on a large scale.

Download Google Map Saver:

PS Utility magically removes watermarks cards.

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