How to reset the password on the WINDOWS XP

Reset the administrator password WINDOWS 7

We remind that attempts to replicate the author's actions may result in loss of warranty on the equipment and even damage it. The material is given solely for educational purposes. If you're going to play the procedure below, we strongly advise you to read the article to the end at least once. Editorial 3DNews assumes no responsibility for any consequences.

In Windows for a long time to store passwords for all users and management system used by SAM. All the information in it is well protected, so in order to know the password will have to spend a lot of time and resources, especially if it is complex enough. Most often, however, it does not require it to know your password - just reset it or change it. To this end, it developed a few tools, one of which we will use. Another important point - it is clear that, when the operating system is running, it will not allow just go into storage of passwords. Therefore we must make sure that your computer supports booting from CD / DVD- or USB-drive to run the required utilities.

The most famous of them - it's Offline NT Password and Registry editor, which is able to work with passwords and registry Windows XP / Vista / 7. Download the USB- or CD-version of the utility, write the downloaded image on the disc, or use our tips for creating a multiboot stick. The utility has no graphical user interface, but it is not necessary to be frightened - everything in it is quite simple and clear. In addition, often the desired option is offered  by default , so you only need to press the Enter key.

Boot from removable media Offline NT Password and Registry editor. You hardly need additional download options, but in some cases have empirically choose the ones that will help the utility to start. In the next step you must choose the partition number on which you installed Windows. It has to be guided primarily by its size. In fact, until the last moment the program does not make any changes to Windows, so in case of an error, you can simply start the password reset procedure again.

Then the utility will ask for the path to the folder where the SAM file (actually this registry hive). By default, this is the X: / the Windows / the System32 / the config , and it also offers the first program. Then we need to select the first item (Password reset), as we gathered to reset your password.

Then everything is simple. Select the first item (Edit user data and password) and enter a user name or identifier in the format 0xabcd , where abcd - is the RID, in the first column. RID is useful if a user name is displayed incorrectly, or it is impossible to enter. For example, using the Cyrillic alphabet.

It remains to specify the paragraph 1 (password reset) or 2 (password change) for the selected user. We leave the password edit mode by typing an exclamation point, and pressing Enter.

Everything is almost ready. Introduce q , press Enter, and then agree to amendments by entering y and again pressing Enter. Abandon further work and Password NT Offline Registry editor ( n ), extract the stick or CD-ROM and press treasured sequence Alt + Ctrl + Del to reboot. Finish - a password reset!

It was a simple way to reset the password Windows 7. Complexities with it should not be. You just have to be careful and accurate. Problems can arise only in the absence of the necessary drivers to work with the hard disk. Then you have to throw them to the floppy disk (if you are, of course, find a living representative of this almost extinct species, and a work drive for him) or USB-stick and initially select fetch additional drivers.


For the second and third methods only need the installation disc of Windows 7 and nothing else. A more sophisticated version originally intended to include a hidden account "Administrator" by editing the registry of the installation environment Windows 7. In the future it will be possible to log in under this uchotkoy and edit any other account in the operating system. By default, the "Administrator" does not have a password that only plays into our hands.

So, to boot from the installation disc and press Shift + F10 to call the command line, where trying to drive regedit and hit Enter to start the Registry Editor.

Select the section HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE , and from the menu choose "File» → «Load Hive ...» (File → Load hive ... ). We need to open the SAM file located in the folder \ Windows \ System32 \ config on the section where you installed Windows 7. When you open will be prompted to enter the name of the feed bush - drive in any.

Now you have to choose a section HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ imya_kusta \ SAM \ Domains \ Account \ Users \ 000001F4 and double-click on the key of the F . Editor opens, in which it is necessary to go to the first number in the line 038 - is 11. It has to be changed to 10. Be careful not to make a mistake - you only need to change it, without adding or deleting other numbers!

Now we have to highlight our hive HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ imya_kusta \ and select the menu "File» → «Unload Hive ...» (File → Unload hive ... ), and then confirm the unloading of the bush.

All you can reboot by pulling pre-installation disk, and log on as administrator account. In the Windows Control Panel in the User Management section, you can change the settings of the other account. Including change the password.

One last way is wrong. Why wrong? Because we zaymomsya substitution of system files, and this ignoble deed. What is the main idea? It's simple - the default OS enabled the detection of slow keys. You probably have encountered it at least once, and if not - then just a quick press Shift at least 5 times, and you'll see here is such a wonderful window:

The window is owned by a small auxiliary program there sethc.exe , which lies in the Windows system directory. Moreover, it runs even on the welcome screen when you are asked to choose a username and a password. But it can be replaced with something useful. For example, cmd.exe . Of course, not just in running the OS, boot from the installation disc of Windows 7 and pressing Shift + F10.

We must begin by defining the drive letter on which you installed Windows. The easiest - simply browse the contents of the root partition command the dir . C :, likely to be visible as D :, but not necessarily.

Having defined the volume letter, we perform two simple commands - one copy, just in case the original file sethc.exe the root of drive or wherever your heart desires, and the second change it to cmd.exe .

copy d:\windows\system32\sethc.exe d:\
copy d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\sethc.exe

Reboot, quickly press a few times down the Shift key (or the Ctrl, or Alt) and observe a command prompt window. It has you enter another command, substituting the name of the user respectively and a new password. With other options of this command can be found in the official certificate.

net user user_name new_password

If you want to return everything to normal, you have to boot from the installation CD again, open the console and execute the command:

copy d:\sethc.exe d:\windows\system32\sethc.exe

However, you can not recover anything, and leave a little trick in the system, just in case. Apart from the above methods, there are many other password reset or recovery techniques in Windows, but now, we will not consider. Again we encourage our readers to be attentive and careful when working inside the operating system, and even better not to bring the situation to a "surgical" intervention in the SAM. Good luck to restore access to the account!



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If you notice a mistake - select it with the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.

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Reset Password WINDOWS XP from a USB drive

Reset Windows XP password

July 25, 2011


Operating Systems

Many users at least once in life there is a situation - "forgot password". Tried to carefully remember, several times turned it over in his mind, but it happened ... Perhaps one of the characters typed wrong, maybe not the keyboard layout has been included, and possibly just forgot. One solution to this problem is to reinstall Windows. However, I do not really want to reset the already configured and operating correctly operating only because of his forgetfulness or carelessness. But there is another solution to the problem - just reset your password. This will help us guileless program.

Password Reset program is a very stripped-down Windows XP. Loading primitive wrapper that contains only the password reset tool. Nothing extra.

The program is packed in an ISO-image. This file will need to download and burn the image to disc using any disc burning program.

Download Windows XP password reset program here.

Let's see how it works. Test the results can be on your computer where the password for one of the users (do not worry, no loss of data and "glitches" is not going to happen - it is checked). I advise you to learn how to work with it is on the computer is running normally, as in a situation where you do not remember your password you will not be able to read the text and understand the workings of the program. By then it will have to have to know.

So write the image to disk, insert it into the drive, reboot, go into the BIOS and set to boot from the CD-DVD. Again reboot. Will run the program. Do not be afraid it is not very user-friendly interface. Here, only the desired functionality maintained.

Once the program starts, you will see the following text: «Please, selected Windows installation to be processed». This tells of the need to specify the folder in which Windows XP is set, for which the password is reset. In this case, the program will show a list of all system folders found. You only need to enter the number using the keypad corresponding to the desired line from the options.

Next will display a list of users found in this instance of Windows. Enter the number of the user for which you want to reset the password (each line is numbered with the user). After you enter a question appears - «Reset [username] password? (Y / N) ». If you do not change your mind, press Y. The password will be reset and then the program will prompt you to reset passwords for other users - «Reset password for anoter account? (Y / N) ». If you need to reset the password to one or multiple users, press Y, and repeat the procedure for selecting user and password reset. If all required passwords reset - press N. A message stating that the computer will reboot after you press any key. Hit any key and enter the system without the password.

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