For sale - a performance in which sellers are playing pre-learned and rehearsed the role, and customers appreciate their performance. If the play is successful, and the actors are convincing enough, the potential buyer becomes permanent. It helps sellers at this stage an elaborate script - the script - dialogue. If it is correct to make sales may grow by 35% or more. A good script and reduce the time to train new employees. We are engaged in active sales for 10 years, and during that time identified the key points that will help to eliminate the problems in the work of selling phones.

The script must write head

Writing the script - not the seller challenge. He only adapts the text under their own individual style and tempo of speech. Must be a script director of sales department - the head. Do not rush: to draw up a good dialogue will need one and a half months. In the creation of the script should involve all salespeople to experience all the texts themselves and know that they are involved in future success.

The hardest part - preparations for compiling script

Preparation of the work - one of the longest and most labor-intensive. It is better if you pass this stage, together with professional experts in the field of sales, test and deploy the script will already own.

First you need to carry out analysis of competitors and the situation within the company. If you've never studied other market players zasylaya them secret client, then it is time to do it. Find out how the competitors communicate with customers over the phone as present their product and compete with the objections, both the buyer responds to the words and actions of sales managers.

Then it is necessary to analyze the conversations of their own managers and to compare them with what competitors say: pay special attention to the methods and the chips used by other players in the market, their and your shortcomings. For example, a competitor of one of our clients' health is the purchaser price of the goods. We have taken into account. We developed the same beautiful "packaging" and have made at least two prices and the best package. The second package added adjectives with positive coloring to the user of a positive impression of the price, for example, is not just a "quality window," and "smart window". So we increased the number of customers who agree to a meeting.

Connect to the script writing team

At the stage of brainstorming need to connect sales managers, so that they realize the importance of the implementation of the script, and participated in its development personally. Listen to the secret phone calls to all the staff, discuss the components of a dialogue with the customer - a greeting, introduction, presentation of the company, control of price and objections.

At this stage it is important to clearly define what you want from the client to call him. You need it to sell something, write it to a meeting, or to agree on leaving your expert? Scripts must be different depending on the purpose of the call, from an incoming or outgoing he is, whether it is the first contact with a client or a secondary communication. In this case, the effect of the introduction of telephone scripts will be more tangible.

For testing of possible buyer objections, make a list of them together with the sales managers and answer each with a script. So to get the script telephone dialogue that takes into account the possible refusal of the client, his questions and detailed and consistent answers to the seller.

The standard scenario consists of five parts: establishing contact (introduction), identification requirements, presentation, work with objections and closing of the transaction. A common mistake is the violation of this algorithm: manager jumps to sell, ignoring the stage identifying the client's needs or presents a one-sided article. It is also the perfect script does not work, if the manager is communicating with a potential buyer, is not smiling. Seriously.

The script should be made taking into account the principles of the ethics of business communication: standard greeting, courtesy, and others. But at the same time it should help salespeople to explain to the client what your unique offering and what differentiates you from your competitors. This is a task manager. For our clients, the Smolensk company - the leader in sales of plastic windows, we came up with a greeting with which talked about her achievements: "Welcome to the company - the winner of the contest" 100 best goods of Russia "." In the same script, there is a very important question, ask at the end of the conversation: "What class profile you preferred - A or B?" So we encourage customers to pay attention to the benefits of more expensive profile.

Before implementing a script, it is necessary to check and adjust. This step may be to start with the role play between themselves managers. So will identify errors or congestion in the dialogues. Then try the script to medium-sized clients, possibly from another city to possible flaws do not spoil your sales. Then you can begin to do battle calls.

This is a complex and time-consuming process, so the script is more convenient to represent in an editable form, and it is better - in electronic form in order to adjust and change the dialogue could instantly.

Be sure to follow the algorithm

There is no doubt that some of the managers will continue to operate under the old scripts. Here help the relentless control of the head, rewards and punishments - including dismissal - for non-compliance scenarios. Well, if you record your calls and you can listen to them at any time. If you do not write phone calls, order secret shoppers.

The final version of the script does not exist

Even a good script it is necessary to continually adjust to improve the efficiency of its impact on customers. Each change in the script is able to increase or decrease the conversion dialogue several times. Rest assured that there is no perfect vendors and regular staff turnover will make a mandatory element of the script.

Use of electronic assistants

In contrast to the theatrical piece sales script changes, new offers, and to your prodazhnik not confused, he was constantly need cribs. Using your phone's script on scrap carriers is inconvenient - for 10 years we have tried stickers, paper with text and signs, Wiki-pages and HTML-Designer. As a result, its sales team, we have developed a special module for our CRM-system, which was subsequently made accessible to all, and is now preparing to integrate with other popular CRM. In the market there are other solutions to work with scripts of sales - for example, in software for call-centers from Naumen several independent web applications (HyperScript, Scrypto, SaleScripts, EasyScript).

Look for a solution with script integration with CRM: so work is accelerated and simplified - the customer data (contacts, the name, comments on the company, any field of CRM) appear right in the text of the script, and there is editable. In addition, a convenient software for the visualization of scenarios - beginners learning tool, which you can throw on sale soon, as well as a way to run more promotions and special offers.

Do not delay work on the script

If you have not thought about the introduction of scripts for sales business, see the figures. In our company's telephone sales script developed for a long time and has undergone a lot of changes and additions, but the results are obvious: beginners adaptation period was reduced from two weeks to two days, and the number of assigned telephone meetings quadrupled - up to four a week.

Successful companies such as McDonald's or FedEx, or have long implemented using standards of communication with customers. It creates a sense of first-class quality products and services in any office of the company and sets them apart from many competitors.

SALES SCRIPTS: For instructions on implementing and many examples of

In the life of your case before the script could be any. Meeting and parting, the ups, downs, profit-loss. But here they come ... SCRIPTS if you are smart enough, or someone suggested - it does not matter, and now they are already not going anywhere. Therefore, it would be nice even on the banks to understand whether it is worth spending time on them, and how to do it correctly.

Script \ u2014 is a template, so-called "skeleton" of the conversation
Script - is a template, so-called "skeleton" of the conversation

Scripts for sale: Pros and Cons

Of course, you will be something to add to this eternal dispute. If you ask an employee call-center or a large retail company, whether to deploy scripts to the work of its sales team, you get an unambiguous "yes." These people ate dog on marketing issues and, perhaps, is to believe them. Only while he is not sure it is always difficult. Here are two lists that will help.

Let's start with those that are against:

- improvisation - the best way to get in touch with the customer

- scripted speech always be heard, especially on the phone

- each needs an individual approach

- why change something, if everything is ok

- script limits the diversity of speech

- then why even teach someone gave a script and let it work (by the way, and in the list of "pro" can be attributed)

- leg can break in these scripts. As long as you will understand, why say, a potential client already hang up the phone.

In general, the idea is clear, and the argument is not so much.

Now, those of:

+ Is a template that can be adapted to a particular person

+ Script gives confidence when speaking

+ Thought out in advance the possible customer questions and answers are written on them

+ Script grows, improves and stimulates the creation of a knowledge base, which contains all the successful discoveries employees

+ Script makes structure information about his case, only to find the right words to describe the USP, KP and the rest

+ Availability of the script makes it easier to introduce newcomers to the job

+ Script - a certain guarantee of the quality of the speech, the bar below which already can not be accurately

+ Regardless of where your negotiations have gone, you always come back to the point

+ Easier to control the work of a specialist working on the script, do not waste time on something that is already written

+ Script will help to avoid mistakes made earlier

Of course, this is not the whole list of advantages, but it is enough to reflect on the creation of his own voice pattern for sale
Of course, this is not the whole list of advantages, but it is enough to reflect on the creation of his own voice pattern for sale

So, if you are interested in profits and development, most likely begin to work on the script.

Now, there are companies that offer to delegate to them the solution to this issue. Do not rush to accept, in this case, the secret to success is not just the ability to create scripts. Here we need sales experience specifically for your product, market knowledge, customer stories. It may turn out that you pay for the service themselves and render. If you do decide to contact the experts in this matter, prefer courses on scripts or good advice skriptologa.

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Compose a script for sales

To create your own script, with the support of its sales team, more clients, philologists \\ \\ PR psychologists \\ \\ copywriters marketers - is useful to each.

In addition, the spaces of the Internet there are many different techniques of persuasion.  Choose the ones that will work for your particular client and they fill the script
In addition, the spaces of the Internet there are many different techniques of persuasion. Choose the ones that will work for your particular client and they fill the script

Define the procedure and look at the features of each stage of work on the script.

  1. Analysis experience. Here we will listen to the recording of existing conversations, ensuring you select and define the structure of the conversation. In other words, take what already works successfully.
  2. If the experience yet, Googling for existing in our sphere of audio and scripts as well as draw attention to the work of competitors and representatives of related areas.
  3. Decide what to whom and how we sell. We formulate what we want to say a potential customer benefits. And best of what he wants to hear.
  4. We choose the most frequent client of doubt and as prevention is built into the script a response to them.
  5. We translate all this into plain language, which will be accessible to the uninitiated, and remove all unnecessary. Each phrase must solve a specific task.
  6. Together with the team will create a list of what we usually annoying telephone sales of a client, and revise the script.
  7. Head for the right to revise and edit it with a certain periodicity.

Here are some examples of scripts that you can meet in real life. Each contains weaknesses and strengths and is focused on a particular customer. When creating your own voice circuits it is important to strive for uniqueness, but building on existing examples.

EXAMPLE 1 (source -

Bypass Secretary: Good afternoon! Ads found on the Internet for a job sales manager. Who can talk about the job and clarify the conditions of employment?

Secretary switches to decision-makers: Good afternoon, my name is Constantine, the company Seurus. How can I contact you?

Client A: Do you have a sales staff? Do you think your sales staff working at maximum or can be even better?

Client A: Would you like to have your sales staff to work for the result? Our company is engaged in the letting of remote sales managers who are already trained and have experience in a variety of products and services. Are you satisfied with the quality of your salespeople? Your managers are working for a salary or result?

Client A: We work on the system of the balance of payment. 35 000 rubles a balance that is spent on three areas ... So we have to find out who the hot client and assign him a reward. In the future, the work is only for the result. No salaries and prosizhivaniya pants. Sales only. Only hardcore. If the payment has to be held this month - we're ready to start your project in 2 days.

Customer response: You said yourself that you can sell better. We are ready to demonstrate this. Our managers are the best in their field and have extensive experience in this field. Let me send you a contract and you take a closer look at the conditions. And I'll call you back tomorrow and I will answer all the questions?

customer's consent

"We have our own managers, all happy!"

  • Everything is relative. Do you think that is better than your managers to sell it is impossible and your company gets the maximum profit?

"My managers sell perfectly and at maximum profit!"

  • Okay, let your managers will handle the interested customers, we give! After all, they know your product details and we'll bring the hot customers - ready to buy.

"We have a specific product!"

  • We sell everything from creating websites to diesel generators! If we sell equipment for water utilities, we will be able to sell and your product. The main thing for you is to confirm an interest in your product. Tell us about your product and you can not have. Our task - to interest!

  • It all depends on the project! On average, 100 calls, you yourself know that the sale of honey is different from the sale of real estate.

EXAMPLE 2 (source -

Manager: Good afternoon, the company "the most-most", my name is Paul. I called you because you left the site ____ an application for a free consultation. You can pay me just 5 minutes?

Client A: Yeah.

Manager: (client's name), I understand now you're interested in increasing sales and profit growth, right?

Client A: Yes.

Manager: Excellent! So that we can choose for you the best variant of cooperation, I need to ask you a few questions, then you can ask me your own. Agreed?

Client A: Sure, let's.

Technique 5 questions

Manager: Tell me, how you currently have under construction sale? How do you assess your current situation? (This way you are pushing the client to trust the dialogue)

Customer response: a long story about the company and its situation.

Manager: I see. (client's name), and what, in your experience, can lead to increased sales for your business? (You give the customer the opportunity to feel like an expert pushes the idea that only the changes led to results).

Customer response: _____.

Manager: Excellent. I'm sure you've come to the right place. Let me tell you how we can help you. Good?

Client: (We get to listen to consent).

Manager: I'm sure you have questions for me. Say, you all right?

Customer response: sets 1-2 questions.

Manager: (name of the client), you said yourself that's important to you 1) ____, 2) and 3 ____) _____. We can actually show you some of the results achieved by our customers and develop a proposal for you individually.

Closing on the next action

Manager: How do you look at to-morrow to meet and discuss further plan of our cooperation?

Customer response: ____

Manager: Excellent! (appointed time and venue). Then I'll send you on your mobile and e-mail your contact information, to at any time you can call and quickly resolve any issues. Tomorrow, an hour before the meeting, I'll call you.

EXAMPLE 3 (source -

The script for a party invitation to a restaurant

- Ivan, you were with us two weeks ago, Denis Semenovich, our manager, wanted to know everything Do you like it?

- Yes, we had a good evening, thank you!

- We are very pleased when our guests we like. Ivan, we have this Saturday, 17 October will be a very interesting evening, his show program will present a group of "Daisies and buttercups." The last time, when they have played, the guests are so pleased that they have an hour after the end of the concert did not release a group. We still have a few free tables and we would like to invite you to the party. As the owner of a discount card, Denis Semenovich, our manager, wants to make a special offer for you - if you book our table, the restaurant gives you tickets to the show program, snacks and a bottle of champagne. To book a table, it is necessary to make a deposit in the amount of 4000 rubles, you will be able to fully spend on food and drinks paid. How do you like our offer?

Option 1

- And how much on Saturday beginning?

- Guests gather by 18:00, the concert will start at 19:30. Our courier is right today to bring you a ticket and take the money for table reservations. There are, for example, an excellent table, because of which will be perfectly visible scene. I can now book it for you and send you a courier.

- Yeah, well, reserve.

- Great, the party will be amazing, then at what time and at what address our courier can now come and see you?

- Let him come to the office, I'm going to 17:00, address etc. Most Noble 15..

- I wrote it all down, we send a courier, good day to you!

option 2

- Obviously, I have to think, I still do not know his plans for Saturday.

- Ivan, I realized, because we really want you to participate in this party, I suggest the following - we will reserve for you a good table to tomorrow, tomorrow I'll call you back at the same time, if you confirm, we will send you a courier of the deposit, if not - just peel off the reservation.

- Okay, let's wrong.

- I booked, then I'll call tomorrow, goodbye, have a nice day!

option 3

- Thank you for the invitation, but we have other plans.

- Ivan, I understand you, you know we will always be glad to see you, come in every day.

- Good-bye, good day to you

The script is an incoming call to the closure of the meeting

- Hello, how much you should set the window?

- Good afternoon, Alexander Mikhailov, the company "Windows Plus", I better look to you?

- Well, Ivan. Tell me, please, your phone number, so that if the connection breaks off, I could call you back.

- 89111234567

- Thank you, I have written. We have several kinds of windows. Ivan, where you want to install them?

- Yes, we would like the kitchen. And how much will it cost?

- We want to give you the best possible price, to do this we need to find a suitable option. I'm going to ask just a few questions, you do not mind?

- Tell me you have a house - Stalin, panel, brick-monolithic?

- So. Do you have children - I ask, to understand what the lock offer

- Ivan, tell me, I'm curious - why did you decide to install new windows

- Yes, it was high time to change

- Tell me, how long you plan to install Windows?

- Well, I would like to finish the end of next week.

- Good. If not a secret, in how much you want to meet?

- While watching, pay would not want

- Clear. Another important point - and how much you just the windows that you would, in principle, to change?

- Well, we do want to start one

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- I wonder why we have a lot initially bought one window, and then when they find out that the two windows to order much more profitable, often take several windows. See, I propose to do that, because you Stalin-era building, our master zamerschik tomorrow could you drive to on-site to see how you can save and show you. 14:00 You will be comfortable?

- No, you just cost me please tell me

- Yes, of course, the base price when your size is 12 000 rubles, but we do when the master leaves, he always finds an option to save money. You will be convenient if he will drive tomorrow at 14:00?

- Well, let drives.

- Then I'll write down the address

- The address is as follows: a lane Arbuzov d, 2, Apt. 25.

- So I wrote it all down, then within 30 minutes, I will send you the phone wizard, he will call for 1:00. Thank you for contacting us.

Outgoing connections to Internet sales script

Option 1

- Do you use a home internet?

- We would like to discuss with you a special offer that we act before 30 November. You want to pay for home internet 30% cheaper than it is now?

- We propose to proceed as follows. We're with you Make a request - it takes less than 3 minutes, choose a convenient date and time, our master will come to you and connect to the Internet, for which you will pay up to 30% cheaper than it is now. As a confirmation, we will ask you a copy of the current contract with the tariff. How do you like that option?

- If I call you back in an hour, it will be convenient?

EXAMPLE processing script objection

- I understand you, you can not always see at a glance that offer something of real value. We connected more than 10 000 subscribers, because we have the fastest internet for the money, the best support staff, and plenty of bonuses. I suggest the following - we will connect you to our online, you will benefit from them 2 weeks if you do not like - you just disconnect and we will not for the time any money. Well, prepare an application?

-Let's try to answer with your questions? Maybe you think that the connection takes a long time?

- I know what you mean, when a good product ask for a little money it makes you wonder. The thing is that we are a big company and we are interested in working with a large number of subscribers, so we keep the prices low. Maybe we are now arrange the application and you try our online 2 weeks for free?

- I understand you, sometimes what we have the best prices in town, do not know everything. The thing is that we offer the high speed in just 400 p. / Month, and make sure that you can, if we are now arrange the application (it only takes 2 minutes) and you will have free internet for 2 weeks. Well, we make out?

- If one of my friends to connect, I too may be thought

- It's always nice when close friends and acquaintances do the same choice. As I said we are a large company and among our customers for sure a lot of your friends, and most importantly - we offer you a free 2 weeks to use our internet to check its quality. As you look at something that we have now drawn up an application and you try our online 2 weeks for free?

- Let me say only 3 facts about our company:

  1. We have been working for 11 years.
  2. During this time, connect 84 000 subscribers.
  3. We offer a maximum speed of the Internet without restrictions in all for 400 rubles. / Month

As you look at something that we have now drawn up an application and you try our online 2 weeks for free?

- The thing is that we take very seriously to improve our service and that is why we have now is a huge number of connections. In addition, you can try our online free for 2 weeks and make sure that it is the fastest and most quality for the money. Let us now arrange the application - it only takes 2 minutes and after a few days you will have free internet access from us.

- And if I do not like?

- I understand you when you try something new, there is always a concern. That is why we invite you to try our online free for 2 weeks and make sure that it is the fastest and most quality for the money. Let us now arrange the application - it only takes 2 minutes and after a few days you will have free internet access from us.

But now, almost everyone has a home online. What is good for us and why we connect to each month a large number of subscribers:

  1. We are working steadily for 11 years.
  2. During this time, connect 84 000 subscribers.
  3. We offer a maximum speed of the Internet without restrictions in all for 400 rubles. / Month

As you look at something that we have now drawn up an application and you try our online 2 weeks for free?

EXAMPLE 4 (source -

- Community "Cattle X" holds investment forum for the leading manufacturers of horns and hoofs. As the owner of your rider can be reconciled?

- Good day, we pick out a few katafotnoy industry leading manufacturers for testing new equipment for the manufacture of reflectors. Who are you responsible for the technological cycle of production of reflectors?

- Community "Pastoralism HXX" holds investment forum in order to develop import substitution c. Ivan Ivanovich, you are engaged in attracting investment in your company?

- Good day, we have developed new equipment for the production of reflectors. Peter S., you can assess the effectiveness of the technological cycle of production of reflectors?

- Do you plan in 2015, the company's growth by attracting investment? ... And where you are planning to attract these investments? .... Which investment model do you prefer?

- Your katafotnoe equipment is now coping with the flow of orders? ... you had planned in 2015 to expand production? or replace worn-out equipment? etc.

- Have you had the experience of attracting investment? What is more important for you - a business with a turnover of 1 million and total property or 25% of the business with a turnover of 1 billion..? What would you have directed to attract investment now?

- Why did you choose the equipment on which work now? What is it you would like to supplement? What other equipment faced? What for you is determining when choosing katafotnogo equipment?

- At the investment forum "Pastoralism XXX" You will appreciate competitors will learn - what methods they use, to communicate with potential investors look at new technology industry. Agree, for your company, "Barnyard" it will be a good help.

- The presentation of the new equipment katafotnogo You will see firsthand the latest developments of the industry, assess the effectiveness of various business processes, which are made reflectors, and better understand their real scope for growth.

- At the forum you will mark the approximate value of the business, and you will find new opportunities for development. You may see such a scale, which do not even think right now.

- I do not have time to go to the presentation.

- The presentation will discuss the issues that will save time, solving the technical issues on service production lines reflectors. Spending a couple of hours on a presentation, you will understand why constantly in the shop, instead of focusing on strategic issues.

- Well! Let's book the hotel for arrival. When you want to drive?

- Great! What equipment range you are interested in the first place? I have agreed with our technical people to prepare the equipment for more demonstration for you.


- Good day! Please, about the individual training. Interested in price direction.

- Catherine, good afternoon! You are a customer of our club? According to the rules of the club need to purchase a card of the client and then you can do personally with a trainer, personal training is divided into blocks of 4 to 100 workouts. Classes have different directions, depending on what result you want to get our coach professionals, will help you to implement your plan.

- And how much is this card?

- Catherine, now a lot of cards to choose. I am pleased you all tell and show club. When you would be convenient to come to us?

- If it is possible I would like to choose the correspondence, I have the baby, so just because there is no way to go

- I Got you, and how old is the baby? Our club has a children's room with a child can sit someone from the family, and I'll show you the club, it will take no more than 15 minutes. Catherine, have morning card, visit the club for him provided on weekdays 7-13 hours, 7-17 hours a day, with unlimited 7-23ch, the weekend includes a visit to the same, for all types of cards with 9-22ch .. The map includes access to all areas of the gym, all group classes and sauna, there are also personal training with a trainer, they acquired otdelno.Po time you visit when it would be convenient to attend classes?

- In the evening on weekdays and on weekends during the day

- For you to fit the card unlimited, visit provided on it during the week before from 7.00 to 23.00, weekends from 9.00 to 22.00, without time restrictions, the card includes training in the gym, all group programs and a Finnish sauna, and there are discounts for additional services and have an interest-free installment payment, you fit these conditions?

- And how much is this card? The very conditions suited. Interested in the cost of massage, ind.trenirovok. And is there a consultation in ind.plana training and nutrition and how much this is worth?

- Of course all the services you described above, there are in our club. The cost of this card is 18,900 rubles. In the card includes one free training session with the coach of any skill level, also have a fitness test that helps to determine the ratio of muscle and adipose tissue. After passing these actions, the coach will be for you and the training complex diet, which was to follow. as our coach working on the result. Training units are divided by the number of workouts and the period of validity of 4 training 1900r-2660r., 8 trainings 3600- 5040, 16 training 6800-9520 rubles. The massage you will have a discount on the session 30 min-500 rub mud for 60 min., Depending on which one you choose.


Also, at the moment there are a lot of interesting proposals that could be considered in more detail in the club and pick you up for the most profitable option. Ekaterina, find 15 minutes to look at our club?

- I first need to understand the cost, and then, when I have the necessary amount, be sure to find the time)) please more about installments. 18900 - for how long?

- For the period of 12 months, if you calculate this cost in interest-free installments cards for 12 months, monthly payment is 1575r, that in this case it is convenient, documents are processed in our club, will not have to go, the documents will issue on your hands, you can attend. club from the date of registration of the card, and the first payment will be in a month. Which is very convenient! you are looking at for a long period of time playing sports?

- Catherine, why difficult? The main thing to start training. Come to visit us, look at the club, now you have the opportunity to work out a time for free at the guest's visit. You can choose any activity in group programs and in the gym. When you can go work out?

- There is also a card for three months, a visit is provided at the same time as the card is unlimited. You would prefer?

- And they have the installments?

- Yes, the installments provided, cost of the card is 7900r, if we consider the payment of 12 months, the monthly payment is about 660 rubles.

Implement scripts for sales

This is not the end but the beginning of the work. Ahead of the adaptation of the script and its improvement.

What we are talking only works in conjunction with the fact, as we speak.  And there is not enough script, important work on intonation.  Remove selling notes and excessive excitement, let it be natural.  But monotonous color the material flow pauses and accents
What we are talking only works in conjunction with the fact, as we speak. And there is not enough script, important work on intonation. Remove selling notes and excessive excitement, let it be natural. But monotonous color the material flow pauses and accents

If the script will be used in the work of your employees, it is necessary to present it correctly, paying attention to the fact that he absorbed their best finds (a compliment will come in handy).

Be sure to record and listen to get the conversation, discuss with colleagues the possible changes, explain why this or that phrase is needed, and what problem it solves.

And yes, if you want the sales department took a positive innovation, the script should be as clear as possible to use. What, in any case, and in what sequence to speak. And if the script immediately supplied knowledge base, the information in it is simply obliged to be available in a single click.

Thus, the script was written, revised and developed. But it will not be the golden key to increased profits. It would be desirable to dump everything in the script, it is necessary to work on many other elements. In particular, knowledge, intonation, mood, attitude, market characteristics, the price and sometimes the actual product or service. A script will be one of the steps on the path to success. Operate this tool to complete, not only in telephone sales for outgoing calls, but also to doprodazhah existing clients, incoming calls. The script is able to clear up any communication, subordinate to a particular purpose. Well, finally - do not forget the time to postpone the text and start selling. 😉


Why scripts

Perhaps every entrepreneur passes such period as he thinks that the script is an extra item of business. Now, of course the picture is changing, due to the fact that there are a lot of different courses in business, in which it is told that, and why you need.

At that time, when I started doing business in 2010, I did not know anything about statistics, about the conversion. I just read in a book that the script should be. And only a few years later, I fully understand the importance of the script when came face to face with internet marketing and had a clear analogy between the conversion and the conversion script Landing.

Statistics most powerful thing, it's just a trump card, which conceals all the guesswork and conjecture. I was very surprised when I saw that to my website visitors and day by day turn into buyers with the same conversion. But the page never show the same conversion when it is constantly changing. Today, to make blue buttons, tomorrow red, rewrite the title and change the main picture. So it is with the script. Manager may not show the same conversion, if you constantly change the conversation script.

In fact, the silence in the tube will also lead to sales with some very, very low conversion. After spending this analogy to me and come to understand that the script is important to every word. And if you dig deeper it is not only the word but also the tone, emotion, sex and other characteristics of the conversation. Of course, the conversion of the tone will not dance on dozens or even a few percent, n hundredths of a win may well be.

The algorithm for creating the script

First of all, you need to decide who our target audience. Takes whether the decision maker (decision maker) tube itself), or more often the call is responsible secretary, and his need to "get around" before you talk to LPRom.

After the picture is your target audience "downloaded" in your head, you are ready to techniques of writing a script. I will describe under what scheme we form scripts. You can use it as a check list when drawing up their own script conversation with the client.

When you call be sure to make it clear who you are and for whatever reason, call the company and what is happening at all. Firstly, you need to say hello, and secondly to introduce and thirdly to explain why you are calling them.

The structure of the block of clarity:

[Greeting]. [Representation]. [Precedent]


  • Hello;
  • Good day;
  • Good evening;
  • Etc.


  • My name is Alex, I represent a company CallbackKILLER;
  • I am from the company CallbackKILLER my name is Alex;
  • My name is Alex, the company CallbackKILLER;
  • Etc.


  • You buy from us the phone in the past year;
  • We noticed you have a missed call from yesterday at 20:45;
  • You request a site in 12 hours;
  • I am now on your site;
  • I recommend you call Peter A. Lukoshnikov;
  • The exhibition "Telecom ++" You came to our booth.

contact Getting

The next step to get the decision maker contacts if you certainly already talking with him. Options for contact set, here are some of them:

Tell me please, who you endorse online store;

You site is set callback button with whom I can talk about the effectiveness of its use;

Who do I talk about the purchase of office supplies.

Secretaries often "poured into the KP." Send us an offer, we accept all the offers in the mail. There's a little trick. Try to "extract" the name and patronymic LPRa phrases like:

Whose name to send an offer;

We send emails from the CRM system then necessary to specify the name and surname of the recipient. Tell me, whose name is entered.

The next time you call, you will be able to ask LPRa already by name and patronymic, and the possibility to connect to it in this situation will be higher.

This block is needed to ensure that the other party would give a picture of how the conversation will be built. What will carry on a conversation and how much it will take.

The basic rules in the preparation of this unit:

  • Using the imperative imperative (Let's doing so, I propose to proceed as follows);
  • Explain that people get in the end;
  • To convey the principle of Yes, No, No (that the person would understand that this sale is not treated as the last, and will not take hostage his wife, something he had bought, and follow the principle of it is necessary, it is necessary, no, no );


Ivan Petrovich, let us proceed as follows. I will ask you a few questions, that would choose the best option for you. You consider it, and if you like, we will continue to communicate, no - no, I will not insist.

As they say "word - silver, silence - gold." We are all more interested in talking about himself and not listen to others. Therefore, the block of questions one of the most important. These questions will help you understand what to offer to the client, and which aspects of your proposal is necessary accents.

Questions - landmarks

Allow us to understand you are interested in approximate figures. At the customer's budget, procurement volumes on when he wants to finish the project.

  • Orient me your budget;
  • Orient me your sugar volume purchases.

Question fork

Question fork gives several answers prepared in advance. These options can be laid in the CRM system in the form of drop-down list. It is convenient to ask if there are certain algorithms work with the client, after the determined his profile.

  • How records are kept of patients (on paper, In Excel, in specialized programs);
  • What is the main channel for receiving customer (Internet, Outdoor advertising, Advertising in the media).

Question Calibration

Ask the client to show what he likes, does not like that, would be to make an offer in the correct categories.

  • Show examples of interiors that you enjoy and that do not like;
  • What color do you like and which are not.

The question of the importance of

What is important to you?

The issue of inappropriate

What is not acceptable for you

The issue of special preferences

Do you have any special preferences for leisure?

Adopting a decision

It makes it clear who is going to make a decision and that will be after they decide. As will be built work.

Please tell me the decision on cooperation'll take you? If we get together with you as you will be next?

Question Assistant

It allows the client to say what you need for what he has decided in our favor.

What should be done to make our transaction took place.

Appointment of the next step

Most importantly, at the end of a call to appoint the next step. It can be a call, a meeting, sending letters and so on. Under no circumstances should not end the conversation, "not on anything." In fact, the sales department this is the structure that allows you to assign and perform the following steps to communicate with the client.

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