With us you will learn how to quickly and painlessly create your own website, fill it with interesting content, to invite the "visit" of active users, and even earn money on it.

Surely you've heard that there are several ways to create sites:

  • • Using a content management system (CMS - from content manager system).
  • • The use of programming languages.
  • • Work with site builder.

Next, we will discuss each of these options.

CMS for site

Engines sites or CMS is a unique tool for fast decisions boring tasks. With their help it is possible to publish all the information to engage in editing existing pages or even add new pages. As of today, you can use the engine Joomla, MODx, Drupal, or a host of other, saving time on the study of programming languages.

However, such systems have many disadvantages. You will have to learn the principles of work of CMS, html, to use ready-made templates. During the walk across the expanses of the Internet, you can find a site with the same or similar design. Yes, and you can only use those templates that are offered to developers. Otherwise, you need to learn all the same programming languages.

Website "hands" of programming languages

To create a site using arcane codes, it is necessary to understand the essence of the site structure. There is a whole series of lessons that allow to deal with this issue. Only then can you move on to the study of programming languages.

The most famous of them are HTML and PHP. With their help you write scripts for servers, distribute the text of the page. PHP language can engage in dialogue with the users and storing the acquired information. For its qualitative development you will need to get to the database that stores the correspondence and other infa from users.

Their inseparable companion will be CSS, which allows to give an interesting outline of pages, work with tables and start design of the site. We'll have to work hard to learn a lot of codes and lotions.

Then you have to get acquainted with the basics of optimization and promotion of sites, to learn about how to pay. Definitely need to learn JavaScript. Oriented programming language will make your page interactive, attractive, will allow to conduct a dialogue with users and revive portal design.

Having reached this stage, you become advanced users, but whether or not to complicate his task, if there are alternative options for the construction of the web resources?

Create website using the designer

Think about whether you need to spend their time proofreading and learning the basics of html, experimenting with Web-design, when you can simply and easily create a website using saytostroiteley - site builder.

Creating a website constructor

Today, there are a lot of interesting, easy-to-use and functional website builder, with which you quickly create your own portal without straining. This can be an online store, online business card or odnostranichnik, which you will operate in the future.

When choosing a designer pay attention to its features. For example, not every resource will allow you to "open" its online store, which is not true about Here you can experiment and create any projects that will continue to "work" and bring you profit. And you do this without specialized knowledge and spending time on html language knowledge.

For example, you decide to create a site on the popular designer . To do this, you need to:

To register . Indicating your phone number and e-mail, you will enter your personal cabinet. Creating a portal will be free of charge and without time limit the use of the platform. With the limitations you may encounter on other services.

Select a predefined template . Tasty making mass will allow you to find something that is perfect for your theme and purpose.
Templates in the constructor

Use the editor . If desired, instead of using the standard templates, you can select the editor and start designing. Add pictures, widgets, text, etc., to transform your life.
a5 website builder editor

Use paid services . Not all of the options in free. To create a fashion online store or to add third-party widgets, you still have to fork out.
how much does a website

The rest of the site to create a constructor - a simple affair. There is no need to learn complex programming languages ​​and spend your valuable time to solve simple problems. You can just attach to saytostroitel case.

And remember to create your portal everyone can. The main thing - to have the desire.

Do not put off tomorrow what you can do today. Start creating your portal right now. And we can help you with this.

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