Internet marketing in social networks

Internet marketing in social networks

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Social media marketing or SMM (Eng. Social media marketing ) - a set of measures on the use of social media as a channel to promote companies and solve other business problems [1] .

SMM was later site promotion (SEO) search engine. The exact date can not be called, but it can be associated with the beginning of the first social networks. SMM then became a kind of offshoot of SEO. SMM has become an effective tool when creating large social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Networks were established boundaries around two thousand years [2] .

A set of means SMM-marketing is quite large because it is designed not interested "bots" and living. The main task - to fit in the social network in which to advertise.

It is necessary to carry out such a campaign to awaken interest in the site of the maximum number of members of the social network, while not causing complaints from the administration of the resource. Mainly used published materials of interest to network users.

In conclusion, the optimizer must have a high level of skill in order not to be included among spammers.

  1. you have become "his" in the community;
  2. publish useful information not only on their sites;
  3. if you can not be a stranger in their community - create something behind your subject;
  4. Your information should be interesting even when advertising information;
  5. if you disclose confusing, remember that you will have both supporters and opponents;
  6. an important factor is the age of the account and avtorytetnist

Promoting social media allows a targeted impact on the target audience, choose the sites where the audience is largely represented, and the most appropriate means of communication with them, with the least affecting disinterested in the advertising people.

  • brand awareness;
  • work with the target audience;
  • direct feedback;
  • CA covers that which does not respond to classical forms of advertising;
  • combines marketing and public relations;

  • takes time;
  • the need to be sociable and adapt to the audience;
  • not suitable for all brands and types of services;
  • wrong approach would cause negative consumer;
  • high competition.

SMM - a very dynamic process, it is necessary to constantly monitor the changing audience interests and the emergence of new trends [3] .


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Do you think your main task in social networks - to fill subscribers and 3 publications do in a day? Stop. 99% of entrepreneurs do business is wrong in social networks.

According to Social Media Examiner, 97% of marketers are working with social networks. 85% of them do not know what tools are best to use. This suggests that the potential for marketing in social networks is huge, but experts do not understand how to work with the audience. We have collected for you 10 Laws of Marketing in social media to help build relationships with their customers and increase sales.

Why is social media so important

Here is your target audience

In social networks, there are people who are already familiar with your brand, and even 99% of those who know about it do not, but are looking for your products or services. Customize ads to your audience, to get new users. Work on relationships with current customers. Loyal subscribers do the work for you - and the publication of your share, and post about you write, and your friends recommend in the comments.

For customers easily compete

The best way to beat the competition and turn their customers into advocates of your brand - it SMM-marketing. In social networks, a lot of your target audience, and few competitors who are able to work with her. Use of social passivity and illiteracy to become a market leader without marketing wars.

This is a quick way to convert

Social networks - a place where you can catch users interested and send to the site. Share your tips, tricks, knowledge, experience and redirects the client to the site where he must learn more, read all of the material, watch the video and make a purchase decision.

Social networks strengthen the position in SEO

When your site comes a lot of traffic from social networks, search engine spiders appreciate it as a socially significant and often go to check the content. It affects the most indexing and so enhances your position in SEO. Here you have 4 ways to pick up ranking in search engines, using the social network.

Why do we need social media marketing

SMM performs two basic tasks of marketing - attracting and retaining customers . He does it accurately, quickly and cheaply. Use advertising to attract new targeted visitors to your website or social networking page. Work with the content on the page to hold them.

SMM - it is not just a recognition of the company and new users. This enhancement of the credibility of the brand, increase customer loyalty and involvement, work on the reputation and negative, improved ranking in the search network - and all at a low cost per conversion. the basic rules of social media marketing is sufficient to comply with.

Use these 10 marketing laws for the SMM , to make users advocates of your brand, so - to increase sales and average check, to make repeat sales and enhance credibility.

Law №1. Listen

"Stay in touch. Your call is important to us. "

"Thank you for contacting us. Your feedback is very important to us".

To the "thank you for your feedback," "thank you to pay attention," "thank you, that with us," and others thanks-visual signal. And like in touch, and like "thank you", but felt that you annoy SMM-schiku and bustle nose into other people's business. But your loyal users find your page - the right place to ask you questions, and disloyal - to say about your mistakes.

Speaking ... All these opinions are useful, and negative in the first place. They show the pain and needs of your customer. Take it in product improvement, service or message across.

Increase customer loyalty. Each nice to know that he was listening with interest and try to help solve the problem.

What you can do:

  • Read what he writes and puts your target audience, join discussions with them to understand what is important to them.
  • Ask questions, conduct surveys, do anything that will help to learn about the client's needs and its relation to you.
  • Work with the negative, turn problems into solutions.

Example: After each session, we ask users what new things they learned today and how to apply this knowledge.

Post to social media to question after each Session

Remember that there is something to talk about with clients, you first need to hear it. Not vice versa. Only in this case, you can create content and initiate a conversation that will be useful to him, and not clog the tape. Otherwise - a waste of time and resources.

Law №2. Narrow specialization

You can be a versatile employee, but can not be a universal specialist. If you are a copywriter, you better not tell the engineer how difficult it is to lay the cable on the ocean floor. The engineer will tell, but not the fact that it will be understandable and interesting. Join forces and create expert content for which customers will respect you.

Collect information from different experts from different departments of your company. Understand what information can be disclosed publicly, so as not to harm the brand. Appreciate that this information will be interesting to your audience. Process and post the data so that the result was a useful and easy to read.

Those. at the entrance, you must have all the inside information on the company, and the output - only that not divulge the secret, not hurt, not too touches competitors, but interested customers. Working in a narrow field, you have to be a very good writer and very good PR. Dig deeper, tell your customers what they could not even think.

What can be done:

  • Show the process and result of the work of experts in the video format.
  • Create Videos for products / services.
  • Make a check list and / or instruction for working with your brand.

Example: we give to its users step by step guide to increase sales in a checklist format, a selection of articles and video.

Laws SMM: tips in video

Collect every month a committee of experts and the marketing department. Plan with the theme for the next month. Spread the collaboration of specialists and copywriters.

Tip: talk to experts, keeping the liveliness of their speech. Edit to simplify complex things, but do not change their essence and perception.

Law №3. Quality

In 2014, the world saw an anonymous open letter "What nonsense you write to our page, and Emma ?!". It is a pain of one expert from Russia, who moved to the telecom operator in London and signed up for a business page on social networks. Here is an excerpt from the letter. I think everyone here recognizes themselves with one side or another.

"I'd had my way, I would make the Emma before posting another brilliant post to call your friends. To call and dictate to his post in the receiver: "Hi, Kevin! You have difficulty with your phone? Explore the new HelpApp application on our website! Until!". And then a couple of hours - another call: "Hi, Kevin! This again Emma. Win tickets for himself and his friend to a fashion show in London! I do not care that you're in Edinburgh. Until!". A week later, according to my calculations, Emma will be no other. Maybe it will bring her to the idea that each post should be interesting. "

Re-read when you decide what to publish content 3 times a day is more important than being interesting.

What can be done:

  • Pick up expert opinions, instructions, tips.
  • Show real stories and case studies.
  • Make a selection of books, videos, articles, useful for business customers.
  • Contents business thought-leaders of the company / market.

Example: We are always ready collections of books, videos, articles on business, sales and various internet marketing tools.

The selection of books in the post in social networks

Do not try to buy the number of subscribers and posts. It is better to attract a brand advocate than 50 indifferent strangers. Write 1 post for 2 days, which will entice the customer, but not a 3 day "good mornings", "evening" and "all a good day." Quality content - the value rather than quantity.

Law №4. Patience

Think about how it all works the same way as in the real world of social networks in the world. Relationship with subscribers - it's the same with friends. Imagine them as ordinary people. They do not reach, their reactions are not involved, and their love is not huskies.

Affection and trust - a question not a single day, one station or one answer. If you try to cram relations in a certain time frame or manipulate them, expect the opposite effect.

What can be done:

  • List the steps and timing of the development of your page: the first 100 subscribers a week, the first 1000 subscribers per month, the first 10,000 subscribers in 1 year.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the pages on the level of engagement and sales (that patience was justified and supported by the result).

The success of the Internet, as in life requires effort, time and commitment. You have to be patient, to move forward with consistent messaging and wait for success. Resist the urge to give up, if you do not see immediate results. Experiment, test, optimize marketing campaigns and positions.

Law №5. increase

See what is trending on Youtube. Following the clips, cartoons, politics, KVN and vlogs - life hacking instructions, tips. Useful things - always viral. Here is a 4-minute video on how to make a house out of cardboard for a cat. More than 2.6 million views in 3 days.

This, incidentally, product placement special project Whiskas and Pedigree - online play "What do the animals."

Think about the answers to any questions want to get your customers, and give it to them.

What can be done:

  • Show how to facilitate the user's life.
  • Demonstrate a new way of using the product.
  • Spend videoeksperiment that will benefit your product.
  • Tell useful / fun emotional story.
  • Show how your product affects the lives of people.

Use the 6 principles of viral marketing to increase its target audience.

Law №6. effect

One of our employees has made a post on the oxygen cylinder, which recently tested. He reported: invigorates, cures a hangover, and perform other vital option. On the same day of the author's comments to the producers had 3 people and purchased oxygen, 2 of them have become regular customers. 99 comments, 23 branches of discussion. The post was not advertising. The author shared a new experience.

Post-impact in social networks: the example of how to sell without selling

Select your trendsetters - people whose opinions affect the opinion of your audience. Agree on the conditions: the post office for money or for a product. We believe that very soon the opinion leaders are saying about your products / services / personalities themselves, because you brought them pleasant emotions, and yet motivate them financially.

What can be done:

  • Make a list of opinion leaders in your business sector. Ask your CA, whom they considered an expert. Evaluate the effectiveness of product posts on their page, presentation of information - anything that will help you understand whether or not to work with this person.
  • Determine who the opinion leaders are already in your friends and in what ways you are. If the person you know and respect, offer free to bring him your product or give access to the service. Ask to write a post about this experience. Do not ask about the service unfamiliar pravdoruba experts, if you are not 100% sure of the quality of the product.
  • If your list remains the leader of the views with which you are unfamiliar, find mutual friends. If you know how to be a pen pal, try to negotiate directly.

Very important: if you know that your product is of poor quality or is crude, do not try to push it through opinion leaders. They value their reputation. Very well, if of you just do not write. If you are angered influential man, hold on. About your mistake all will know. You can start to prepare a new product.

Take the time to discover the thought leaders in your business sector, and work hard to build a relationship of trust with them.

Law №7. Value

When a writer and editor William F. Buckley, Jr., was asked what book he would take with him to a desert island, he said firmly: "Manual for the construction of boats." Useful things are important. People appreciate the practical information that helps them in business and leads to a desired action. Faster, better, easier.

What can be done:

  • Vote, which publications generate the most engagement (huskies, repost, comments).
  • Make up based on the data list of the most effective and the post formats.

Valuable information, we love to share. Notice how people say their friends in the comments under the publications that they consider them useful: under the recommendations, vacancies, event announcements, etc. Thus we show concern for them: help save time, money, get useful experience and contacts. This reinforces our positive image and social bonds.

Law №8. Confession

Confession. level №1

Anna has got a Facebook page of your flower boutique. Every day, she photographs the beautiful bouquets and describes their composition. Calls coming into the store, grab a coffee and pick your bouquet. Flowers Anna admired interested in price, country of origin, the possible combinations. But Anna is busy, it collects the bouquets. I am sure that Anna loves its customers, but it simply does not have time for them in social networks. Sorry, but they will go to another florist who will talk to them and thank you for the good words.

An important part of relationship building - a simple polite recognition of his audience.

Show that your customers are important to you. To do this, pay enough attention to them: to answer questions and reviews, to consider the problems and suggestions. If a comment does not require an answer, just layknite it.

Example: We always reply to comments, and treatment of our customers.

Always respond to comments in social networks

If you can not fully engage in social networks, take an individual employee for SMM. This marketing tool takes 100% of the time, because it requires the constant presence and activity on the network.

Confession. level №2

People want to be involved in what he creates a positive image. If your relationship with your customers in the confidence level, begin to involve them in your workflow. Engage in the creation of content that will be their advertising.

Let them talk about themselves and their accomplishments. This will increase the level of transparency and customer interest. They will thank you for the recognition of their success and the opportunity to share ideas with people who will appreciate it.

What can be done:

  1. Run a contest for the most interesting project.
  2. Show successful client case in a video format.
  3. Give the customer to conduct a webinar on the topic, where he applied your advice and become successful.


HCSS company - the developer of IT solutions for the builders - has launched a competition for the most interesting project, playing on a sense of pride, a natural competition and the ambitions of clients. The campaign called "I have built America" ​​under the slogan "Pride. Respect. Building". Recording went so fast that HCSS had to rework the site around competition. Clients of the company began to sell yourself to your potential customers with the help of case studies.

Project Instagram:

Law №9. Availability

Where recognition there and availability. Imagine that the message from the client - it's outstretched hand for a handshake. Press once, otherwise resentment and angered the man.

Learn how to respond to your users when they turn to you. This simple respect that you can give a person a lifetime loyalty of the brand. I remember the reaction of the girl, who at 23:30 wanted to know whether the return on the grill vegetables menu because my husband a vegetarian, and she can not order meat at 300 UAH. She responded in 5 minutes. Client delight thanks for the quick response.

People are used to that brands live at your own pace, regardless of the time and needs of the client. Surprise them.

What do we have to do:

  • Always answer your customers. Even on vacation. If you do not sleep, answer. Can not answer (went to the mountains, there is no connection) - Find a replacement among the staff. No replacement - tell your subscribers that you will not have the network in such a number and explain why.
  • Answer consciously. It is better to answer in an hour, in consultation with an expert than write "We use high-quality materials and exclusive accessories, why so expensive."

Remember that people are quick to go from inaccessible and passive brands. You no one will achieve. This is not the case.

Law №10. Reciprocity

I have a favorite example of an answering machine children's clinic: "Wait, did you get the service, you will be served", "Wait, did you get the service, you will be served" - and so the endless circles of hell.

Remember his reaction to the answering machine. Irritation. Avoid the mistakes of your competitors: do not assume that the communication should be initiated clients. Be active side. Manage communication. Attract attention, maintain focus, overcome barriers, listen, to hear, be patient. And most importantly - be a person in the relationship, and not cold advertising robot.

What can be done:

  • Respond to user feedback personally and quickly.
  • Pick content that your customers want to see.
  • Share your publications loyal users.

Remember, the success of the relationship - a common cause, but you need them a lot more than your client. Take responsibility for the development and outcome of this dialogue.


All the laws of marketing in social networks profess a rule of bilateral relations: you - I, I - you. Look at your page.

  • For whom it is, what it's about?
  • Does it have value for your audience?
  • Do you keep in constant contact with her?
  • Do you like the look of your relationship with the party?

I think, SMM-marketer for successful communication is necessary to include the common man. Less disciplined phrases fewer sales, less than the distance, control and all that creates barriers to communication in real life. Imagine that you do not marketing, but simply talk with a man. Yes, better you make a human error in the word, as will be discussed patterns of commercial offers.

Do you agree? Like put under this post, and I will prepare you for the useful content of the SMM-experts. Tell us what the laws of social media work for your business.

Your Landing does not sell? People come in and close the page? Fix it with the help of a video that converts visitors.


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