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http://olgayurenene.ru Where can I download Skype on the Internet. How do I install Skype on a desktop computer or laptop. Many users ask themselves this vopros.Segodnya I tell and show you how to do it quickly and easily http://olgayurenene.ru

DOWNLOAD SKYPE old version

Skype Technologies company developers have released a new version of Skype, codenamed Skype 4.2 Gold the Windows for . In this version, call forwarding and call quality indicator has been implemented. In addition, it added support for Windows 7 JumpList (Jump List) and video calls with a frequency sweep 720p.

Also, in the version of Skype for Windows has been fixed many bugs and issues. But despite this, the developers recognize that there are still some bugs, but they promise that they will be corrected in the next releases of Skype.

A total of 41 and added 7 error improvements have been corrected. Also, there were 29 known fault.

A new version of

Version of Skype for Windows is already outdated. If you need the latest version, you can find it on page Skype for Windows

Skype for Windows

Technical details

  • Operating systems: the Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Devices: Desktops, laptops, netbooks, and other devices from manufacturers such as Viewsonic, Sony, Samsung, Roverbook, LG, GIGABYTE, eMachines, DEPO, Bliss, BenQ, Aquarius, Packard Bell, MSI, Lenovo, DELL, Compaq, ASUS, acer, HTC, Alienware, ***.
  • File format: application / the exe
  • File name: skype_4.2.0.152.exe
  • Installer: SkypeSetupFull.exe
  • Affiliate Version: (PChome), (Onet),,,, (PrivatBank), (HGC (?) (?) (?) ), (Daesung), (Yandex), (Yandex), (?), (Excite), (?), (Bebo) , (GMF)
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List of changes

The following table lists the known list of changes in version of Skype for Windows. can be found through this list of what's new in Skype for the Windows, what mistakes are eliminated, working on what developers and a lot of interesting things.

improvement Improved image quality in low bandwidth
update Added support for video calls with 720p frequency sweep for webcams that support this mode
improvement The user will receive a message if his lack of authorization requests were received
update video call button is now always available, even if the webcam was not found
settings By default privacy settings for instant messaging have changed by anyone on only from my contacts
improvement Improved Import contacts
improvement Improved Arabic and Portuguese localization interface
Correction Fixed a bug due to which, after the resumption of the video call instead of the image shows a black screen
Correction Skype is no longer hangs when trying to make a video call if you are using a virtual video device Asus GSB screen capture
Correction It was fixed a critical failure of the program that occurs when you press the show posts by during the video call
Correction Welcome screen in the Russian version of Skype was not aligned properly
Correction Skype audio settings sometimes reset after restarting the program
malfunction video screenshots feature does not work in Windows XP SP3
malfunction In Windows Vista, mute can not be restored after completion of the call

Of course, we could miss something, but will be glad for any help in drawing up a complete list, so if you know any details about this version, or find an error, please leave a comment and we will add to or correct the information.


In the market of the company of Samsung mobile devices is one of the first places. Many of these devices support most modern applications, including well-known "Skype". To download Skype for the Samsung, above all, we need to know what operating system based device.

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Skype for Samsung - photos

Types of mobile devices Samsung, supporting the "Skype"

Attention! First of all, note that push-button mobile phone "Samsung" are not supported by this service. To start Skype, you will need a relatively modern smartphone or tablet Galaxy any existing line. They are all built on the Android operating system, so if you "Skype" need to download the Samsung, the answer to the question of which version to choose is obvious.

System requirements for the Samsung devices

  • To-date version of Skype work correctly on your smartphone or tablet requires Android OS 4.0 or fresh.
  • A minimum of 27 MB of free phone memory or memory card.
  • To make a video call requires CPU ARMv7 or similar chip that supports a set of instructions. In the case of ARMv6 will work all the functions except for video.

Can I run Skype on a Samsung, if the OS is Android 4.0 is not supported?

Yes, for versions of "Android" 2.3 and above Skype 4. Client Approach With it, you will also be able to communicate without any problems.

The possibility of Skype on phones and tablets Samsung

You can download Skype for Samsung and enjoy all the functions of the program in its entirety. Client devices of this mark differs mainly interface. The only exception - smartphones built on the basis of ARMv6, - on the chip "Skype" will work without a video.

Download the latest version for your Samsung phone, you can at any time through our website.

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