1C Creating a report in ACS as an example for 5 minutes

Create a report for 1C 8.3 minutes by using DLE (Data Layout System). Here is an example of such a report for the configuration 1C: Accounting 3.0.

In our example, the report shows the output and services in the context of units, nomenclature groups and by month.

Here is the main page of the report:

a new report in ACS

It called this page of the configurator in the File menu - New - External report.

First, add the data set (NaborDannyh1). In the box "Request" you can type the text of the request itself, created using Query Builder or download the file. It's best to use a query designer. How does the designer, please click here.

All that is needed is filled in automatically, but some things are worth correct.

For example, the column headings (tick "number" in the figure above allows you to type any caption text for this field), you can set the output format (see. The format in line number). The format is edited for any kind of data - strings, dates, numbers.

On the Resources tab, select the resources themselves and set up a conclusion outcomes for them:

Resources report

Settings tab includes all of which change the contents of the report (e.g., the period for which data will be selected). Automatically filled based on query parameters (see. The first page). Ticks can adjust the visibility, availability of these parameters to set the initial value, and so on:

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Parameters ACS 1C

Finally, the Settings. Here drawn report appearance - column line, their position relative to each other, grouping, etc. A button "View Designer Settings" will help to build rows and columns in the correct order. A button "Custom setting item" will enable the options in the report header:

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setting parameters for user

Note the Period.ChastiDat.NazvanieMesyatsa column. How can deduce the month name in the header of the column? Here also is displayed.

By the way, this setting allows you to display data for multiple periods in the adjacent columns report:

the name of the month in the SKD

Another important tab - Selected fields. If it is empty, the report will not be generated. Usually filled automatically on the button "Open the settings designer":

SKD settings designer

Actually, that's all you need from the minimum required. As a result we have the following report:

resulting report

"Beautiful" (title, background) are configured on the tabs of "conditional registration", "Other Settings".

The creation of such a report takes an order of magnitude less time than its description. The link can download a report on a configuration 1C Accounting 8.3 3.0.

See also the video on the creation of such reports:

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Unfortunately, we can not physically free to consult everyone, but our team will be glad to provide services for implementation and maintenance of 1C. For more information on our services can be found on the Services page 1C or just call +7 (499) 350 29 00. We are working in the Moscow region.

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  1. Period.ChastiDat.NazvanieMesyatsa how to get this field nepoymu


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